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Friday, 02/14/2014, 10:23 am

Dana White: Ronda Rousey Is The Biggest Star The UFC Has Ever Had

Olympic Medalist, UFC Champion, Hollywood Movie Star.

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, is no doubt a hot commodity in the world of sporting and entertainment. So hot in fact that the UFC Boss believes she is the biggest star in his companies short history.

At a recent media luncheon Dana stated, “She’s the hugest superstar. I’m going to go out and say she’s the biggest star we’ve ever had.”

The UFC boss also told us that Ronda is one of UFC’s top 10 most paid fighters.

She’s only had two fights! (Inside the UFC)

Is this too much too soon or is the hype and praise totally justified?

White also talked about Ronda vs. Cyborg and praised his champ even further:

“Ronda’s never cheated, ever. She’s an Olympian. She’s a world champion who has not only defended her [expletive] title, but I asked her to go back-to-back and she [expletive] did it. Coming straight off filming two [expletive] movies, a training camp. This girl, the other thing with this girl? She gets the [expletive] flu, gets sick, run down, [expletive] like she’s going to die, and she still [expletive] trains through camp.

“I’ve got a big 6-foot-8 [expletive] musclehead whose rib hurts and won’t [expletive] fight dos Santos. This chick does two movies back-to-back, fights, comes back in [expletive] camp, films ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ [expletive] does all these appearances and all this other [expletive]. She’s a [expletive] rock star. She’s never cheated. She’s done all these great things. She’s an Olympian and she has to answer questions about Cyborg [expletive] Santos?”

(quotes via Kevin Iole of Yahoo!Sports)



20 Responses to “Dana White: Ronda Rousey Is The Biggest Star The UFC Has Ever Had”

  1. Rambo10 says:

    STFU Dana White

  2. nonameneeded says:

    No.. no way in hell.. Maybe DW should wait until the PPV #’s for her next fight come out to make a claim like that.. Ronda doesn’t have the Silva VS Weidman Main-Event to help sell tickets this time

  3. The natural says:

    Wait until u have 0 buys on ufc 170 I can’t think of a reason y anyone would buy this card every fighter on card besides the girls are known boring safe fighters

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hell Yah, I’m buying!! This gonna be a great card, except the chick fight.

  5. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Dana White has been getting those blow jobs again. He was hating on her for a bit when she cut off the blowies but clearly they’re back together.

    She is not even close to the biggest star. Get real. Most people don’t even like her.

  6. K3vbot says:

    if this was true Dana wouldn’t have to say it every week…

    • NikSays says:

      Excellent point. Rhonda’s name comes out of Dana’s mouth every chance he gets. It’s more than annoying, considering he’d throw most of his male fighters under the bus if they farted the wrong way.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    on her chode today – running her into the dirt tomorrow. guaranteed she bails on the UFC, & DW puts her on the Tito shelf.

  8. Daniel Junior Simeon says:

    I wonder if Dana White thinks before he opens his damn mouth

  9. Bradley Swann says:

    she cant act or fight..i think dana is just in love…with him..i mean her…lol

  10. magoo says:

    Your comments are getting more and more retarded everyday Dana, the day Ronda the attention whore Rousey becomes the UFCs most popular star……is the day I quit watching!

  11. NikSays says:

    Dana, shut the hell up about your wanna be girlfriend. You’re such a fucking lap dog for this chick and it’s literally making me want to vomit in my own mouth. I can’t wait until next week rolls around and you see that your ticket sales and PPV purchases are an hour past pitiful. Rhonda is nothing more than your hand picked princess and her attitude is just as disgusting as her one and only submission move. Maybe Michelle will stomp her face in real good next week and Dana can figure out how to get his “star” a new belt ASAP. Puke.

  12. Matthew Makka Motu says:

    Yeah still feeling like a broken record. GSP, Liddell, Couture did a lot for ufc when it wasn’t as mainstream… Even Lesnar got wwe fans crossing over….

  13. Xaninho says:

    Biggest star UFC ever had? I’m ok with her and women fighting in UFC and all, but that is complete nonsense.

  14. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    WORD…..White/Zuffa has to deal with these prima donna men all day, like Overeem. Then he has a star like Rousey, that is committed to the best and will fight at anytime and doesn’t cry about a witty bitty wib injury. You don’t think she has bumps and bruises and aching knees and rib strains??? Does she ever complain??? Hell No. So all the ass beating he gives to the babies like Overeem, is well deserved and ALL the praise that Rousey gets is too…….UFC or any top fight promotion isn’t going to be built on cry babies like Overeem, etc. Get rid of’em all. Let then go fuck up another promotion.

  15. ^ says:

    come on dana, i am a fan of Ronda, but never go full retard

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