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Thursday, 09/12/2013, 10:56 am

Dana White Rips Matt Riddle Following ‘Scumbag MMA Promotor’ Comments

UFC President Dana White, went off on former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle last night following a slew of outlandish remarks from the recently retired MMA Fighter.


8 Responses to “Dana White Rips Matt Riddle Following ‘Scumbag MMA Promotor’ Comments”

  1. Lucas says:

    Marihuana is a natural medicine, Sonnen take TRT. Let´s see who is better at their fifties Sonnen or Riddle. I smoke every week and a have a good job and an education. Weed must be legal to us “normal” users.

  2. Birdoggydog says:

    I agree with Dana on this one, though the Fact that these guys are on the UFC payroll, and that their the “journalists” covering the issue is Ironic given Dana’s rants about the “real journalism”.

  3. Matt says:

    Lucas, you must be an idiot that does’t train or fight…if he is going to “work” for someone else then he needs to abide by the rules…whether or not its good for you is not the issue…he only has to be clean 3 times a year!!! and he couldn’t even do yeah he should be flippin burgers…he had a chance of a lifetime and he blew it..plain and simple!!

  4. What a retard says:

    @lucas. Your comment itself proves how ignorant and how far gone you are from smoking. There’s a lot more to being a grown man than having a job and education. It’s about your future. You morals. Your principles. Your family. Having to use any kind of drug to get you by day by day just makes me feel sad for you and the rest that do that. I have smoked, when I was young, but as you grow up. You grow out of it. If you can’t grow out of it then you haven’t grown up. You can think about however you want or argue it but that’s just the truth.

    • Wait wait wait.. says:

      You said if you have to use a drug to get you by day by day you aren’t grown up. Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound…? You are saying cancer patients,glaucoma patients,chronic pain patients are not grown up due to them having to use pharmaceuticals or natural herbs. Get the fuck out of here you fucking moron. Oh and by your logic I guess its okay if you drink every day though…

    • and another thing says:

      Who in the fucking hell do you think you are judging others anyways. Who are you to say what qualifies as a grown man. If a person has a job,education,family and makes ends meat.. I see no reason why taking toke make them any less of an adult. It is no different then having a drink to end your day.. No wait it is, you know why, because it is nearly impossible to overdose with cannabis, alcohol on the other hand…

  5. Lucas says:

    I fight you faggots,I´m a Jiu Jitsu purple belt and had a couple amateur kickboxing fight, my cardio is pretty good. Funnny thing is that I work for a pharmaceutical company but I know Marihuana is illegal because interests of the corporations who don´t want “natural” medicicenes. (I´m from Argentina so english is not my languge) I´m a stoner and I understand 4 languages and I´m a very atletic dude. Bud also help me to last more time when i fuck girls :) a miracle plant.

  6. No Jabroni says:

    It makes no difference either way. Legal illegal if your employer or sanctioning body says no its a no. Find a new job if you can’t bear the burden of abiding by the rules in place. Its no different than someone refusing to wear a uniform or gloves. Plenty of other people would love the opportunity. Oh yeah I’m all for legalizing but laws, and rules/policies are two different things.

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