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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 08:00 am

Dana White Responds To Rampage Jacksons Desire To Leave MMA For Boxing

“He’s under contract. He’s not boxing until… I mean, if he wants to box when his contract is up, that’s up to him…Rampage thought that the movie business was the answer to all his (expletive) dreams. That didn’t work out too good. The pay over there wasn’t what he thought it was. The pay over here was a lot better; a lot better.”


10 Responses to “Dana White Responds To Rampage Jacksons Desire To Leave MMA For Boxing”

  1. Joe says:

    Boxing? “umm no rampage is my slave”

  2. Danny says:

    I don’t think he’ll go through with it. I think he’s just looking for different options after his loss to Jones. He’s realised he’s not gonna get his belt back. But I think he’ll end up staying with the UFC and trying to avenge his losses to Shogun and Rashad at the very least.

  3. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    Must be hard for rampage after such a loss to bones jones but i cant see him makin a go of it in boxin. Think rampage wants to fight a mirror image of himself only not as good obviously, unfortunatly those fighters arnt really there anymore since chuck retired and w.silvas chin isnt what it once was. tiago silva would give him a good fight not sure the money/intrest would be there tho, im a rampage fan not a hater before the hate mail starts.

  4. TANKFITCH53 says:

    Rampage wants to box because he does not like the ground game. he wants to stand and bang

  5. luls says:

    rampage should get over it and learn the ground game, elbows, leg kicks ect. The sport is forever evolving and his style wont work no more if he wants to ever be champion one day..

  6. Ninjaman says:

    Rampage vs Evans 2 in Japan!!

  7. Jmad says:

    rampage vs thiago silva would be good. when does he come back?

  8. Donnie H says:

    Rampage can no longer knock out guys at 205 with 4 ounce gloves. True Pro boxers would make him look ridiculous.

  9. Tikler says:

    I love Dana White! No B.S. just straight to the point…

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