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Thursday, 02/20/2014, 07:50 pm

Dana White Responds To Nate Quarry: ‘I have nothing bad to say’

Seemingly out of nowhere, former UFC middleweight and one-time title challenger Nate Quarry, came out this week and pretty much started bashing the ethics of the UFC.

We heard from Lorenzo earlier today and now during his pre-UFC 170 media scrum Dana also touched on Quarry’s beef.

Check it:

“I like Nate Quarry. Let me tell you what. You’re never going to hear me say anything negative about any of the guys from season one of The Ultimate Fighter. I love those guys, I respect them, I always had a great relationship with Nate Quarry. Lorenzo said it the best, it’s unfortunate that Nate fought at a time when we were still $44 million in the hole, you know?”

“It’s easy to look back and go “they invested $44 million and this thing’s worth a few billion. Easy to say that now. But back then? … It was so close to being shut down and going away. There was a time I was like, we’re never, fucking ever getting that $44 million back. It’s never going to happen. There was a time when I absolutely believed that.”

While we all still may agree that fighter’s deserve to make a bigger piece of the UFC’s pie, it’s hard to argue with that logic when discussing Nate’s argument.





4 Responses to “Dana White Responds To Nate Quarry: ‘I have nothing bad to say’”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I think this is something that is often forgotten. Still need to do something about CURRENT fighter pay though.

  2. hanibal says:

    this is bs, it may be true for his earlier fights but why did he continue with the shitty pay even in the kalib starnes and the pete sell fights when the company was worth billions or at least hundreds of millions of dollars? and to top it of he knew the guy was coming from a long layoff due to back injury sustained while he is training to fight for the ufc and really needed the money, a guy who he likes and was one of the veterans that helped make the ufc what it is today and he still paid him peanuts, so how do you think he treats other “ordinary” fighters who he is indifferent about !!
    this is just dana trying to deceive people and cover the truth

  3. Chris says:

    It’s called leveraging! It doesn’t matter how deep you were, now the UFC is worth billions. So I don’t want to hear this crap about being millions in the hole. You guys new exactly what you were doing.

  4. CH says:

    Its like any other successfully developing mega-sport… the pioneers make absolutely no money, and the subsequent generations make millions. MMA is still gaining traction, once GSP gets this fighters union going, and the UFC’s monopoly is jeopardized, fighters pay will increase.

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