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Thursday, 01/16/2014, 05:52 pm

Dana White: Renegotiating Nate Diaz Contract Makes No Sense

“I don’t dislike the kid, I like the kid very much. You’ve won one of your last three fights and you’re looking for a contract renegotiation? The kid makes money, the kid makes very good money, and to ask for more money to fight makes no sense. Or he wants a title fight … makes no sense. You won one of your last three, you looked impressive against Gray Maynard, and Diaz is one of those guys, he’s a kid who always comes out to fight and is exciting. But, to try to renegotiate?”

Last week the Diaz camp revealed that they wanted to renegotiate Nate’s contract and hold off on a title shot.

It’s true, Anthony Pettis did say he wanted a fight with Diaz upon return, but the UFC boss isn’t sold.

For his part, Nate came out and said he doesn’t need a title shot and will fight tomorrow. However, Dana White, still took to yesterday’s media event to discuss all the back and forth.


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  1. magoo says:

    The UFC’S pay scale towards some of its fighters is disgusting, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. garciagym says:

    Renew the kid’s contract and get him to fight 4 times this year… He’s easily one of the most exciting fighters to watch. The UFC has some kind of grudge with the chicken-scratch they’ve been paying Nate at $15,000 to show. Pathetic.

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