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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 07:28 am

Dana White Releases King Mo From Strikeforce Contract | Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?

If it wasn’t for bad luck Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal would have none.

Let’s just do a quick recap of events:

King Mo gets popped for having steroids in his system following his January bout with Lorenz Larkins. He claims he can prove that this was a result of tainted supplements being sold over the counter.

King Mo has knee surgery to repair a nagging injury.

He comes down with one of the worst cases of staph in recent memory. As a result he has six more surgeries, has walked on crutches for months, multiple hospitalizations and to date the infection is still there.

He goes in front of the NSAC is offended by commissioner comments, suspended, fined and his win is revoked.

He goes on twitter to express his discontent for the commissioner, calling her a racist and a bitch.

– Dana White releases him from his Strikeforce contract.

Here is what Scott Coker told

“Following the outcome of today’s hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his subsequent reaction, STRIKEFORCE has released Muhammad Lawal from his contract.”

The UFC/ZUFFA has taken a tough stance on twitter postings; just ask Miguel Torres, but considering the events that have transpired should Mo have received the same punishment? Is this an acceptable course of action from ZUFFA?

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19 Responses to “Dana White Releases King Mo From Strikeforce Contract | Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?”

  1. Eric Veloz says:

    Damn, would of loved to see him go to the UFC and fight Rampage lol.

  2. mrnoetol says:

    I think that the UFC needs to pay more attention to a fighter’s personal life before reacting so harshly to a statement. Fighters are people. They have problems and get frustrated at times and it seems like King Mo has been up shit’s creek for months.

    This type of move can end a person’s career or cut off most of their income.

  3. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    Why do black people always have to cry racism when things dont go their way??? She probably was a bitch but I guarantee black fighters are not the only ones getting suspended, fined and cut! Come on Mo don’t be another ignorant crybaby increase your vocabulary past “racist” bro

    • G Hines says:

      Anti-Semitic, biased, illiberal, intolerant, narrow-minded, opinionated, partial, prejudiced, sectarian, small-minded or xenophobic would have been far more articulate.

    • Why do racist people say “black people always have to cry racism…”, seems like ignorance goes both ways here.

    • Alex Binder says:

      I take offense to that black people aren’t the only ones who say people are racist, any average person that doesn’t want to own up to his or her own actions are usually trying to play the race or prejudice card and for the record its not too much of a far cry with all the screwed up things going on now where black people are being attacked. From ignorant people bashing the director of the hunger games for casting african americans. To some dude shoot some 13 year old because he “looked suspicious” down in tampa. And I’m not saying the commissioner is or was racist especially with all the hoops the NSAC jumped through to get Mayweather his license to fight after making a complete and utter fool of himself and the rest of the African American community on like the weekly basis in the media. All I am saying is you should probably be a little more sensitive with your language man. Your saying it like racism just doesn’t even exist anymore because its been like 50 or 60 years since the civil rights movement. And I’m sorry but if your one of those people that believes that it doesn’t exist anymore because if so you sir are living in a fantasy world……. sorry for such a long winded response…. not gonna lie, you sort of pissed me off.

    • TellinItHowItIs says:

      If you would have read more into this story you would realized that he isn’t referring to her as a racist merely because he is black. His parents migrated from Nigeria, hence the name Muhammed, and he has had similar remarks questioning his intellect before. For me, I feel that Dana needs to go back to the drawing board for a policy to be put in place. The inconsistency with issues over the past two years is becoming a bit ridiculous to say the least. I will also say that these guys should maybe consider no using social media at all since it can apparently cost them their jobs. I find that “value” of social media in today’s society is preposterous and shows that “Free Speech” doesn’t exist when you boot a guy for venting or even expel kids for a tweet. Sad sad world.

    • gilly says:

      a white woman asking a black man if he can speak, read, and write english? That can come across as pretty racist imo. especially if you’ve had so much shit weighin on you like king mo has. And I’m not even really a fan of his.

      Overreaction by Dana White, what a surprise….

  4. Chuck says:

    King Mo is dumb…he’s pullin the race card when he got a shorter suspension than most other WHITE fighters who test positive for PEDs.

  5. UFC VIDEOS says:

    damn, sad to see king mo go

  6. Larry Reid says:

    The bottom line is Mo reacted in a crude and disparaging manner, which brings discredit to himself, Strikeforce, and MMA in general. He may have a right to feel upset, but he could have expressed that displeasure in a civil manner. Also, releases aren’t necessarily permanent and he could redeem himself and be rehired, but I agree with the decision at this point. Dana and Scott have to work with NSAC and to ignore Mo’s comments would be condoning them. Most fighters need to realize they need UFC/Strikeforce more than that organization needs them.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Good riddance. Never liked the cheating, tiara wearing, loudmouth biatch anyway.

  8. James says:

    King Mo is also fairly racist himself. Anyone remember the Rampage interview on why him and Mo don’t like each other?

  9. Beaner says:

    He called her a racist bitch because she asked if he knew how to read and speak english. Its something that got taken out of context and he blew it wayyy out of proportion. That’s typically what you would ask a foreigner before you start discussing things in a hearing to make sure they understand every bit of what’s said. And if they can’t you bring in a translator. Just because you can speak a bit of english doesn’t mean you understand all of it.

  10. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    @Alex I apologize for painting a broad stroke with my comments. I absolutely know that there is racism in this country, a good example as you mentioned was the hunger games idiots! There will always be racism in this country and not just against African Americans,but against everybody. Try being a white dude at a predominately black college close to a really bad neighborhood! My point was just that white people are so afraid of being called a racist that black people take advantage of that…i.e the presidential election!

  11. Steve says:

    Tampa? 13 yr old? Lol you got trolled by the media

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