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Thursday, 03/14/2013, 10:58 am

Dana White On Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox: So Far From UFC That It’s Not Even Funny | MMA NEWS

Amid all the recent news and controversy surrounding transgender mixed martial artist Fallon Fox, fans and media have been asking themselves many questions regarding what this could mean for Women’s MMA. Does Fox have an advantage over women? Are we being unfair by debating her sex? While the final decision resides with athletic commissions, we are all eager to know what promotions and their executives think of transgender competitors.

UFC President Dana White recently spoke with Abe Kanan on Sirius XM radio regarding Fox, stating, “It’s a question for the athletic commissions. I don’t know how they would rule on that. That’s a really tough one, and that’s in the hands of the commission, not me.” White also addressed the hypothetical question of Fox potentially fighting under the UFC banner. “All this other hype about Fallon Fox fighting in the UFC or whatever, understand this first and foremost, everyone that Fallon Fox has fought has a losing record.”

Not only has the MMA community been following this story closely. CNN, The Huffington Post, and other major media outlets have covered Fallon Fox, asking if she has an unfair advantage over female fighters. Fallon, who underwent gender reassignment in 2006, claims there is no competitive advantage. Fallon told CNN, “It’s completely fair, and the medical community stands behind me on that.” Having only been training and in competition since 2008, and with only 2 professional wins, it isn’t necessarily just the gender debate that has Dana White not even entertaining the idea of Fallon Fox in the UFC.

Dana tells Sirius XM, “Before you even think about (Fox) fighting in the UFC, he was a man and now he’s a woman. He’s fighting girls who have losing records. Before you get too crazy about him being in the UFC, he’s so freaking far from being in the UFC that it’s not even funny.” The man makes a great point, not only is the gender gap highly questionable, Fox certainly isn’t close to the upper echelons of WMMA with just 2 pro victories. So it seems that for now, transgender fighters will not be competing in the UFC anytime soon. What does Penn Nation think?

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0 Responses to “Dana White On Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox: So Far From UFC That It’s Not Even Funny | MMA NEWS”

  1. Patrickus says:

    Why don’t they have him fight that other transgender fighter … What was his/her name?

    Oh yeah, CYBORG!

  2. Larry Jacobsgaard says:

    Sounds like a cheap way to a title for a guy.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    I can not imagine gettin my d!ck cut off and then realizing that I was still egotistical enough to fight. Can you imagine meeting this Dude if he still had a d!ck? At least when Dana steals all the killer woman out of Invicta they’ll have a new niche,they could start the first transgender fight league.
    If you don’t succeed in the men’s league it always gives you a back door if you will. Man,with Alistairs’ testosterone levels if he doesn’t have any luck he could always just cut off his d!ck and score a gig with Invicta.

  4. harry casey says:

    What ever about him, he’s a dumb ass and that was the best he could do on voicing his opinion. But the fact of the matter is Fox is still a man, still has the body of a man, still has the abilities of a man and should not be fighting women. – Now you can pick apart what i just said a dozen different ways, from a moral standpoint, an equality standpoint, an acceptance standpoint and so on, and so on – but men should not be fighting against women, women should have the change to compete fairly and in there own gender. Dana White you should be ashamed of yourself, your the f-en boss, don’t tip toe around this because your worried about what the masses will say (be worried about what the millions of followers say about what you are letting happen to this sport) – if the sport turns into a joke like WWF people will give up on it – (this is your legacy man, don’t let it implode), do what you know is right kid. – deep down you know how to handle this! – create a third league for transgender s or something . man i don’t know, it interesting world out there. good luck with dat. i cant wait to hear how u deal with it. – remember the world is watching. ha. ha. no pressure.!

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