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Monday, 07/29/2013, 10:58 am

Dana White On Tito Ortiz : He’s Old, Needs Money and Cyborg Should Get A New Manager

“Who gives a s—? Does anyone want to see Tito Ortiz in a superfight, with who? I mean, Tito’s lost every fight that he’s had over the last three years or something. He won one fight in the last three years. Tito hung in there and made some more money. He was a guy who was around in the early days, and, you know, time for Tito to move on. Tito is the guy who back in the early days was like ‘I’m going to retire young from this sport and I’m going to become an actor, and my Punishment clothing line is going through the roof, and I’m not going to be that guy who hangs around in this sport too long’ … now Tito’s like, yeah, I want to come back. I haven’t won a fight in three years and I’m old and obviously Tito needs money. He needs money.”

With rumors that Tito Ortiz is shopping for a return to MMA, UFC President Dana White gave his thoughts on the idea during Saturdays UFC on FOX media event. The UFC boss event went as far as to say that Cyborg should get rid of Tito as a manager and get some new representation.

If you missed the chat, check it out here!


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  1. Dan Jenkins says:

    With all due respect to Dana White, but I think the man forgets how he got to where he is today, first of all Tito didn’t have mates that would LEND him millions on a whim like Dana had with the Fertitas, I know they’re business men and there would have been more to it. Tito was also fighting for FREE In his early days of the ufc, I would think Dana has never operated for free, I don’t expect Dana to have any kind words for Tito after all he HATES the man and if Dana is willing to throw his current fighters (money makers) under the bus what’s he going to do with an old grudge. I respect the hard work and effort Dana has put into the sport to help it grow but it seems to me Dana is no longer a fan of mma, just a fan of money, the more I see and hear from Dana the more I see how unprofessional he is and he’s always crapping on how fighters should be professional, he gets more and more hypocritical every time he opens his mouth.

  2. Alan says:

    I’ve had enough fake “Tito retirements” for one lifetime, thanks. I have no interest in seeing him get the crap kicked out of him, and then give some attention-hungry speech afterwards all about how he “fights with his heart and soul” and “fights for the fans” and all the same tired old shit. Narcissists just can’t stand to be out of the spotlight.

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