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Monday, 04/16/2012, 11:10 am

Dana White On The Difficulties Of Putting On More Shows | "It's About Infastructure"

By Jamie McAllister:
“[UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta and I are] coming up with some ideas on how to do more events so that we can feed these markets that are dying for it. The UK keeps terrorizing us, Ireland is part of it… A guy here tonight was asking about Norway, Germany we haven’t been back to, every time we go to Australia, it’s insane,”

“We’ve talked about doing two shows at the same time,”

“We’ve talked about doing a lot of stuff. But one of the things you guys have got to understand, the hardest part is the infrastructure. It’s creating all this new talent, and it’s not just fighters. It’s commentators, it’s Buffer’s position, cameramen – all the things that go along with putting on the event that we put on. It’s a lot of work.”

Dana White comments on the negative side of the massive growth and demand for UFC across the globe with FightersOnly.


8 Responses to “Dana White On The Difficulties Of Putting On More Shows | "It's About Infastructure"”

  1. Uk says:

    If two shows at same time have rogan goldberg and florian with someone like frank Mir he talks real well

  2. Uk says:

    ALso he stated before he’s into that kind of thing

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    hm i mean if there was a ppv every week… don’t know how people are going to pay for those…

  4. Justen says:

    N Bonner can do the ring announcements! lol

  5. I think Dana needs to stop worrying about two shows in a night while we just got out of a six week UFC dry spell.

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    2 events at once? I only have one set of eyes!

  7. 50 Tyson says:

    They should get the guy who announces WEC or jimmy lennon jr and frank Mir Kenny florian whenever they are doin other shows while Goldberg, Rogan, Dana, and Bruce buffer are at the other shows that be pretty cool

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