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Monday, 11/19/2012, 09:22 am

Dana White On Silva vs. GSP: “I’ll Make This Fight” | UFC NEWS

“It’s the No. 1 best pound-for-pound fighter in the world against the No. 2 best pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” White told Fox Sports. “It’s a big fight. We think people want to see it, and we think the guys want to do it, so we’ll do it. They will fight, and it will probably be in May or around May.”

“[St. Pierre] is lumped up. He’s sore. He feels like he just got hit by a bus, I’m sure. He hasn’t fought in 18 months. I’ll make this fight,” said White. “We’re going to sit down with Anderson, probably in the next two weeks, and I’m sure we’re going to sit down and talk to St. Pierre and his team, too. Who knows? Maybe we go into this thing, and St. Pierre says, ‘Absolutely not,’ but I just don’t see that happening.”

Following UFC 154, UFC president Dana White announced that the Silva vs. GSP fight is on, as long as he has anything to say about it.

Can the UFC president really get the two champs to square off?


16 Responses to “Dana White On Silva vs. GSP: “I’ll Make This Fight” | UFC NEWS”

  1. jim says:

    You’re supposed to make this fight. And Silva already said he would fight, but good on ya…

  2. dana black says:

    spider vs bones

  3. Brenden says:

    NO! give GSP more time he just came back from rehab and he needs more time to get back to his former style and body because right now he stands no chance against Silva, HE NEEDS MORE TIME

  4. King_of_Pain says:

    Why would you do this. It made sense before he was hurt but now he has Hendricks and Diaz as top challengers.

  5. a heyman guy says:

    if GSP is smart and im sure he is…he wont take the fight. look what Spider did to a bigger stephan bonner on roids….demolished him. carlos condit is good but nowhere near the level of anderson silva and he almost beat GSP. gsp would definitly need to take a fight or 2 more before even thinking about silva but by then that money train will be long gone.

    Bones VS Silva makes more sense for silva if in fact silva is only looking for challenging big name fights.

    • james n genie adkins says:

      i say the same thing give a few more fights for GSP…silva need’s this fight b4 jones. look this fight has been talked about for years…we as fans would like to see it…after that fight if silva win’s then gsp will drop to three p4p an jones will move up i see them setting it just like that…not fair to GSP but GSP did go around saying silva was junk an he was not impressed…so let him back that up…

    • AJ says:

      In what universe does not winning a single round in a fight count as almost beating someone? I do think he should be allowed more time. But your statement is ignorant. Plus, if there was someone who could have a chance against Silva, returning from injury or not, it is GSP. Hell, even in his first fight after a rough recovery, GSP is still better than anyone else out there that has challenged, or could be set before Silva.

  6. mike says:

    This fight makes no sense. Why force one of your two top fighters to have a L behind their name for one single unnecessary fight?! One of them will have a certain stigma left against them for having lost to the other..just doesn’t even seem good for business, nor do i think that many fans care to see this, I mean this is no superfight…this is like david and goliath anyway!
    Did you see silva standing inches taller than machida while they were ringside watching GSP vs Condit?! Honestly, this one doesn’t appeal to me and i’m a huge fan of both GSP and Silva!!

    I like seeing a division dominated where others are trying to climb to the top, forcing one of these champs to lose is just unnecessary and really isn’t that big of a deal!

  7. chris says:

    What i want to is how the hell can he stand there and say ill make this fight but he cant make the bones silva fight witch would be a better match up

  8. Bo Rasco says:

    Dana laughed at the WBC/WBA for not making the mayweather pacquiao fight. In fact, I believe he said something to the tune of “the difference in the UFC is that we make these fights happen” everyone wanted spider vs GSP last year then everyone saw jones demolish rashad and the jones vs silva fight was proposed. Lets get GSP put of the way cus we know silva will crush and that will make for an even more alluring spider vs jones fight. It will be spider demolishing his weight class going down and taking out the greatest welter champ of all time then going up and… Well, then we have a fight.

  9. ... says:

    The only reason why Anderson vs jones makes more sense than gsp vs silva. It’s because of the size. Silva it’s a better fighter than gsp, in my opinion. And he’s bigger so silva has more chances on winning that fight. Silva is a better fighter than jones but jones is bigger and stronger so it would be more even , I think. Either way I truly believe silva would win both. Just from what I’ve seen him do in the octagon. He makes it seem kinda unreal sometimes. Gsp seems to have more trouble finishing his opponents and jones, you’ve seen him struggle too. I think not so much his skills but his strength and size has helped him a lot in his fights. That’s just my opinion. True fans can probably see my point of view. Passing fans only see it black and white.

  10. LoLo Az says:

    Silva vs Jones is the best solution for the UFC and Dana I hope you pick this one instead of GSP. Give GSP 3 more fights then he’ll be ready for Silva. I’m fighter and to me this just makes so sense for GSP to take this any time soon. I say Silva vs Jones. Hell Silva has already fought 4-5 light heavy weights, he wants to move up in that division and play around than ok give him Jones. But either way its going to make a big pay day for both fighters.

    • AJ says:

      I am not responding to all of these similar posts, so I am going to stop here and talk for a sec. People need to stop complaining about Bones v Silva not happening, or needing to happen. It isn’t going to happen, not anytime soon anyway. Both Jones and Silva (as well as Dana White) have expressed that the end result is a lose lose lose situation (meaning Silva, Jones, and the UFC lose). If Silva wins, he is taking the belt from a less experienced champion who is considerably younger, making him look greedy and like a terrible person. If Bones wins, people will say that he could only beat Silva because he is “getting old.” Neither will fight each other without a title on the line, so if they did fight, the UFC is guaranteed to lose a champion and disrupt the fan base of the organization as well as the fighter that loses. There is no winner here, which is why the Silva v Jones fight will not happen.

  11. lou says:

    I think a lot of people are already counting GSP as beat in this fight. I have much respect for both for what they have done for MMA. I think its a pretty even matchup only because of the amount of weight A.S. will have to cut to make this fight happen.

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