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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 12:45 pm

Dana White On Rashad Evans | "He is one of the best fighters, pound-for-pound in the world"

By Jamie McAllister:
“The light heavyweight division has always been a special weight class in the UFC and the Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans match could be the biggest fight at 205lbs in years. The last time we had a 205lbs title fight with this much emotion and excitement around it was the second Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz fight in December of 2006,”

“Jon Jones is a freak of nature in mixed martial arts. Here’s a guy who got into the UFC after only a couple of years of training, came right out and started beating top guys using spinning elbows and all these other crazy moves, and he then wins the UFC title at only 23 years old. “

“Jones is already on his way to being one of the best fighters to ever hold the UFC light heavyweight belt, which is phenomenal if you look at the killers who’ve held this belt.”

“But anyone who counts Rashad Evans out of this fight is out of their mind. Look at what he has done: he won the Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight, then not only beat – but stopped – champions like Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin, and also beat top contenders like Michael Bisping, “Rampage” Jackson, and Phil Davis.

“He’s been in the UFC since 2005. It is 2012 now, and in that time he’s lost once. Rashad Evans is the most underrated fighter in the entire sport. No-one can deny he is one of the best fighters, pound-for-pound in the world… I’m pumped for Jones v Evans. This is going to be historic fight for the division on April 21.”

Dana White comments on the UFC 145 main event to FighterOnly Magazine and how Rashad in one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC.

He also comments on Rashad being one of the best fighters pound for pound. If Rashad beats Jones do you think he deserves a place potentially in the top three or four pound for pound with the likes of St Pierre, Anderson Silva & Jose Aldo ?


15 Responses to “Dana White On Rashad Evans | "He is one of the best fighters, pound-for-pound in the world"”

  1. Marc says:

    Rashad could even go to #2 p4P in a lot of people’s estimations with win over JJ

  2. steven palmer says:

    Is that why you put 500,000 dollars on Jon Jones beating him lmfao

  3. Team buffalo says:

    All these people are on the Jon jones dicktrain. Don’t sleep on Rashad. Dude has the best Mma wrestling on the planet. Bones is gonna eat that humble pie come this Saturday when he gets wrestlefucked and pounded out.

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I like how he doesn’t consider Rampage a champion. LOL

    Oh, I hope this fight isn’t a dud. The hype is already too much for this fight to live up to.

  5. Bjj BB says:

    Rashad lost to bisping, almost got finnished by rampage, and got knocked out by machida! He beat silva-he sucks anyway unless hes using, he beat griffin-hes good but his chin is weak! He beat davis- davis only looked gud by beating nobodys!! My point is, jon had already beat the ppl that were sapo2 hold on to the belt for a long time, rashad having da best wrestling in da 205 class is bullshit, cuz he dont do shit on the ground like jones does and on the feet like jones does and to the ppl like jones did!! I won money on jones since his 2nd fight b4 ppl really knew who he was, his skills showd from the start so he really doesent have fans that just jumped on now, he always had them, so it sounds like every1 is jumping on the rashad train just to see the best lose, that storyis getting old!!

    • jbeamazing says:

      his only loss is to Machida by knock out anybody can get caught I’m not sure if you know that brah mma is a sport that’s been around for a lot longer then 3 years research it then express your opinion

  6. Faaris Sheikh says:

    To anyone who truely believes that Rashad is going to eat Jones alive are truely ignorant, Look what Jones has done in UFC Career he’s stopped guys aswell as dominating guys such as Shogun, Rampage, Bonnar, Bader & Beating Machida.
    Don’t get me wrong this is Jones’s toughest fight aswell as Rashads its going to be a great fight for fight fans.

  7. Rich Mendez says:

    Hey BJJ BB, you’re mistaken on Rashad losing to Bisping. He won by split decision.

  8. Nando says:

    So was Dan Hardy when he fought St. Pierre

  9. John says:

    Agreed. He’s probably 10 on the list while Jones is #2. Big difference

  10. Derek Schock says:

    Everybody is an expert lets just wait and see who gets their hand raised Saturday…

    • Jack says:

      Some people commenting here don’t have a clue, they are both great fighter, but there is no denying that Jon jones is the better fighter, of course he can get clipped and lose to rashad but the way jones fought against shogun, rampage and machida, do you really think rashad is better?

  11. dillan says:

    Rashad is my favorite fighter. He is very skilled, versatile, and knows how to promote a fight due to his intelligence, being real, and his swagger. He is one of the hardest working fighters in the UFC.

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