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Tuesday, 01/28/2014, 10:53 am

Dana White On Mayweather’s UFC Chances: “He’d get murdered”

Arsenio wants to know how Floyd Mayweather would do in the UFC. Dana White does not mince words in his answer.

He’d get murdered in the UFC,” said the UFC boss.


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  1. Ted says:

    He doesnt have to do it why get payed less to prove what. Does lebron have to prove himself in tennis or baseball? No, same thing applies 2 different sports, stop with this aggressive stuff nobody is the toughest, people use weapons in the real world.

  2. med says:

    mma is closer to a real fight that boxing. of course, mayweather would get destroyed,

  3. Sean Fram says:

    That’s the truth if he came in ufc even against a not so good fighter he would get beat badly and if someone from ufc tried to fight Floyd in a boxing match they would get beat but it be cool if the Mayweather would train for like a year and really try to go get somebody on a level that would be kind of cool to see how that would go I’d like to see that one day when we never you never know

  4. James Whitehead says:

    I bet Dana is sick of the same questions over and over. These MMA reporters need to come up with more material. They drag topics on and on and on and on and on and on.. I mean damn, its an old as question that has netted 0 results so far. More times than not, a fighter that crosses over to the other sport will not do so well. A str8 up kickboxer would have the best chances going either way. Anyways, new material and new topics please

  5. GOP Light says:

    Just like any UFC guy would do in a boxing ring with Mayweather. Hello its a different sport. Mayweather makes more money than any UFC fighter (by far) in the history of the UFC. If any could box on his level thats where they’d be.

  6. Chatosunshine says:

    I used to be a boxer. I would not even consider an mma bout. It’s no comparison. You have to be a mma guy to even consider that octagon. You need ground skills, I don’t care how great of a jabber you are you will not stop a take down.

  7. Chatosunshine says:

    Boxing is where the moneys at. Dana would never pay boxer money for a top name to enter the octagon. Ray mercer got beat up by a complete jagoff. James Toney not a chance. In a boxing ring obviously much different. Seek and Destroy.

  8. Bobthebuilding says:

    Yep it’s true. There was a time when boxers were considered the toughest men in the world. It’s pure fantasy and everyone knows it now thanks to MMA. Floyd can just parade his sissy a$$ and brag about his money because he knows he’s not a real fighter.

  9. zucc says:

    It would be a more one sided fight in the cage then it would in the boxing ring. Some of these mma fighters have pro boxing experiance not saying they stand a chance against a boxer caliber or mayweather but it wouldn’t be as one sided as mayweather in mma cage

  10. Mthakid says:

    We all know an boxer would killed in the cage, and its obvious that MMA fighters would get picked apart in a boxing match and likely knocked out. That is if they crossed over without any training whatsoever. But given enough time, they can cross over. After all both professional MMA fighters and Boxers have phenomenal work ethic.

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