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Saturday, 01/25/2014, 08:52 pm

Dana White On FOX 10 Main Event: ‘Typical Ben Henderson… Grinding Out Decisions’

“If you had Henderson winning the fight, it wasn’t by that wide of a margin. The fight was a lot closer. I don’t think either guy really went after it and tried to pull out the win. As far as Ben Henderson fights go, this is the typical Ben Henderson fight. This is the way his fights go. He’s a grinder, and he grinds out decisions.”

“Ben Henderson lost twice to Pettis, the champion, and he got destroyed last fight,” White said. “He didn’t do anything that’s going to have anybody screaming, ‘Oh, I want to see him get another shot at Pettis.'”

In a post-fight interview with FOX Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White, weighed in on tonight’s UFC on FOX 10 main event.

If you missed it. You can catch our highlight’s HERE.


6 Responses to “Dana White On FOX 10 Main Event: ‘Typical Ben Henderson… Grinding Out Decisions’”

  1. jackie says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. Hendersons lackluster style is bad for the sport

  2. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    Sounds about right…skipped this one cause Bendo is more boring than GSP…..

  3. StaalOntwerp says:

    Have you watched his WEC fights? Henderson wasn’t boring then. I think he just gets into boring fight mode against some opponents. Josh Thomson has also been in a lot of decisions lately (except against Nate).

  4. FightFan says:

    I liked the Henderson – Thomson fight! I didn’t find it boring either. They both tried submissions so they were trying to finish the fight. These are technical fighters and I enjoyed the scrambles on the ground. Bendo through a lot of hard kicks which I like to see in fights. Josh had some nice takedowns. I found the fight exciting and thought it could have gone either way or even have been a draw. At the end of the fight I had rounds 1 and 2 for Josh, 3 and 4 for Bendo, and 5 to Bendo. Many of those rounds I was unsure because they were close. I thought Bendo narrowly won but I would like to watch the fight again and rescore it.

  5. analfistanarchy says:

    I thought it wuz a good fight, dont why anyone is whining like a lil gurl’ bout it

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