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Friday, 03/15/2013, 06:24 pm

Dana White on Cesar Gracie: “I think Cesar’s a D***” | UFC NEWS

After experiencing the troubles and tribulations that come with dealing with PPV’s that involve Nick Diaz, UFC President Dana White has clearly voiced his opinion of Diaz’s head trainer, Cesar Gracie, stating:

“I think Cesar Gracie is a huge part of the problem to be honest with you,” White exclaimed, “Cesar comes out, first of all the tweet that he tweeted, second of all comes out and says well the guy who is producing it lives up here in Northern California so how much could this really be costing them? I mean this f****** guy has no clue about production. And to come out and say something that asinine is unbelievable. Yeah when we send a crew up to shoot these things, what do you think we’re sending up, like a guy with a f****** camcorder? We’re sending the guy who shoots those features has been working in the sports world for 30 years. And the crew he’s got around him is good too.”

White then was asked if he believed Gracie’s antics were some sort of act or show help gain more attention towards his fighter’s White replied, “Do I think it’s an act? No. I think Cesar’s a d***,” said White. “That’s what I think. I think Cesar does some stuff that’s just bulls***, you know what I mean? I don’t think it’s an act or a shtick or anything else.”

Dana White clearly believes that Cesar Gracie is lacking in certain characteristics that he has seen in other trainers. Fans don’t often see trainers as vocal about things as trivial as plane tickets, nor do we hear about their fighters missing countdown shows to later have their trainer make some excuse as to why they were absent.

We the fans, as well as UFC President Dana White knew the kind of events that might transpire when GSP vs Diaz was scheduled. The only thing we may have overlooked was how the UFC would then have to deal with Cesar Gracie’s personality as well. As the fight draws nearer the UFC President seems to be taking everything well enough, as if there is nothing that would surprise him at this point.


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  1. Jaime says:

    Dana is a fuckin hater… He just wants to be all mighty boss man, but he knows he cant, because the #DiazArmy wont let it happen, and there aint shit he can do about it… Be patient, dammit…. It is not gonna hurt sales one bit! If anything, ppl juzt love diaz cuz hrs trur… And now that hes opening his mouth, ppl are realizing nick isnt as dumb, “uneducated fool” like ppl think, and hes calling dana’s crooked ass out! Diaz is a living legend that will go down as one of the best FIGHTERS ever! Nick is gonna change the sport!

  2. Donovan says:

    Can’t stand Cesar Gracie either. Douchebag

  3. jay says:

    Whoever wrote this is a pussy. Who would want to do a different press conference 4 days in a row on fight week?? We don’t care about this stupid bs we care about the fight

  4. Ddddddd says:

    Here we go tuffy. He isn’t 70 let’s see you call our Ceasar.
    I’ll bet you won’t

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