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Wednesday, 01/08/2014, 06:12 am

Dana White on Anderson Silva: ‘he wants to come back’

During a recent appearance on ESPN, UFC president Dana White announced the news that Dominick Cruz had been injured and would be vacating his Bantamweight title.

Along with that announcement White was also asked about former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s leg injury and his recovery.

White had this to say about Silva’s injury and his future in the octagon:

“Anderson Silva is healing very well. This week they put a boot cast on him. He’s walking around with crutches and a boot cast. And crazy enough, a ACL tear in the knee puts you out longer than what happened to Anderson Silva. Anderson will be back in six months, back meaning he will be able to be on his foot again and be able to train. I’m going to visit him this week, but everything I hear, he is doing great and he wants to come back.”

Is this great news for all of you fans, or would you like to see Silva call it quits?

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0 Responses to “Dana White on Anderson Silva: ‘he wants to come back’”

  1. magoo says:

    He’s a broken man in more ways then one, stay retired already 2 losses in a row and approaching 40 ur best years are behind u.

    • Ben says:

      his best years are behind him? dude are you serious? You do realized that he was on a like 16 fight him streak in the UFC right? Hes lost only 2 times out of the 18 fights hes fought in the UFC. but yet he should just give up and retire all be cause hes lost twice? Your crazy dude. This guy has a lot more fights left in him. He in really good shape and if you looked at him you would not guess he was pushing 40. sorry but that was just the dumbest comment i ever seen.

      • Guest says:


      • R_Bug says:

        Your grammar and spelling are hideous. I find it rather hilarious that you’re(not “your”) calling someone else’s comment “dumb”. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

        • SlipSlap says:

          ” If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.”

          Improper use of a coma you grammar Nazi dick.

        • guydudeshist says:

          comma, lol

        • SlipSlap says:

          I know… bit.

        • R_Bug says:

          “COMA”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          You fucking moron!!! Check with a scholar about my use of that comma, idiot. You’ll be sure to learn something new in the process. I will suggest that you not refer to that punctuation mark as a “COMA”. That scholar will be sure to laugh at you, too!!! You’re out of your league, little boy. I’m far from intelligent, but you are light years shy of average.

        • Guest says:

          “you’re” pathetic. Ha ha ha. What an idiot you are chastising people on their English and grammer when you’re clearly a pseudo intellectual fucktard. Just as well you quickly edited your spelling mistakes as people started to point out *you’re a hypocritical tool.

          Here’s hoping you learn to speak English as well as I speak my native Norwegian. And I’m a little girl btw, who could still kick your flabby arse any day of the week in a ring.

        • J_Bug says:

          Hahaha You’re*.

  2. your mom says:

    He still is very skilled but im unsure of his mental state. On the walk out for 168 and the faceoff in the octagon ive never seen him look that way. Ive seen him take way harder shots before and not faze him. No discredit to weidman at all but the shots that dropped him in the first and second fight werent by far the hardest . He is at that age where you see alot of fighters lose there chin. Im a huge spider fan and couldnt imagine a better come back for him to regain a title and retire but id rather see him not hurt worse. He is still the GOAT no matter what. We shall see

    • Trent Hilker says:

      Ya, but if anyone can still produce solid wins with a “weak chin” it would be Silva. I mean honestly 75 percent of his fights, he never even got hit! Who needs a chin when you hardly ever get hit…..Now I’m sure he will get caught again before he retires, but his speed, footwork, and striking skills will keep him in the top 2 of the MW division for a long time to come still.

  3. Hugger-Free says:

    It’s funny to me how you bandwagon jumpers are all talking about how Weidman was doing sooooo much damage the second fight. Yet, Anderson was giving him elbows and things off his back and had Weidman busted up. Yes, the punch looked good, but Anderson was right back in the fight, so yes he (Weidman) won the first round of the second fight, and we all know if ANY fighter ever loses one round, then there is no way humanly possible they could come back in any of the next rounds. Nope, they could never lose a round but still win a fight…somehow….someway….kinda like Anderson did vs Chael Sonnen. Get off Weidman’s sack folks. Let the kid earn his rep. See you want to say Anderson can’t handle him, like Silva is a bum…..well ok, if thats true, then Weidman gets no props for beating him…right? Or what, you think Weidman is the best middleweight ever? I mean who exactly has he fought other than Silva and Munoz? Let him earn all this nut hugging.

    • The Don says:

      couldn’t have said it better. lets what happens with vitor

    • R_Bug says:

      And I’m sure you’ve been flash-KO’d and came back 100% in the the next round to fuck shit up, right? …oh wait….that’s right…’ve never been in a professional fight. Hmmm.

    • Dennis says:

      in his defense on who he’s fought, he fought your guy (best in world) and won twice. I think thats enough props. Luck or not, two straight wins against the one considered and is the best in the world (or was, depending on who is saying). I think that speaks volumes. And I do think he is the one silva can’t beat. Everyone has one, and could tell by his face. Getting rocked on one punch and going down (regardless of getting up) has to do damage to your thinking and thinking of the first knock out. Second round he kept distance and only was a matter of time before going down again. I wish him luck, but like I said above. Would truly hate if he comes back and loses to some random whoever the number one or two contender of the week is. Fans are fickle and the media is worse. They will bash his talent and start with the washed up crap. He should retire and enjoy what he has done. Train others to be like himself.

    • steve says:

      Are you kidding? Who has he fought “other” than Silva. He kicked Silva’s ass two times in a row and stopped him twice. I think that says more than enough. Especially when everybody feels or at least felt that Silva was the greatest ever.

  4. bbtriangle says:

    He might end up like roy jones jr or chuck liddell. please dont come back silva youve done end proved enough!

  5. Suie says:

    I wouldn’t blame Anderson one bit for retiring, he’s had a long, and incredibly successful career. If I were him I’d be wary of ever throwing that leg kick again! Anyway kudos to him for wanting to fight his way back, I look forward to his return!

  6. Jeff g says:

    What some people don’t know is that Chris injured his knee from the leg breaking kick!! So Chris might be out as long as silva believe it or not?!?

  7. PaulieJ says:

    I have a lot of respect for Silva’s fighting capabilities and fight history but, I honestly believe Weidman came in with the better game plan both times. Note, that doesn’t mean I think Weidman, at least at this point in his career, is the better skilled fighter. Just that he simply executed better game plans in both fights.
    And perhaps that’s something Anderson really hasn’t had to focus on with laser beam precision in some of his past fights because of his athleticism and skill set. I think he got a bit complacent and that his confidence told him just do what you do, doesn’t matter who’s in front of you. Turns out, it kind of did.
    In the first fight, Weidman had an answer for the clowning and showboating that AS uses to lure opponents in so he can counter, which AS typically has the capability of doing with extreme proficiency. And in the 2nd, Weidman and his camp decided after the first fight they needed an answer for Silva’s leg kicks. I don’t think anyone was thinking of going out there and breaking the leg. More along the lines of if the kicks are checked properly, it will likely sting Silva as much if not more and make him think twice about how hard and/or frequently he attempts them . Meaning, just wanting to eliminate that part of Silva’s attacks. Similar in the way fighters will use leg kicks on the opponents to limit their mobility of ability to plant their feet when they strike (Griffin v. Rampage, Aldo v. Faber are just two that come to mind.)
    I’m not a fan of Silva’s antics and I far more often than not root against him but, as I started with, I have a great respect for what the man can do in a cage/ring when he decides to fight. Whether or not he comes back doesn’t really matter much to me. Easily the greatest middleweight of this generation and definitely should be in any talks about outright greatest fighter of this generation. At 38, probably be 39 by the time he can fight again, I’m not sure he needs to come back. I don’t see, or at least personally don’t think, the UFC should just hand him a title shot when he does come back. And at his age, unless they hand him a top 5 contender first fight back as a gauge and if he dominates then maybe a title shot, I don’t know if father time will favor him making another title run. So does that leave one or two so called “super fights” to cash in and go out with an extra couple mil in the bank? Possibly. Thing is, those types of fights, like say against GSP or Bones, are really no wins for either opponent unless Silva has a fight with a top contender before that shows he’s as good as ever. Because if either is his first fight back and they lose to him, it will be “You just got your ass beat by a one legged man” type of crap whereas if they beat him it will be just the opposite with the excuses of why they were able to beat Silva. I’m not sure either scenario does much for GSP’s or Bones’ legacies.

  8. tyrone says:

    Silva wants to make a comeback but wants to fight gsp not weidman. This means silva knows he cant win against weidman therefor hes moving on to a smaller guy

  9. Dennis says:

    Weidman was doing damage. I know fans of silva don’t want to believe that, but he was on his way to another knock out. But I think silva should retire. Not for any other reason that the worst thing that could happen to him is to come back and lose to some random whoever is now number one or two contender. Atleast losing to the guy who took your belt can give some stay, but losing to some chump who got lucky would start everyone downing him and forgetting his legacy. It will be all about him not being the same, or washed up, etc. Plus his son wants him to stay and be home with him more.

  10. Goo says:

    Lol Weidman will be forgotten in 6 months. Too bad I want to see Silva woop his ass like he did in the first round.

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