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Tuesday, 11/05/2013, 11:30 am

Dana White Offered Renzo Gracie Money to Not Fight, Gracie Responds with Offer to Fight for Free

MMA legend, Renzo Gracie, has been looking at a return to professional MMA inside the UFC for a few weeks now; and after recent talks with UFC President Dana White, it looks like he may be returning sooner than later for a fight at 155 lbs.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Renzo Gracie’s campaign to return to the UFC Octagon for a professional fight at 46 years of age.

Gracie spoke recently to Ariel Helwani regarding a conversation he had with UFC President Dana White, and from the tone of Gracie’s report, we could be seeing him fighting sooner than later.

He was a gentleman,” Gracie said about White.  “He made me an offer I almost couldn’t refuse.  He offered me a check to not fight and I almost couldn’t refuse.  ‘Renzo, I like you so much I would hate if you get hurt,’ [White told him].  Getting hurt is part of our business, you know?

His offer was almost as good as mine.  Mine, he couldn’t refuse.  His, I could refuse.  I said, ‘Please, don’t do that to me.  Let me get there one more time,’ and he laughed.  He told me, ‘Tell me when (you want to fight).’

Renzo did not give any indication as to when he expects to make his return to action, but he did say that he would be fighting at his original weight-class.

I will probably go to 155 (pounds),” he said.  “I’m going to lose several pounds to do that but I believe I can.  When I fought Matt Hughes, I actually had breakfast and was at 168 pounds at the weigh-ins.  I wanna (fight) at my weight division.  My whole career, I’ve never fought in my weight division.  I always fought bigger guys.  This time, I wanna see how my skills will do against guys at my size.”

As for Gracie’s expected payroll, Dana White saw to make sure the MMA legend would be compensated properly.

I offered to fight for free,” Gracie recounted, “and [White] laughed [saying] ‘I could never have you fight for free.  Not you.’  I’ts not money I need, and he said, ‘I know.’  I want to do something without the need to do that.  I think that way a man fights better.”

Well, whatever motivation Renzo Gracie needs, he’ll have it as he drops weight and prepares to return to professional fighting sometime in the near future.


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    So much respect for Master Renzo and this shows a much softer side of ol’ Dana White. Much respect and WAR Master Renzo!

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