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Monday, 01/20/2014, 09:55 am

Dana White Not Letting Boxing Die, Hints At Future Involvement In Sport

With a producer credit on a reality series titled, “The Fighters”, UFC President Dana White is slowly putting his toes into the deep end of the boxing pool.

Currently just testing out the waters, the UFC boss went on FOX Sports to explain his position with the sport of boxing and what his future in the sport may bring.

“There is nothing but fucking characters in boxing. Boston is an exciting place for this. The accent alone speaks boxing. It’s a very unique, interesting world and this is a look into it. I’ve always got the boxing itch. I’m a boxing guy at heart. I’m always going to be that guy. How deep would I get? Let’s see how far this thing goes. I don’t want to see the sport of boxing die. This is my contribution to the sport I love. I think I can make something out of it.”

White’s reality series is set to debut later this month on the Discovery Channel. (See trailer here).


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  1. boston boxing dad says:

    Like “Steve” said, Dana White has more than enough money, someone needs to help revitalize the great sport of boxing before it dies, and what better place to do it? Southie has a long, proud history of boxing, which he obviously knows, being from here…I wish him nothing but the best in this project, and I’m not the only one who is very excited about this. Having a young son who boxes, I know firsthand that the people who ARE involved in the sport, IN BOSTON, don’t do it for the money, they do it (train and promote young fighters) because they have a passion for boxing and truly want to pass that passion onto the next generation…

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