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Thursday, 01/24/2013, 11:00 am

Dana White Not Closing Door on GSP vs. Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS

“You didn’t hear Georges jump in and say, ‘I will not fight Rory MacDonald.’ The way I look at that situation is, Georges is the king, he’s got the belt, he’s known as one of the greatest welterweights ever. The guy is a superstar worldwide, makes a shit-load of money (and) he’s got major massive endorsements. Does Rory MacDonald want to be that guy? Or, does he want to say, ‘I like Georges. He’s a nice guy and I’ve trained with him and stuff, so, I’ll just sit around and never see how great I really am.'”

During yesterday’s post-press conference media scrum, the UFC boss touched on a possible teammate vs teammate match up between Rory MacDonald and GSP.

But will this fight ever truly happen? e


6 Responses to “Dana White Not Closing Door on GSP vs. Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS”

  1. omiwan316 says:

    Would be a very interesting fight, this kid is definitely up and coming and looking down the line at his possible career this fight is bound to happen if GSP is still champ.

  2. PlanB says:

    These guys have Diaz to thank, they’re backups in case he gets the munchies again. If either main eventer goes down the stacked welterweight card can mix and match, no Bones about it, don’t think GSP would back out of a pay day by refusing to fight a substitute on short notice. The B lineup would be Roidy, Ragin Cajun, and Ellenburger and Fries.

  3. Rory Has Been Respectful says:

    He’s saying “no, I will never fight GSP” because he is no position to call out the champ. If he calls out GSP, leaves TriStar because of it, and the UFC ends up NOT making the fight happen, Rory loses. If GSP ever calls out Rory and the fight is finalized by the UFC, Rory will have no problem speaking his mind because he wouldn’t be the one who started it.

    GSP vs Rory should happen, but only if GSP gets by Nick and Hendricks and Rory defeats Condit, then either Koscheck/Maia or Jake.

    Superfight talk will kill any intentions of Rory fighting for the WW title this year.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Rory’s a weasel folks…mark my words. he already knows he’d fight George if given the opportunity.

  5. drew says:

    mac vs gsp would be a tough one i dunno i feel like gsp in no way would he actually want to throw legit shots that could hurt rory and vice versa i dunno i hope this fight never happens because it would be an awkward 25 minutes with gsp winning because hes just gsp

  6. Jur mama says:

    Rory is the only guy in the middle weight division that can actually beat GSP. He’s not gonna get taken down and controlled. He is big and has long reach. Unfortunately GSP is just gonna take down Diaz and control him for 5 rounds, but Diaz has a really good submission game. I think GSP will grind out a decision though. But I would casually want to see rory and GSP fight. GSP would be forced to stand.

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