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Monday, 04/22/2013, 09:32 am

Dana White: Nate Diaz Moving To 170 A Big Mistake

“I think going to 170 is a big mistake. Big, strong guys at 170.”

“He can make 155. Look what happened tonight at 155.”

Prior to stepping into the cage against Josh Thomson, former UFC lightweight title challenger, Nate Diaz, stated he was headed back to the welterweight division after UFC on FOX 7.

Saturday Night didn’t go to well for the Stockton born fighter as he wound up suffering the first TKO loss of his career.

UFC President Dana White doesn’t like the idea of Nate moving back up.

Do you agree?


66 Responses to “Dana White: Nate Diaz Moving To 170 A Big Mistake”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    I disagree.He’s too big and tall for most guys at 155 anyways.He’s 6-1,He could even compete at 185.What he needs to do to compete with guys at 170 is cut back on all the triathon and some of the extreme cardio stuff,and hit more weights.To bulk up and Put on some size

    • Donovan says:

      Rory threw him around like a rag doll at 170. Its a bad idea. He just had a bad fight wi Thomson he shld stay at 55.

  2. YoMama says:

    Get on TRT like the rest of the UFC camps and fighters and Diaz bros will dominate for years.

    • SlipSlap says:

      Couldnt agree more. Its very obvious most of the fighters are on TRT now. I no longer pay to view because of this. I’ll only watch free to air fights.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hard to believe, but I am actually going to +1 that!!, go figure. But I will also add one more thing. Beside, bulking up, Nate needs to change camps. He needs to learn offensive wrestling to double legs and top control. Give up that slap boxing style and learn real boxing too. He could do it. Team Cesar Gracie has nothing else to offer him.

  4. Gob3s says:

    Since all 4 of the Skrap Pack have come up short in their respective UFC title bids, in the same manner, i think it’s definitely time for a camp change for all of them. Tristar, Alpha Male, someplace known for their wrestling. Hell even Blackhouse would be awesome to see. Just please, PLEASE, NO GREG JACKSON FOR THE SKRAP PACK.

  5. wormy38 says:

    Its funny how people say diaz opponent runs.its called smart fighting not to get hit.and josh even ktfo diaz.why would any smart fighter just stand there and be a punching bag.idiot

  6. the_dude says:

    @wormy38 No one said anything about anyone running. You were the first one to mention it. No one accused Josh of running. Shut the fuck up, asshat.

  7. Ddddddd says:

    Ok,I can agree the strength at 70 is overwhelming but what about the speed at 55? It’s the speed that got him kod.
    Rory raped him no doubt about it but when I saw Nate struggling at the weigh ins I had a bad feeling. If he doesn’t bulk up I’d agree but if he does,well then you never know.
    There’s definitely room for mass with out hindering his style
    hell it would make more effective. If he comes back at 70 give him Koschek to motivate the change.

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