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Tuesday, 12/10/2013, 07:37 am

Dana White Named Sports Innovator Of The Year

UFC President Dana White is many things. He is outspoken, brash, and assertive, but it can’t be denied that the man is a powerful and effective businessman.

Sports Business International agrees, and has recently awarded him the title of “Sports Innovator of the Year.”

The editor of Sports Business International, Matt Cutler said, “For both our subscribers and our judging panel, Dana White’s aggressive global expansion plans for the UFC gained real traction in 2013. How far he has taken the sports property in such a short period of time has been remarkable”

“If sports executives want to look at ways to really think outside the box commercially, they should take a look at what White has achieved this year,” Cutler added.

“Myself and my partners are truly honored to receive this award. Our goal since 2001 has been to take the UFC global,” White said.

“We have always believed in the sport and the UFC brand,” White continued. “We have been working for many years to get everything ready for our move into global expansion and it’s all lined up for 2014.”

Source: Gareth A. Davies, The Telegraph


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