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Monday, 07/23/2012, 09:46 am

Dana White: Maybe Lombard Should Drop To 170 | UFC NEWS

“It just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Whether it was Boetsch or Lombard winning, I was expecting a real war. I thought this thing was going to be a war. You can’t be angry with [Lombard], but it just shows you guys, ranking guys who don’t fight in the UFC, it’s two different worlds. Guys that fight in other organizations that end up in top 10 rankings, it’s a whole other world over here. Lombard maybe should fight at 170. He made 185 easily. He’s short and wide, but I think he could make 170.”

During the UFC 149 post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White touched on his latest middleweight acquisition, former Bellator champion Hector Lombard.

For years MMA fans have been clamoring for Lombard to come to the UFC and take over the 185 pound division. However, on the heels of a 25-fight win streak the Cuban Olympian fell short in his UFC debut against Tim Boetsch.

Is he better suited for the UFC’s welterweight division or was last Saturday’s performance a classic case of the “Octagon Jitters”?


23 Responses to “Dana White: Maybe Lombard Should Drop To 170 | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMAnalyst says:

    Maybe he should fight Palhares (who is shorter and wider) or Munoz (since he called him out) before changing weight classes… if he’d had his ass kicked, then maybe. But let’s see him get settled in the UFC first.

    P.S. He won that fight, that was a robbery.

    • JonRenaud says:

      I completely agree with you. A fight between Palhares and Lombard would be excellent and I also agree that he was robbed against Boetsch. That being said, still not a great UFC debut.

      • saiasaka says:

        I agree that he was robbed but it doesn’t bother me that much because he was like an horrible fighter in this match-up; these two guys are in the bottom bottom of the middleweight fighters;
        he was supposed to be a danger for Anderson Silva ^^; but Chael Sonnen would beat his head with one hand… Lombard is not a good fighter…. he was waiting and Boetsch ….
        that fight was a joke

  2. Xaninho says:

    He should fight a fighter. I blame Boetsch the most for that horrible display of non-fighting. Boetsch should change his nickname from ‘the barbarian’ to ‘the backpedaler’.

    What was Lombard supposed to do? Run after him and gass himself out? Fucking boetsch refused to fight, it was horrible. I’m not saying Lombard did a great job, he didn’t live up to the hype at all.

    Did Boetsch honestly believe a performance like that would launch him into the topcontender spots? GTFO with that assmuncher!

  3. B-rad says:

    Maybe Dana Whites fatass should go thru a weight cut, then he will know that droppin an additional 15 pounds on top of the amount that he does to make 185 isnt just something you do! Only Hector knows how his body reacts to cutting weight, and he might lose all his cardio from that extra 15..

  4. Gabriel says:

    I would like to see him fight Bisping the other ”Fraud”. Whomever loses gets his ass out of the UFC.
    170?? Danna must be jocking, he would get his ass whoped easy by Nick Diaz, GSP, and maybe even Condit.
    Danna you screwed up by believing all the hype and bringing him to the UFC

  5. NiggerDick says:

    If he gets off the juice he could fight at 155.

  6. slacker says:

    Lombard was brutal. Once again, the UFC proves that it is several cuts above other organizations. Lombard should go fight for a hockey team. All his punches are hay makers. He is no mixed martial artist that’s for sure.

  7. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I’m not even a Lombard fan but that was an absolute robbery. Lombard had 2 takedowns, landed a kick to boetch liver which made him run away. Boetsch landed sissy boring ass leg kicks that did no damage. Boetsch acted like he dominated Lombard which couldn’t be further from the truth. Greg jackson has showed all the otehr camps how to steal decisions. UFC/MMA would be 100% better sport without Greg jackson. UFC is going downhill at a scary pace and if something isn’t done soon all we are going to see is Guida-Condit type fighting. I’m not sure what is worse running away or “FITCHING”

  8. I can’t believe some of you guys think Lombard got robbed. Boetsch earned the decision. Same with all the boo’s in Calgary, you guys there don’t know shit about fighting. Lombard can knock you out with one punch and Boetsch knew that so he made a smart decision in NOT standing in front of him to bang (smart move no 1) and secondly, to chip away at Lombard’s lunging power by attacking his base with the knee kicks while staying outside of that KO range. Guy has a gun and you have a knife. Do you grow balls and throw away your brain and stand there trading shots? No. Don’t be so dumb! Again, Boetsch fought a smart fight and that’s all there is to it. Lombard’s standup is very one dimensional, stands motionless in a ready stance and waits and counters and attempts the odd lunging attack when he senses blood. If you want to blame someone Blame Lombard for not knowing how to pursuit. Same exact thing with the Guida/Maynard fight. Not Guida’s problem Maynard don’t know how to close the distance – Both Maynard and Lombard need to learn how to close the distance before you blame the other guy for knowing how to stay clear. And in both those cases, the guys who knew how to stay clear where also the only ones getting shots in while the other was just too slow.

    Regarding Lombard to 170. I say he looks pretty lean as it is. He just needs to adapt that pursuit to his game and he’ll be on his way ok at 185. Plus, it’s possible a few of those leg kicks just destroyed his pursuing ability right from the start and made for a dull fight as a result. Not Boetsch’s fault. That’s just to his credit.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      So in your theory running away while doing absolutley ZERO damage is what ypou consider winning the fight. Boetch did nothing the entire fight and all MMA websites scored the fight for Lombard. 2 judges got it wrong and you are just another botesch fan who can’t admit he did nothing to win that fight

      • Learn to read, then show some common respect, then you might be able to come up with a worthy question, let alone deserve any answer.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          You just can’t admit boesch did NOTHING to win that fight

        • Not a fan of either. Beotch took out Lombard’s leg with at least 20 decent strikes, buckled it outright a couple times. Yes he could have done more but so could Lombard AS I ALREADY SAID. Two men are in the Octagon. If one wants to run away all night that’s his business.It probably wont get him invited back but they’re both in the Octagon and there’s nowhere to run so if Lombard can’t catch up to him to finish him then he was not worthy of the win any more than Beotch. Lombard got a weak take down or two as did Beotch, and Lombard got a grazing blow on Beotch that actually hurt him but it wasn’t by any means any better than the 2 dozen leg kicks that Beotch got in. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Beotch won the fight by taking out Lombards leg and staying outta the way. They even tied up a few times and in any case Lombard never made anything happen of it.

          Really, you’re the Lombard fan that can’t admit a loss. There’s a Timidity ruke as well that the ref can call if he feels that a fighter is running too much. He didn’t, and I’m glad. It really should be reserved for when a fighter actually turns his back to the other and runs away in flight and fear. Again, the Octagon is only so big so put two men in and just let nature take it’s course. Both should make sure they know how to pursuit, and never should the UFC lay expectations on anyone that they have to stand and bang. If they do, then just make the Octagon an 8’x 6′ shark tank where fighters can in no way avoid the other. But for now, avoidance is a tactic and it should always be an option IMO. Closing the distance is the alternative.

  9. MMApersonalJesus says:

    You can’t blame either guy, it was a bad match up. I don’t know why they say Joe Silva is a good matchmaker when most of his matches suck. Lombard has no movement, and Tim isn’t known for his Stand up. A KO over a terrible defending Okami doesn’t count. They are both decent grapplers which cancels out. Lombard would lose against most strikers in the UFC.

  10. Streit says:

    I was at the fight! and I don’t know how Dana can comment he was texting the whole fight never lifted he’s head all three rounds The guy should shut his hole ! Why doesn’t he say boetsch should move up! That guy looks like a light heavy wight !

  11. mean170 says:

    Man, just a few days ago people were saying Lombard would beat Anderson Silva..

  12. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Dude was robbed, Tim is a fuckin fluke winnin against people who r better than him. Its one thing when the judges hand u a win u dont deserve, its another when u celebrate it as if u actually earned it.

    Lost respect for that cat after that fight thats for damn sure.

  13. Bjj BB says:

    I been saying this for along time, he should of droped to 170 along time ago, if u dont believe me go look at the other post about him b4 he fought, damn!! Dana should give me a job cuz i preety much always get my predictions right and what ever else i have to say about the mma world.

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