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Monday, 08/19/2013, 08:57 am

Dana White: Machida vs. Diaz was a bad idea

Early last week, UFC president Dana White took the media by surprise by saying he had offered former Strikeforce champion, Nick Diaz (26-9 MMA, 7-6 UFC), a return bout against former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida (19-4 MMA, 11-4 UFC).

However, after this weekend’s UFC Fight Night event in Boston, White stated that the proposed Diaz vs. Machida bout won’t happen and was just a bad idea to begin with:

“Diaz didn’t turn it down. There’s other things going on with Diaz. There’s other things going on with Diaz. That was a bad idea, the Diaz-Machida thing was. I’ll throw Joe Silva under the bus again. That was Joe Silva’s idea. It was a bad idea.”



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  1. mhencore says:

    Stamina problems… Both of them… I think so…
    Nick vs Rory & Lyoto vs Davis II… The better…

  2. Dddddddd says:

    I thought it would be cool for a split second. Then realized Diaz hates fighters like that. He would get super pis$ed when Machida was too elusive to catch. He’d probably throw his gloves on the ground and march out. I realize this and I’m a Diaz fan.

    • squid says:

      true. however, i think machida takes this just from being the bigger, stronger and quicker guy. he can catch and finish diaz, esp because diaz has virtually no head movement or footwork. dont get me wrong, im a big diaz bros. fan because theyre exciting and always bring it. nick has excellent hands, jiu-jitsu and chin and is tough as nails but hes pretty much a straightforward zombie when it comes to standing up. and i think that style plays right into machidas. im thinking it will look a lot like machida-bader.

  3. DMC says:

    It’s a horrible matchup for Diaz. It’s almost evil to pick the person who’s strength (elusiveness) is Diaz’s weekness fighting against. I want to see Diaz in a fair fight against someone he can bang with or roll with.

  4. 757 says:

    I love watching Nick fight. I can’t stand watching Machida fight anymore. Machida had his chance recently with the Davis fight and blew it. Bach to the end of the line brother. Machida was on a good run for a little back a couple of years ago, but not now.

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