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Saturday, 09/15/2012, 10:26 am

Dana White: Machida Is Fighting Dan Henderson Next | UFC NEWS

With all the injuries, cancellations and switching of opponents in the past several months, headlines have shifted to everything from he/said-she/said to who-is-fighting-who and so on.

Up until now what we have failed to get a grasp on who will Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida, men who are simultaneous #1 contenders, fight next now that Belfort has leapfrogged the divisions best?

According to UFC president Dana White it looks like they will face each other. Here is the quote from the presidents luncheon conducted last Thursday.

“Machida should have taken the fight. We’ve seen it, history always repeats itself. Look how long it took Rashad to fight for the title again. So you wanted to fight Jon Jones, you climbed up to the title fight and you don’t take it. Now you’re fighting f—— Dan Henderson. Now you might not even get to the f—— title again. You lose to Dan Henderson you’re not anywhere near Jon Jones. You jump on opportunities when they’re available. You get a shot at the title, the biggest money fight you can be in, the highest profile fight you can be in. And if you win that f—— fight, the whole world changes overnight.”


34 Responses to “Dana White: Machida Is Fighting Dan Henderson Next | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    I don’t see why Dan needs another fight before fighting for the title? Machida should of got the winner of Shogun/Gus and Dan should of got the winner of Vitor/Jones.

    • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

      I think it’s a punishment for not telling Dana earlier about his injury

      • Me says:

        Oh wow if that’s true that sucks. Meh after Jones beats Vitor I’m guessing he’ll be on the shelves again. The Dan – Machida fight probably won’t happen till late 2012/Earlly 2013 and the Shogun – Gustufsson fight is in December. That means they won’t be no real opponent for him and we will next see him in the Octogan April time. *Sigh*

      • Donovan says:

        Yeah, maybe he gave him an ultimatumand Machida was the best choice. I wonder what would be a tougher fight for him besides Jones that is a contender? He beat Belfort in Pride FC too. Kind of a shitty deal for Hendo, but an interesting fight anyway

    • Xaninho says:

      Couldn’t Agreee with you more.

  2. Dee says:

    It’s not a crime for Hendo to fight Lyoto. It makes sense. It will only solidify who is actually the # 1 contender. People are so afraid of fighting the top dogs in the division and jump straight to the title shot, but if you can’t fight the top fighters, you will not be able to successfully defend the belt in the first place. Big deal you get a title shot, but you can’t run forever. Just take the fight and win.

  3. Magoo says:

    This must be Dana’s little hissy fit fight! Machida should have taken the title fight with Jones it could be awhile before he gets another one, especially if he loses to Henderson.

    • Sasquatch says:

      He won’t lose to Hendo, IMO this is a bad match up for Hendo… he doesn’t have the speed to close the distance with Machida, he’ll get picked apart. If Dan manages to get his hands on Lyoto it’s hard to say what will happen because Lyoto’s ground game is better then Anderson’s and look what happened in that fight (Hendo vs. Silva).

  4. Shadleigh says:


    • NYKingKilla says:

      This is a great fight for Hendo. Hopefully he will destroy Machida with an H-BOMB move on and fight for the title.

      • JP says:

        Magic 8 Ball: Unlikely.

      • Bob'O says:

        You’re delusional bro. Lyoto will knock out Hendo, and I love Hendo. Bad style for Dan. Go ask Couture. 😉 ~Bob’O

      • 757 says:

        Don’t count on it. Machida has great footwork. I agree stylistically he is a bad match for Hendo.

        • jvoz says:

          hendo is a tough fight, but machida is a far advanced striker. hendo could have the chin to eat punches and close the distance, much like jones did. but that means his chin has to hold up. machida is my favorite fighter, but this is a high risk huge reward fight. also, its danas hissy fit, i usually agree with dana, but machida was in the fraggin jungle for christ sakes?!?!? hendo is the real culprit, then jones. what about shogun who also turned it down? dana has always had a grudge against machida for some reason….

  5. DMAC says:

    Hendo’s old juiced out frame can’t handle another camp. I will say this, if Machida tries that patient approach in the Hendo fight he will lose.

  6. General P says:

    You may be right his knee/body will never be 100. He’s still got a shot though. Either way I hope the winner fights Vitor Belfort, because if vitor KOs/TKOs Pussy ass JBJ it’s gonna be the most exciting post fight replay and call from
    Goldberg and Rogan you heard in a long time.


    Make it happen,one guarantee,someones going to sleep…

  8. Z-GrimV says:

    Dana white is just a fooking bully cunt rag.

  9. Not You says:

    I hope Machida walks this old wrestler to retirement too.

  10. Sugar Ponybear says:

    So Hendo got injured so no longer get’s his shot and because Machida did the smart thing and turned down possibly the toughest fight in his career, definitely the most important, without a training camp he no longer gets a shot either. Dana is such a whiny little bitch. Why doesn’t he put on the gloves. You wanna save YOUR fucking show how about you put on some gloves and fight Bones. You thought you could handle Tito.

    • Jaedr says:

      you realize that dan and machida had to agree to this right? fuck you are stupid.

      • Sugar Ponybear says:

        Obviously, someone had to sign the contracts. Yet you are obviously missing the point to this. It’s rude to call other people stupid due to your lack of comprehension. Personal attacks won’t make up for what you lack? Calling me stupid still doesn’t mean you can read above the third grade level my friend. You could always just do the smart thing and shut your mouth unless it pretains to you. I would greatly appreciate that. Anytime your lack of intellect affects other people, it’s time to hang yourself.

  11. Bjj BB says:

    I was hoping jbj was gonna be the 1st to knock out dan but i guess machida will, its still gonna be a bad ass fight!

  12. Brend0magic says:

    If Hendo can throw a bunch of faints, maybe some h-bombs, and mix it up with his takedowns. He can win this. If he keeps it a stand-up fight the entire time, and only tries to land the h-bomb, we all know Machida will be fighting for that title. But WAR HENDO!!!!

  13. BJ is KING says:

    fuck now im not cheering for machida.. why did you get injured hendo fuuuuuuuuuuck lol, this is big, thatll be a good match but i wish both of them fought JBJ

  14. Bob'O says:

    Dana, who I have always respected, is slowly turning into the biggest douche bag ever. Lorenzo needs to step in.

    White needs to slow the fuck down. What a complete and utter joke! Machida has to now wait for Hendo to get healthy, and Hendo is punished for an injury?

    Are you fucking kidding me? Is Dana breaking bad or something?

    What happen to the face of the UFC that I have respected since the first UFC fight put on by Zuffa being that I was a UFC fan prior to them purchasing it?

    Dana, Listen fuckO, you’re turning everyone against you. Get your shit together bro, this is an absolute joke how you’re treating Lyoto and Hendo. Fix it! ~Bob’O

  15. Ddddddd says:

    Either Whites the biggest a$$hole ever or he’s
    really good at making me get behind the
    fighters. I wanted to see how Jones would
    deal with Henderson and the second coming
    of Lyoto. The matchups went from intriguing
    to what would seem to be fairly obvious.

    • Bob'O says:

      Ddddddddd, I agree with you 100% on that brother.

      I got an idea! How about a Bones vs Fedor superfight at 205? LMAO!!! Yeah I know, but how about it boys? ~Bob’O

  16. Bob'O says:

    Also D, Dana is now trying to leave the door WIDE open for even more so-called joke for contenders to face Jones while we the fans get ripped off. Nope, sorry Dana.

    Atleast one or two prior to the winner of Hendo vs Machida right? Hendo has to heal before facing Machida.

    White has done more to destroy himself in the last month then he has done in the entire 12 years that he has been the face of the UFC. I say this cause I have always respected Dana and Zuffa for what they have done for this sport. Dana is wrong. Period! ~Bob’O

  17. drew says:

    what does dana have againest dan henderson?

  18. Mik says:

    I don’t know what the fuck you guys are talking about, but I think this makes the most sense. First of all, in my opinion Lyoto Machida never ever diserved a title shot, in his last five fight he is 2-3 with his only wins against a 46 year old legend who was coming to the end of his career and an up and coming fighter who just won a decision against an out of shape and injured Rampage. Machida got tapped by Jon Jones and ko’d by Shogun and lost a decison to Rampage. Next, I do think Hendo has got a good streak of wins put together, but only one against a top 10 UFC light heavyweight. I also do think that the cancellation of the UFC 151 is just as much his fault as it is Jon Jones, if you have an inuury and you’re that old chances are you are not going to fight and if he told Dana there would probably be a UFC 151. Anyways I had tickets to UFC 152 before the cancellation, so I was pretty happy.

    Also, I have realized that the injuries at the beginning of the year are gonna make the last couple cards of the year pretty stacked.

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