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Wednesday, 02/27/2013, 08:59 am

Dana White Leaning Towards Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans | UFC News


UFC President Dana White stated on UFC Tonight on FUEL TV, that he plans on putting together a light-heavyweight fight between two of the best fighters in the division in Dan Henderson (29-9) and Rashad Evans (17-3-1). Although talk of a potential fight between Evans and Shogun arose, White stated that he had other plans for the former champion.

White stated that not only is he leaning towards the bout, but that is the only one that he sees fit for the two perennial light-heavyweight contenders:

“If any fight happens, it’ll probably be Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson.”

Evans is coming off of a unanimous decision loss in the co-main event of UFC 156 to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. The fight showed a very tentative side of Evans that didn’t resemble his earlier UFC days when he knocked out the likes of Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, and Sean Salmon, all in devastating fashion.

Henderson fought this past weekend in a co-main event battle with Lyoto Machida at UFC 157, losing by way of unanimous decision in a one-sided affair that saw ‘Hendo’ chasing the counter-savvy Machida around the Octagon, with little in the way of effective offense. A fight that, if he had won, would have granted him a second title shot with Jon Jones after the first was taken from him due to injury.

The fight seems to be a must win for both fighters if they wish to stay at the top of a division rich with talent, especially after the integration of Strikeforce fighters into the UFC’s ranks.

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6 Responses to “Dana White Leaning Towards Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans | UFC News”

  1. Anderson Silva says:

    Bad match up for Henderson… this will be the second fight in a row where he can’t land his signature move on his opponent… Rashad will do the same thing machida did and also take him down. Bad match up…

  2. Dustin says:

    also you say it was one sided? i can agree if you mean leaning towards hendo who was the pushing forward the whole fight, which i believe is supposed to look good in the judges eyes, but i guess a true number one contender runs away from his opponents and just hopes for a counter. i guess we can call it the run and gun strtegy made famous by lyoto machida. i bet everyone is just clammering to watch this guy compete.

  3. Kyle818 says:

    IT WAS A SPLIT DECISION!!!! The writers on this site are absolutely terrible!
    REALITY: very close split dec that could have gone either way.
    MORON WHO WROTE ARTIClE: Hendo losing in a one sided UNANAMOUS Decision to the counter savy machida…
    Are you ef you see Kay eye en G-ing kidding me? How did you even Find yourself in a position to be writing an article like this if you can’t even get the decision correct or how the fight actually went down correct. step yo game up this is getting annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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