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Monday, 09/23/2013, 10:36 am

Dana White: Jon Jones Pleaded With Doctor To Not Stop the Fight

Reflecting on the main event of UFC 165 between Jon Jones (pictured) and Alexander Gustafsson, UFC President Dana White told reporters that Jones had to beg the ring-doctor to allow the fight to continue.  Having convinced the doctor, Jones would go on to win the final round of the fight and retain his light heavyweight belt.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, won two battles in the Octagon this past Saturday night.  Not only did he defeat Alexander Gustafsson in what stands a good chance of being named Fight of the Year, but he also had to win over the doctor going into the final round.

The cut Gustafsson was able to open above Jones’ right eye in the first round only worsened throughout the fight, and by the end of the fourth round, the cageside doctor had pretty much seen enough to call the fight.  That’s when, according to Dana White, Jon Jones had to beg the doctor to not end the fight.

They took Jon out of the Octagon and took him straight to the hospital,” White told FOX SportsHe was in an absolute war; he’s got a massive cut.  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the doctors were going to stop the fight in the last round because of the cut.  Jones begged him not to stop the fight.  And from what I understand [referee John] McCarthy did too [they] pleaded with them not to stop the fight.”

Fortunately for Jones, he was able to win that battle with the doctor, which allowed him to win the final round of the fight and ultimately retain his light heavyweight belt.

Both fighters earned Fight of the Night honors, taking home an additional $50,000 for their incredible fight.  Many are already clamoring for a rematch, and considering how close and exciting a fight we saw Saturday, that idea is not too far-fetched.  Of course, all of that must wait for Jones to heal from what was easily his most difficult fight to date.


40 Responses to “Dana White: Jon Jones Pleaded With Doctor To Not Stop the Fight”

  1. zack says:

    well now we know jones can take a whoopin

  2. epic says:

    ha you gotta respect his passion at least. every one is gonna talk, but these people feel whats real man. they gonna go at it again, trust me.

  3. mean170 says:

    So we saw that Jon Jones isn’t nearly as invincible as so many people think he is. Fighting isn’t so easy when you can’t just stand out of range and throw a bunch of kicks to your opponents knee. His striking looked sloppy and he has no idea how to counter. Every time he got punched he would just cover up and back up. All that being said, Gustafsson is the only fighter in the LHW division that can take advantage of the holes in Jones’ game.

    • GUS.TRU.CHAMP says:

      Gustafssons clean style showed just how sloppy jones striking really is and how the only reason he was succesful with it is because of his reach. this was total bs, jones lost
      congrats to nike and gatorade for theyre win

  4. drew says:

    I don’t mean to disrespect Gusta with this comment. However, to see Jon Jones on the ground thinking he just pulled that off by the skin of his teeth makes really believe DC will beat Jon Jones with reasonable effort, but still get a ko or tko our of the deal. I really don’t see Jon Jones beating DC in anyway.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    It was a great fight and I do think gustafsson won, but take my hat off for the heart Jones showed. That being said, and like mean170 already mentioned above…This fight shows what I have been saying all this time. Jones’ striking is not that great.
    He can do crazy shit when he outweighs and more importantly outreaches his opponents, but it was clear that he doesn’t have the ability to pull it off against an opponent with a similar bodystyle and far better striking skills.
    This fight had to be a real eye opener for those who denied his physical advantages hid the simple fact that his striking is subpar and sloppy.

  6. SRJ says:

    “ones would go on to win the final round of the fight”

    …did he, now?

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