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Thursday, 04/25/2013, 08:17 am

Dana White Issues Challenge To Boxing’s Tyson Fury: ‘Come Get Smashed’

It’s been awhile since Boxing vs. MMA was pushed to the forefront of the MMA News discussion, but today it’s back.

Undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury went on a slanderous campaign a few months ago, calling MMA Rubbish and the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez, a bum. The same boxer took to ESPN and continued his onslaught of insults prior to his 21st pro boxing victory.

During yesterday’s Q&A with the UFC Boss, Dana White offered this statement.

“Come on over. We’ll make a deal. You want to fight Cain? Come on over here. You will get smashed.”


0 Responses to “Dana White Issues Challenge To Boxing’s Tyson Fury: ‘Come Get Smashed’”

  1. doc says:

    Cain would shoot in, pick him up, drop him on his head. And before the GnP even commenced Fury would be tapping out.

  2. no it all says:

    Its funny how boxers always instigate these fights and all these people back them up? First of all mma fighters train boxing as much as wrestling or anything else, so to say a mma fighter cant box is ignorant.also tyson wants to slander and challenge cain not viseversa, tyson should come to ufc so he can get humbled.

    • Robert says:

      dude… stop …. stop… stop now. MMA fighters train in boxing but they rarely learn the intricacies of boxing. Most mma fighters train punching more than boxing. Boxing is a style and an art far more complicated than most mma fighters hand skills. the ones who do properly learn boxing end up looking like fucking wizards working magic in the ring such as Anderson Silva. Plus its kind of like saying because A guy is a state champ in wrestling in high school could hold his own wrestling against brock lesnar or better yet jordan burroughs. Its nonsensical. Think about what happens to the mma fighters who fight anderson silva who actually can box. those guys train boxing too even vitor couldn’t tap silva with a punch. So imagine in comparison what the best boxer in the world and one of the best technical counter punchers of all time could do to these guys. Absolute destruction. With that said of course he would just get taken down or possibly leg kicked to death although i find standing up at all a little too risky. these are ufc fighters not k-1 champs or muay thai world champs so just to be safe i would say just take them down. Most kicks cannot be properly set up without punching anyway.

  3. MMA>Boxing says:

    is boxing even relevant these days? it is so corrupt. there hasnt been one legit heavyweight since lennox lewis retired…bunch of chumps that this dude tyson fury boxed…just another boxer trying to get their 15 minutes of fame…ask lights out toney how that went

    • Eddie Dunne says:

      Ask Tim Silva how he felt when Ray Mercer Smashed him with on punch. . .

      • Robert says:

        We will because Tim Sylvia fucking sucked and was never good at mma. He was just a big guy who SOMETIMES could beat opponents much smaller than him and thought that as a shitty boxer in mma he could suddenly fight a guy who’d been boxing his whole life. Tim Sylvia was ufc champ by default in his day because all the good fighters were in japan. he knew to stay his punk ass in the UFC where all he had to fight was arlovski. Once some decent heavyweights came he found himself out of the ufc’s spectrum of fighters real fast and soon became a myth. A guy we heard exist but had no proof he ever did because he never left a mark behind.

        • erik says:

          well said bro, same exact thing as tito ortiz right now, jon jones just ties his record for most title defenses at 205 except jones is actually fighting the best, who the hell has tito beat, he had a streak when there was no one good to fight, if it was chuck he lost, then he went on a 6 year losing streak or something like that, how does that happen?

  4. Sasquatch says:

    Who the f**k is Tyson Fury!??

  5. KIDD433 says:

    they should bring that jack ass to the UFC and feed me to a fighter that would stand and exchange with him,like Cigano or hunt and he would still get KTFO!

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Wow, I can see these tools are really clueless about boxing. So listen up kids. ANY BOXER would school and KTFO ANY MMA fighter in boxing only fight!!! Got it. Now in a MMA fight, boxers will be schooled and be finishes by most mma fighters. Hunt, Cain, JDS, Overeem, etc. couldn’t last 3 round with any professional heavyweight boxer. fukcin period.

    • baby back bitch says:

      Bitch hes talking shit about mma not the other way around. Get it straight u fuckn blowjob.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Cunt, you are so stupid, I’m not going to even clue you in..Go finger yourself dumbass.

        • MMAbeatsBoxing says:

          We all know that boxers COULD win against MMA fighters in a straight boxing match. Although NOT every time, as some MMA fighters HAVE won in straight boxing matches against various skill level Boxers. But your statement absolutely sounds like you are choosing the boxers over the MMA guys *even in an MMA fight*?!? For someone with exposure to wrestling, and apparently the ability to watch fights on the internet, you sound quite uninformed. MMA fighters train with the SAME EQUIPMENT AS BOXERS! But, you don’t see boxers training against kicks, takedowns, etc. So, in a FULL FIGHT of course the boxer will loose 9 out of 10 times. You truly sound like a fool cursing and ranting. Enjoy you Tyson Fury Fan Club membership.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Although I agree with you that a boxer would outclass a mma fighter in boxing and most mma fighters would probably finish if it were vice versa I don’t think all boxers would ko mma fighters in a boxing rules fight because the gloves are 16 ounce and also the grapple factor it would all come down to the individual

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Have you ever boxed? I doubt it, otherwise you would have never said this. First, an mma fighter would struggle with the weight of the boxing gloves. These mma guys are brawlers more than boxers and would be picked apart and KO’d easily in a boxing only fight.

        • gruxy says:

          You can’t say that as fact, that’s just silly.

        • Bseville says:

          First iff most mma guys train with boxing gloves, second ill take one of the Diaz brothers to boxing and they would bang with the best of em. Jds could also stand and just box. For the most part ur right , but there is a bunch off mma fighters who could just box too

        • baby back bitch says:

          hey blowjob dont mma fighters train boxing too? i thought so gay guy wrestling.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^^^Hey Bitch are you done fingering yourself yet? You are stoooopid.

        • gaygoyle wrestling says:

          i just got done fingering your mom :)

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^^^ that would be something because my wonderful beautiful Mom is dead and she was cremated.

    • Mike says:

      Look at what Randy Coture did to James Toney. Randy choked Tony out without any effort. Easiest fight of his career lol.. All after James Tony run his mouth the same way. What happened to that guy?

      • hdk says:

        James Toney was brain damaged and retired. I’m not saying Fury stands a chance cus he’s shit at boxing so lets not even talk about mma. If Toney had been in his prime and had good training for mma he would probably have crushed couture’s skull with a few hooks lol.

    • Orthodoxxx says:

      So any MMA fighter would get schooled by boxer in a boxing environment? Check. And any boxer would get schooled by any MMA fighter in an MMA environment? Check. But here’s the dynamic between these two sports, slick: take a mixed martial artist in a boxing ring and you’re taking away 90% of his weapons. No wrestling or grappling. Even in striking you’re removing elbows, knees and kicks. A fish out of water? OF COURSE he’s gonna get beat! Are you serious? Now, the difference is, put a boxer in a cage and he has 100% of his weapons. You’re not taking anything away from him at all except for the luxury of a rest during a knockdown. Anything you do in a boxing ring is legal in the cage. Give both athletes 100% of their skillsets and the mixed martial artist always goes out on top. Chess vs. checkers. I don’t think you’re as smart as you think you are.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You’re problem is 2-fold. One, you are thinking too much and two, you have never boxed and never had an mma fight., equals zero experience. My point is that in a boxing fight, a professional boxer would destroy an mma fighter because they are elite boxers and mma fighters are not compared to a boxer. In an mma fight a low level mma fighter would destroy a boxer BECAUSE of all the skill he has as weapons and a boxer only has elite boxing skills. Are people on here really that big of tools. Do I need to dumb it down more??

        • Orthodoxxx says:

          Oh, I train, believe it or not. The problem is YOU DON’T, and you THINK you know what you’re talking about because you watch a lot of TV. You stating the obvious is the identifier here: a boxer would beat an MMA fighter in a boxing ruleset and vice-versa. That’s like saying an Olympic-level trackstar would beat Adrian Peterson in a foot race. They’re two different sports with different focuses. MY POINT IS, in the MMA environment, the elite boxer can do everything he’s allowed to do in the boxing ring and more, which makes that one in particular a more even playing field than putting the MMA guy in a boxing environment. And in that sense, MMA will always come out on top. AND you agree with this. YOUR POINT is something that everyone has already been aware of for years. My point is something you can’t seem to understand. Your keyboard must hit hard.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Dude, do you wax your eyebrows?? What the hell are you talking about. You happen to agree 100% with me and seem to be mad about it. Listen kid, training ain’t fighting. I take your word for it that you “train”, but you seem to think too much. But let me esplain something to jou, These tools are trying to say that mma is superior to boxing and trashing boxing. MY POINT, is that a boxer would school an mma fighter in a boxing match and visaversa. You seem to agree with me but you are mad and getting rude about it because YOU think that everybody knows this!!! Right? This where you are wrong. The tools seem to think a Cain or JDS could out box a boxer in a boxing match. It’s just not true Champ! There is clear as mud now?

    • Robert says:

      you should realize that Hunt actually did have two pro boxing matches and he had 1 draw and 1 loss. That was in 2000 and the loss was in 98. So that was over 10 years ago and along the way he has definitely developed although might soon be on a decline but if you take whenever his career best is he could be a decent pro boxer. JDS on the other hand i think is much too wild to be a great boxer and only throws flurries to overwhelm his opponents. He could be pro too but not at the higher levels. there are various levels in pro boxing after all. Cain would suck as a boxer honestly he’d be stuck at an amateur level probably unless his cardio carries him through some wins and i see overeem being a decent pro boxer. He was much more efficient with his boxing when he was in K-1. He stood fairly well with tyrone spong who was groomed by mayweather senior to be a boxer and has the best boxing in kickboxing i beleive. although tyrone definitely was a better boxer and smaller i think overeem would at least do okay. Hunts the best out of the lot though for sure as far as actual knowing how to box not just throw hands. None of these guys would be top 10 or top 20 even though. So i agree they are not on that level but ANY pro boxer could beat them is an exaggeration.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I agree mostly with you except for your last point. Any professional boxer that wasn’t a punchdrunk can would school the best mma heavyweights and quite easily. The only chance they would have would be to brawl and hope. But since they are punched from all kinds of angles and hit in the liver and solar plexes, its over dude and you know it.

        • Hendoo says:

          I agree, alot of people who watch boxing don’t necessarily know how much of a science it really is. I’ve trained boxing for 7 years now, and fought here and there (only for confidence in rugby), the amount of foot work, distancing, rhythm, angles, timing and technique involved is ridiculous. Most pro boxers would dismantle ANY MMA fighter standing up with just the simple jab and cross. Now you add footwork, proper timing and technique, and being able to move in and out properly and work angles, you have a boxer who is outstriking the MMA fighter 99/100 times. Randy knew there was no way he could stand with James Toney, thats why he shot for one of his worst takedowns early in the fight. Its why GSP, who would get ruined by any professional Welterweight boxer, destroyed Koscheck with the left jab. Also, MMA fighters are too square in their stance and do not generate the type of power that boxers can, not to mention the ability to slip punches properly. You teach a boxer how to defend takedowns properly and you would have a very dangerous fighter. In saying that, top MMA fighters who have a wrestling background would beat a boxer in a exhibition bout, but thats a given.

    • daniel mora says:

      It would be nice to just see a real fight in the octagon nowadays. This fagget grappling bullshit is killing the sport. The rule should be if u want to shoot in on my legs you’re getting elbowed and punched in the back of your fucking head like in real life. Ufc rules cater to fagget ass grapplers.If u had a real mans knock out power u wouldn’t need to try to twist his arm like a coward would because u strike like a bitch.

      • daniel mora says:

        IMO, I like seeing MMA fighters give it what they got on their feet and if neither one of them can knock each other out then take it to the ground. U only have 15 mins in most cases. Being a complete MMA fighter means your solid in all aspects of fighting, not just grabbing nuts. The elite MMA fighters should have the ability to knock motherfuckers out. That’s what real fighting is about.

  7. Christian says:

    The only Tyson, that should ever be mentioned with boxing is Mike. This other bum is just another James Toney in the making

  8. Dafak says:

    Cain should not go for the takedown. It’s about damn time that we show the boxers that current MMA fighters are not only better at the fight game but at boxing as well.
    Boxing is a really small part of MMA and Cain as champion has exceptional skills at it. He should stand and knock Fury out.
    Boxing is a dying sport that consists of out of shape, slow and non-technical fat guys. MMA guy knocks out the boxer standing 8 out of 10 times.

    • Robert says:

      stop trollin….

    • daniel mora says:

      MM gay is the dying sport. It’s like pure fagget grappling most of the time now. Velasquez doesn’t knock out shit. It’s just takedown after boring ass takedown. Anderson Silva is the only true striking champion left in the game. If the UFC got rid of that stupid no hitting in the back of the head shit those takedowns would take a back seat and they could fight like men were intended too. Not the borderline gay variety! Are u going too triangle choke somebody in a real street fight. U would get laughed at and get the shit kicked out of u by everybody watching. That shits’s for pussies

    • Hendoo says:

      Holy shit is this the worst troll or the best troll? Put Wladimir Klitchsko against Cain, Hunt, Nelson, JDS, Overeem, DC, Bigfoot, he would beat them 10/10 and probably knock each one of them out 9/10 times. Cain without his wrestling would be such a simple machine to destroy for any boxer, its his wrestling that makes the way he fights so dangerous. Fury isn’t the best of boxers but he could slug it out with Cain, and knock him out every time they fought. He would pick him apart with just a jab and right cross, let alone some of the uppercuts he could unleash on Cain, the guy is like 6’9 or something, good luck trying to get inside that and actually hit him properly.

  9. Dhannie says:

    MMA – Mixed martial Arts, I repeat mixed martial arts where a fighter employs whatever fighting skills he or she has (without disregarding MMA rules) to survive and win the fight. If Tyson Fury thinks he can humiliate an MMA fighter by pure boxing then then SO BE IT! … let him enter in the octagon!
    p.s. Cain, I want medium rare on his face…cooked on top with little blood…

  10. CyberSpider says:

    Guys like JDS, Anderson Silva, Mark Hunt, Diaz bros, Rampage, Liddel could keep up in a boxing match pretty well without worring of been taken down.Even with top 10 boxers.I might get some critisism from Gargoyle but its just the truth.Over.

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