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Tuesday, 06/25/2013, 08:59 am

Dana White is not threatened by Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA may be the second biggest mixed martial arts’ promotion, but Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White isn’t threatened.

“They’re never going to be as good as us,” White told “This is what we do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Christmas. Easter. Let Christmas time come. Viacom shuts down from Dec. 3 to after the new year and then all the big holidays in between. Christmas? I’m on the [expletive] phone on Christmas. Easter? I’m on the phone. Thanksgiving? I’m on the phone. Bad [expletive] happens in our business every day, and if something real bad happens, I’m on a [expletive] plane on Christmas Day flying to fix it. That’s the difference between us and everybody else.”

White does not view Bellator MMA as competition. Instead, his focus lies with his programming going against mainstream sports like the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

“We just beat the Rolling Stones in Winnipeg,” White told “I’m not just trying to beat Viacom MMA or any of these other guys. I want to beat the [expletive] Rolling Stones. I want to beat Major League Baseball on Wednesday night if they’re going head-to-head with us in the time slot. I want to beat the NFL someday. I want to beat everybody. I want to win.”

When the UFC left Spike TV in 2011 to sign a deal with FOX, it left a hole in Spike TV’s lineup. Viacom – Spike TV’s parent company – addressed that need by purchasing a majority stake of Bellator to shift the promotion to Spike TV programming as soon as their contracts allowed. Even though Bellator MMA airs on Spike TV and is more set in its role since it launched in 2009, White still thinks it will not come out on top.

“What makes us different than all these other MMA guys is we got into this thing when nobody else believed in it,” White told “There were very few fans. The first pay-per-view we produced did 17,000 buys. That’s how many fans were out there. It’s not like we didn’t spend the money and market it or get it out there, but 17,000 people bought the pay-per-view. Now look where we are.”


36 Responses to “Dana White is not threatened by Bellator MMA”

  1. News Flash... says:

    You will never beat the NBA or the NFL, homie!

    • Vai says:

      I think you are right. Trying to beat the NBA or NFL is one hell of a stretch.

      • David says:

        It may be a stretch, but that’s what his goal is. He shouldn’t be concerned with Bellator because Bellator isn’t even on PPV, much less doing anywhere near the viewership or has the fan base that the UFC has. Dana’s competition in his eyes, are the major sports leagues in the US, IE the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS. Because he views the UFC as the premiere MMA promotion/federation/league in the world, and he is right.

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