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Thursday, 05/16/2013, 05:20 pm

Dana White Irate Over Diaz Tweet: Threatens Fine, Suspension Or Termination Of Contract

The Butterfly Effect:In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.

Pat Healy hits a joint, Nate Diaz faces suspension, fines and or release from the UFC.

It’s amazing how one small event, can have such detrimental side effects.

At this point everyone should know that Pat Healy failed his UFC 159 post-fight drug test for Marijuana.

It is also now common knowledge that the UFC gave his bonus money to Bryan Caraway.

I expressed my dislike for Caraway’s conduct earlier today, but apparently my disgust with his attitude in regards to Healy’s predicament wasn’t far off from popular opinion, including that of Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz however, broke the golden rule and while dishing out an insult to Caraway via twitter, used a profane word used to defame a gay man.

Dana White is now pissed.

The UFC President took to the Underground Forum to announce the following:

“He will be cut or fined for that tweet. Fuckin ridiculous”

Pat Healy hits a joint, Nate Diaz faces termination… The butterfly effect!


168 Responses to “Dana White Irate Over Diaz Tweet: Threatens Fine, Suspension Or Termination Of Contract”

  1. JJ says:

    So Sonnen can sound like a racist idiot and get away with it but Diaz can’t call someone a fag.

    These are grown ass men I’m sure they can take a little bit of name calling when it’s thrown at them. I think Dana is pissed at Nick Diaz.

  2. Truth says:

    What exactly did Sonnen say that’s racist?

    • Tony Kamps says:

      I think he is referring to when Sonnen was trash talking pretty much the entire country of Brazil with no backlash from the UFC President.

      • Truth says:

        Brazil is a state. Brazilians are nationals not a member of a race. I recall Sonnen making fun of their poverty and crime rates which are objectively true. Brazil is rather poor today and very poor historically. Also the crime rate, even now, is astronomical. Stating this is not a derogatory in any way.

        Racist not even once.

        Dumb posters on websites. Day in. Day out.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          These tools have the mental deficiency called liberalism and they ‘see’ racism in their coffee and in the clouds. Low information tools who know more about Anderson Silva’s dick then they do about the Constitution.

        • 757 says:

          The truth is that you are the dumbest bastard to walk the earth with your comment on Brazil and the people. Wow I can’t believe you said what you did . The truth should be called the stupid…..Btw ^6JJ is correct about Sonnen…..DW is full of shit on this one.

        • Rain man says:

          You are clearly educated and well spoken, but you are wrong. Sonnen discriminated against Brazillion children and the culture on a daily basis. It was a prejudice low-blow and was racist. You’re trying way too hard to be a nonconformist and sound smart instead of viewing the situation from a Brazillion’s standpoint. You are an idiot sir. Dana needs to be consistent, not just pick on Diaz for promoting a fight. That being said, I do like sonnen, and believe Diaz should have chose to use a different vocabulary. Promoting a fight has too much grey area, all fighters should be held to the same standards, not just certain people

        • Rain man says:

          What ever happened to freedom of speech?

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      The word racist is maybe not in order when reffering to Sonnen’s antics. Bigotry is a more suitable word for it. Sonnen behaved like a bullying bigot and said worse things than Nate just did. He didn’t get a fine or suspension, only thing DW said is:”He’s quite the character”

  3. Fernando says:

    He not gonna fire a fan favorite over a tweet u lose Nate Diaz then u probably gonna lose alot of fighters on social media which is where the UFC lives up to fight night

  4. nate diaz says:

    freedom of speech motha fuckers

  5. you sir,are a moron says:

    Freedom of speech does not guarantee that you won’t be punished for saying something the company you work for does not agree with….go back to the butthole of america Aldo known as Stockton CA.

  6. Hawaii Forever says:

    This is not the “butterfly effect”. Its well known that UFC fighters are banned from having ‘weed” in their bodies pre-fight. The penalty is well documented. All that hard work that Healy put in was a waste, and the bonus money taken away. It’s his own fault.

    Nate is free to say anything he wants, he just should have been smarter about it. Nate knew that as well. These chain of events are not a Butterfly effect.

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I wonder why that lil bitch Caraway is still fighting in the UFC after THREATENING to beat up A WOMAN. Healy loses his bonus for smoking a bit of weed and a womanbeater collects it? NICE standards UFC!

  8. Joe says:

    It would probably be a good idea for the writer of this article to post what was said/ tweeted by the aforementioned parties. Horrible reporting!

  9. confucius says:

    WHOOOOOO THE FUCK CARES! i guess it was alright for dana to say the same fucking thing in an interview years back. Anybody remember that one?

  10. Alan says:

    Don’t freak out. Diaz is getting “Mitrioned” – i.e. suspended for less time than he would have had off between fights anyway. It’s a PR move, nothing more. If they were serious they’d have fined him.

    And really, can you blame Caraway for taking the money? If someone offered you 65k, for free, what would you do? “Oh no sorry Dana, my principles won’t allow me to accept that, why don’t you just spunk it on the roulette table.”

  11. KIDD433 says:

    @GaYgoyle…This is a MMA website,we discuss MMA topics,NOT POLITICS.So keep your political garbage to yourself.

  12. 757 says:

    You should be reminded of that as well since you were the first one to bring up liberalism and mention the constitution……

  13. Billy says:

    I had no idea Bryan Caraway was an openly gay fighter…

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