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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 08:42 am

Dana White: If You Don’t Like Jones vs. Sonnen Booking Don’t Buy The PPV | UFC NEWS

“I had tons of fans begging me to make that fight. Just to make it clear from the last press conference when they talk about all the top contenders and all the top contenders whining who didn’t get that fight. I called every single one of them and they turned it down. Chael Sonnen accepted that fight on eight days notice, that’s my kind of guy.

“There’s tons of people who want to see Chael Sonnen, if you’re not one of them, don’t buy it. I’ll guarantee you’ll like the next fight, and if you don’t like that one, we put on plenty of fights — there will be one that you do like.”

UFC President Dana White sounds off to the critics who don’t think Chael Sonnen deserves a title shot against Jon Jones.

Will you buy the bout?

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38 Responses to “Dana White: If You Don’t Like Jones vs. Sonnen Booking Don’t Buy The PPV | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    “Called everyone of them”? yea right Dana, your boy toy chael isnt gonna look so pretty after JBJ is done beating the brakes off his punk ass. Only then, will you regret this decision.

    • 44hyra says:

      He won’t regret it if it means making money. He doesn’t care

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Dana has to get his head oughta his ass…all he evers says lately is that people ‘beg’ him for things all the time; Chael is my kinda guy cuz he’s all over my chode exactly where and when I need him to be, and don’t fuckin buy it if you don’t like it…maybe nobody should fuckin buy it then – then he can cram his circus money show up his ass, and get back to real title shots and contenders.

    • Jasplanet says:

      Look relax Dana knows what he’s doing. He is a PR genious just let him do what he does best, he’s not trying to ruin it he wants great fights as well. Dana is on our side and we shall be bound together sharing one common enemy, Greg mother*fucking Jackson, also vegans fck them too for fighting nature

  2. Wez4real says:

    Chael gonna fuck his lanky ass up!

    • Ny n8v fuk jones says:

      I’m with Dana on this. Fighters fight! Pussies wait for their right time. When someone challenges you to a fight in the real world you don’t say “hey, give me 3 months to train and we can do this.” Fuck no. Real warriors are ready at a drop of a dime. Fuck the “business part” you will make money regardless.

      • Calvin says:

        I’d give Machida and Shogun a break for not taking the fight on short notice this is their career so they really need to make sure they did everything they can but i do like this match up because even if chael loses at least i can bet he wont be afraid to get in jones reach

      • Josh R says:

        This isn’t a street fight is it? These guys would be irresponsible if they always took fights on short notice. They stand to win or lose a lot of money every fight, and not just the money on fight night. Their performance in every fight is going to have an impact on their future earning potential and to say they should not have to prepare for ANY is ignorant and irresponsible on your part as a fan. You want these guys to kill themselves for your entertainment, I want to see who has the better skill set and if they can become a dominant champion and throwing guys title fights in new weight classes after coming off two losses and two very dissapointing wins is not good for the sport. What does the title mean if you don’t have to work for a title shot. The sonnen homes fight would have had way more earning potential if they would build sonnen up at LHW.

        • jeff says:

          What do you mean, old school UFC they fought like 3 times in one night. A lot of those guys is still around. They didn’t get killed.. one fight on short notice ain’t gonna kil them.. that the problem with all sports today the athletes complain too much.. Old school football players played with a broken arm , nose whatever. Old school fighters fought whomever. Old schoold UFC you couldn’t duck anybody. That’s why people can trash talk Gracie but he fought guys 2x his weight. Yah the fighters are ore well rounded now so what. Its like 95% of the fights are boxing anyway..I got more respect for the Old school UfC champs than the ones today. Wasn’t about the money then. Today seems that’s all its about. In footballl, baseball, mma, you name it…Sad

  3. Eric The Bestia says:

    What u mean buy the PPV Dana? I thought that was a fight of a facebook or Fuel TV level..

  4. Dana is Greedy says:

    Well thats exactly what I was gonna do Not buy the ppv…

  5. The Dentist says:

    all of you’s claiming you wont buy probably dont ever fucking buy a PPV anyway. You robbing F**kers

  6. jbeamazing says:

    it’s called fox saying fx has bad ratings on the ultimate fighter and this will boost ratings but everybody says its dana’s fault even though he is pressured to do it from fox if the ultiment fighter got cancelled the media that is hoping and wishing mma will fail will blow it out of proportion just like anything else that is negative about this great sport

  7. djcuscus says:

    props to chael for stepping up when no one else did,i plan on watching the fight

    • GRT 3000 says:

      of course he’d step up moron; a title shot when you didn’t f-in earn it…just his kinda deal. He’d NEVER mk. it to contention at 205. he’d get murdered by any top 10 out there.

  8. 123 says:

    Chael Sonnen is fucked

  9. mrkymrk says:

    yah everybody only wanted the chael jbj fight wen hendo had to pull out the fight…but everyone really wants to see anderson silva vs jbj..or at least i want to…its like the pacquiao vs mayweather of the ufc haha

  10. enthusiast says:

    When I first read this title, my first thought was “classic Dana..” but then in the rest of the quote he actually sounds pretty reasonable. I’d say it was a fair thing for him to say, not sure why anyone’s griping about it.

  11. john says:

    It’d be funny AF if this fight draws the lowest ppv buys in Ufc history, well maybe not the lowest but down there… All ufc ppv I have watched at sports bars so I technically have never bought a ppv.

    • ThatGUY says:

      Dear god, a man with sense!!! I absolutely agree!! Dana catches so much shit from fans who simply can not and WILL not be pleased. That dude should be hailed for what he has done and continues to do for this sport. Yes he cares about making money. Of course he does!! He also cares about the progression and longevity of the sport of MMA. He puts the most interesting fights available together for the fans. Sometimes however, the best match-ups, in regards to the rankings and who’s next in line, aren’t very interesting but it has to be done in fairness to the next up and coming guy. Fans have the nerve to get pissed about that?! I’m not saying Chael falls into the latter category because he doesn’t. Chael earned his shot at 185 and should under normal circumstances have to work his way up the 205 latter but Dana is absolutely right. Chael wanted the fight nobody else wanted. AT THE TIME, the fans wanted to see that match badly whether it was to cheer or boo Chael, they still wanted to see it. Now all of a sudden, the heat from UFC 152 has died down and people are saying it’s not fair? I really do hate the “average” dipshit UFC Fan….. I’m glad you all are around to keep the ratings up and thereby keep the sport moving along but seriously, don’t reproduce.

  12. Just have to wait for him to decide to put decent title fight/card together and that is not good.

    • The Dentist says:

      Are you bloody joking. About have to wait for a decent UFC card. Every fucking card has at least 1 good fight. at least 1 good fight. Not every fight can be entertaining.


  13. Tincat says:

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why I will watch it on a free illegal stream live.

  14. Mat says:

    Nice, I dont have to buy any mothafkn PPV. Free in my country. Still I think Dana is making some HUGE mistakes with the way he is taking the UFC. His making the same mistakes boxing did. Greedy bastards

  15. bozo says:

    At least the BJ Penn fight is free. Fox5 is a legit PPV for free.

    Penn on a card is an automatic PPV Buy.

  16. derp says:

    lets not forget “all the people he asked” it was on a fucking EIGHT DAYS NOTICE. what the fuck do you think most people would say. So that warrants a title shot after he just lost a SECOND attempt at the title. I appreciate sonnens im a fighter mentality but shit, why bother working yoru way up the ranks anymore? After this Sonnen should host the next season of “Yo Mama”

  17. He sure as fuck didnt. says:

    He didnt call Alexander Gustafsson. Shame he’ll have to wait for ages now after he TKO’s Shogun, for their fuckin shit fight to go before he gets his chance.

  18. Morbid Angel says:

    Im gonna call your bluff Dana… I will most certainly NOT buy the PPV. In fact, I’m gonna one up ya bro… I won’t buy ANY PPV shows once you open up WMMA in the UFC. The UFC has worked so very hard ver the years to become a sport in the same league as the NFL in regards to professionalism, now it is beginning to resemble the WWE. More so every day.

    • The Dentist says:

      I better start looking for another promotion to watch then ay. Considering you are gonna make the ufc bankrupt due to them not recieving any money off you

      • GRT 3000 says:

        he won’t be the only one boycotting this event ass clown…WWE drama fags like you are the only ones who will buy. the real MMA fans will wait for an actual contender. this circus money grab shit is driving out the legitimacy in the sport. it’s a slippery slope…tk. out the legitimacy, reward fags like Chael, and create a massive gap in the market for another promotion.

        • The Dentist says:

          I pay £10 a month for ESPN. Unfortunantly the U.K dont get ripped off like you fat americans

  19. Know your shit. says:

    You guys are fuckin morones, first of all dana will never drive them bankrupt, your an idiot. 2nd he has built this company from the ground up and yes chael was the only one who stepped up and was willing to fight jones, if you dont wanna watch real fighter go watch the wwe. And yea then dont buy the ppv noone cares! And dana is not hurting by it at all.. And for you to say he will ruin the sport by adding the female class, you are one ignorrant ass guy, that will bring alot more fans, and alot more female fans as well as female fighters! You guys are making yourself sound stupid, if you
    Dont like it dont buy the ppv.. Go train get in the cage and then voice your complaints, But most of you wont.

  20. mujo says:

    dana sounds more lvl headed than usual

  21. Josh R says:

    Dana White, please hire a publicist! You have been telling the fans (who buy the PPVs and make your company money) to fuck off WAY WAY too much lately.

    But I guess none of that matters if you are really the only promotion with all (except a handful) the top fighters.

  22. fredtroy says:

    Hell yes ,I will buy this pay per view,sonnen and Jones are the turf coaches ,duh, rampage turned down the tuff gig,quit whining and enjoy the show! Do you guys just over think every thing in your lives or what’?

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