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Thursday, 10/17/2013, 11:11 am

Dana White: ‘If Renzo Wants to Fight, Renzo Can Call Me’

The dialogue has gone back and forth between UFC President, Dana White (pictured), and MMA legend, Renzo Gracie, about whether or not Gracie, at the age of 46, should be fighting.  But a recent statement by White indicates that the talks may be moving toward figuring out how Gracie will fight rather than focusing on why.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Renzo Gracie announced late in September that he was looking to return to professional MMA, and Dana White seemed to speak up for everyone when he asked why.  A few weeks later, that back-and-forth dialogue continues between the UFC President and Gracie, though the tone has changed significantly.

In a recent appearance on FOX Sports Live, White opened the door for Gracie to work his return fight in the UFC.

He’s got my phone number.  If Renzo wants to fight, Renzo can call me.”

It seems the UFC President is looking now at how they can make the fight instead of why Renzo would want to fight.  While the details are still a long way from being complete, this should be, at least in the eyes of the aging Gracie, progress.

Renzo Gracie (13-7) has been a long-time legend in the sport with fights against the top names in MMA, including B.J. Penn, Dan Henderson, Pat Miletich, Kazushi Sakuraba and Matt Hughes.


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  1. Drew says:

    Matt hughes beat him literlally from leg kicks. If you want like maybe 20k for a loss go ahead but any young gun especially at 170 would tear him up. All due respect but bein honest

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