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Saturday, 09/29/2012, 11:36 am


Dana White: I thought Brian Stann won | UFC NEWS

Earlier in the week UFC 152 main card participant Brian Stann told the media that he thought he beat Michael Bisping and that UFC president Dana White shared the same opinion.

Now, UFC president Dana White has confirmed Stann’s comments with some commentary of his own.

“I had it one and one, and I thought [Stann] won the 3rdRound. It was close. It’s not like this, ‘Holy s—! This is crazy! The judging is terrible!’ It was that close of a fight that it could have gone either way. That’s just the way I saw it. Bisping was walking (backstage after the bout) and he asked me, ‘What’d you think? I told him, ‘I think you lost the 3rd round. He says, ‘I can’t even get to my f—— locker room and you’re telling me you think I lost the fight? Listen, I’m honest. I always tell you what I think. It was close.”

It should also be noted that here at BJPENN.COM, just yesterday, we ran a comment from the UFC president stating he thought that Bisping deserved a title shot against Anderson Silva. So, what does all this mean? Probably nothing…


50 Comments to Dana White: I thought Brian Stann won | UFC NEWS

  1. 123 says:

    dana white is being biased because a british guy beat the american “hero” do takedowns not count for british fighters or something?

    • bahaha says:

      now you just sound dumb…..stop tryin to make it sound like a race thing……idiot

      • You dumb says:

        Haha, I love when somebody calls someone stupid and then says something stupid.. their race is Caucasian, dummy both of them, they have different nationalities but their race is the same. Go troll somewhere else..

        • Nick says:

          You knew what he meant. The first comment was stupid. It was a close fight could’ve gone either way, if Dana saw it the other way I’m sure he would have said so.. has nothing to do with ‘american hero’ vs. british.

    • magoo says:

      You got an opinion on this fight bonehead???
      Where was your opinion at the Edgar/Henderson post fight press conference when you were asked who you thought won? Your gay ass response was you weren’t a judge and you couldn’t answer that question!!!
      Everyone knows Frankie won that fight, just like everyone knows Stann lost!!!!
      Don’t be a hypocrite.

      • Irie nation says:

        Everyone knows Frankie won?? That’s not true because I for one saw it as a win for benson along with the judges…so lets not throw the word everyone out there anymore

        • magoo says:

          Please! Hell even Benson knew he lost that fight, as MOST everyone else knows……..better?

        • Boom Boom says:

          Smh. Why? Because he asked Dana’s opinion just to ask? Did you hear it from Benson himself that he lost? Is there a press conference or interview I missed where he admitted defeat?

          Benson won. End of story. Get over it.

  2. ya herd says:

    know dana is just saying this because he knows he will make big money of weidman vs bisping fight before he makes big money from another silva title defence all dana cares about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ he knows if he says bisping won that fight easliy then there would be know reason for bisping to not get the title shot he clearly dosent want to do that

  3. Billy says:

    he even landed more punches than stann and was doing better in the clinch landing shots if he didnt get them takedowns bisping still did enough by landing more punches and making stann miss alot of punches he was getting him on the cage alot landing strikes also!!! bisping even beat stann at his own game he busted up his face with that jab all night long in every way bisping won this fight

  4. Marvin Candle says:

    I love Dana but there is absolutely no way in hell Stann won that fight. I thought Bisping won it convincingly. Stann is still the most overrated fighter in the MWD

    • Get the Candle out of your ass Marvin Gay says:

      And thats an overstatement dumbass.”The most overrated” are you fucking kidding me? He lsot a clsoe fight top Bisping who will probably fight for the title and hes the most overrated??? And not just that but the MOST overrated.Get it right you fucking queer.Your probably some anti gov faggot that hates him only because he was military.The guy has talent period wether hes the best or not doesnt make him overrated retard.Yes he lost but every fighter does so fuckin what…

      • riDICKulous says:

        your military? dun even dare to mention them brainless ‘warriors’ who will never! – i will say this again; NEVER! ever be in a fair fight.

        • CMUSMC says:

          Puts some shoes on and cut your hair you filthy hippie. The point isn’t to be in a fair fight its to win the fight. Kinda like Bisping did. But I digress Stann is a fan favorite and will be a top 10 talent for a while. I don’t think he can be much more than that without rounding out his game.

      • Chase says:

        How does Stann’s dick taste? I’m sure its still in your mouth right now

  5. As much as I love Stan, I had it 2 rounds to 3, Bisping winning. And I despise Bisping.

    • eatmyasshole says:

      it was a 3 round fight not 5

    • ronnie walker says:

      i agree…i HATE bisping w/ a passion and i thought Bisping clearly won 2 rounds to 1…everyone i watched it w/ agreed w/ the decison and we all hate fact, i live in Fayetteville, nc where Fort Bragg is…1st or 2nd largest military base in the US…so obviously we were all going for Brian

  6. Chris Normal says:

    i thought bisping won. but yet again this is “the original steve” not chris normal. lets see how many ppls email i can gather before actually fixes this

  7. rob says:

    Sometimes I think Dana whites ok , considering the Job he as , buy I agree he wants a bisping weidman fight ,, no problem bisping would be ok with it ,, but don’t say he thought stann won , because Thts absolute bullshit , and leaves me to think Dana does not know fighting

  8. James Davies says:

    all day. all long. Bisping executed his gameplan perfectly. I was watching it at 5.30 am but I can say without fear of contradiction that Stann got a schooling in ‘MMA’. Bisping is still most underrated

    • romulus says:

      James,….I’ve read allllllllllllllllllllll of the commentaries………You’re the only person who’s got this right!!!! …..Romulus

  9. greg says:

    Bisping won on the takedowns period, Stann had the better of him in the first mainly due too that one big punch, and his stricking was ineffective from there there on, Bisping’s jab was really on target and he had the takedowns so i dont know how someone could be confused about that??

  10. Doh says:

    What tha fuck

  11. killaj says:

    Bisping won that fight fairly. I like stann more, but bisping definitely won that fight. but who am I?

  12. BJJWhiz says:

    Dude wow why does everyone think bisping lost epecially the 3rd round! i saw that fight and the whole time you could tell bisping was winning in the 2nd round looked like it coulda went to stann but 100% bisping won the 1st and 3rd round with good striking and takedowns

  13. 123 says:

    @nick… on the countdown show they said it was.. uk vs usa in canada.. u stupid slag.

  14. 123 says:

    i never said anything about race.. i said takedowns should count for british fighters.. he slammed him a few times & was the better boxer.. dana white is off his head.

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    i guess if getting taken down repeatedly and punched in the face a million times then yes, Brian Stann won…

  16. Noah says:

    C’mon Dana, were you high at that night????…Bisping threw and landed more punches and take downs. You are the moron not the fans.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      No fighter has received more gifts for decisons than Bisping. WOW bisping on a one fight win streak and all you Brit Butter tooth bitches act like he’s on 10 fight win streak. Bisping would get KO’d by Vitor, Belcher, Franklin, Weidman and many more but UFC will make sure he gets the first EASY title shot against a hand picked opponent after Silva retires. Silva is going to KO Bonnar then GSP then retire

  17. Radge says:

    Dana you are out of control mate, Bisping clearly won that fight, just because Stann might be more marketable does’nt change the fact that he has next to no ground game. Dana is just trying hard to make Stann look like a potential contender, so as to make sure he has the potential to head a card in the future and make Dana more money.

  18. RNC says:

    How can anyone see that fight for Stanm, usually Dana is petty accurate when it comes to who won a fight but is way off here which leads me to think that he’s trying to down play Bisping win for some reason. Mayb some of you are right and its so he can set up the Weidman fight.

  19. dave bitch says:

    funny diana always always says when he is ask who he thinks won that he is not a judge..and gives no comment…when bj go fucking robbed on edger 1 (which ruined bj career he has not trained and fought the same since) diana said he aint a judge…there is something behind dianas comment but who knows what…jason prilo really helpt bisbitchs boxing sklles his hands looked good

  20. JP says:

    if Stann won, Dana would say Bisping won. Controversy sells.

  21. Who cares Anderson will kill Michael in 2 round

  22. Noel says:

    Bisping love or hate won that fight, f-u Dana remember the UFC roots when only USA n UK sold out in the early years stop thinking $$$$’s n start rewarding fighters whether or not u it ‘sells’ without the early years it wouldn’t be how big it is now

  23. Jujitsu Player says:

    This wasn’t even a tough one for the judges, Bisping clearly won that fight. I like Stann ans for a second he def rocked him but overall it was a comfortable win for Bisping, who IMO deserves the next shot at Silva

  24. slacker says:

    He thought Stann won the 3rd?! How stupid. Bisping clearly took the last 2 rounds. Maybe this is Dana’s indirect way of telling him he is not getting a title shot anytime soon.

  25. Xaninho says:

    Even most of Stanns fans think he lost. It wasn’t even that close. I like the guy, but he lost.

  26. DDdddddd says:

    Don’t like Bisping at all and there’s no way in my oppinion Stan won. I hope Bisping gets what he wants so he gets what he deserves.

  27. CombatRusse says:

    Fuck Dana “Don King” White!
    The only one reason he’s saying this bullshit is to keep Bisping away from a title fight.
    Seriously, Dana should give us a break!

  28. Mike b says:

    What???dana had me ROTFL with that one.

  29. This post is to fishy dana sucks says:

    dana is just saying this because he knows he will make big money of weidman vs bisping fight before he makes big money from another silva title defence all dana cares about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    he even landed more punches than stann and was doing better in the clinch landing shots if he didnt get them takedowns bisping still did enough TO WIN THE FIGHT by landing more punches and making stann miss alot of punches he was getting him on the cage alot landing strikes also!!! bisping even beat stann at his own game he busted up his face with that jab all night long in every way bisping won this… He had the bj penn jab that night hope he works with that boxing coach again

    Dana how can u not give bisping a tilte fight??? He has won 5 of his last 6 fights and 1 of those fights was against the number 2 middleweight in the world witch he took on 8 days notice and he nearly won that fight its just crazy!!!!! FUCK U DANA IM NOT A BIG FAN OF BISPING BUT HE DOES DESERVE THE TITLE FIGHT

  30. Daniel Cook says:

    if any 1 realy beleaves stann 1 take sum advice get a grip or o to the opticians

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