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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 01:59 pm

Dana White: “I have all the answers. The Internet does not. We built this company and we know what we’re doing.” | UFC News

A large portion of mixed martial arts fans and media have speculated that the recently announced bout between current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former middleweight #1 contender Chael Sonnen, was put together in order to help boost the recently poor ratings of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) franchise.

But according to UFC president Dana White, those ‘speculators’ don’t know what the [expletive] they’re talking about and neither does the internet.

Here is what the UFC President had to say via yahoo sports:

“This wasn’t where I was going. But when this happened and Jones was going to be out for so long, it made sense. I understand completely [about Sonnen not having won a fight at light heavyweight], but it’s a fight people want to see. That’s what the word is, that TUF needs the help? People love to speculate and talk [expletive], but the truth of it is, they don’t know what the [expletive] they’re talking about. I have all the answers. The Internet does not. We built this company and we know what we’re doing. That had nothing to do with it.”


Wether it was the UFC’s intention or not, there is no denying that pitting “Bones” and “The American Gangster” as TUF 17 coaches will surely boost “TUF” ratings. Not to mention the pay-per-view numbers that will be generated as a result of the two coaches squaring off on April 27th at a location to be named later.

Be sure to get some answers from ‘the man who has them all’ during todays “Jones vs. Sonnen” media call. The call airs live on at 4pm ET.


29 Responses to “Dana White: “I have all the answers. The Internet does not. We built this company and we know what we’re doing.” | UFC News”

  1. ROflmao says:

    What’s funny about this that he had no answers for UFC 151… Instead he tried to use Jones as a scapegoat for his terrible planning of events. (like what’s being demonstrated here) I felt like there were better picks of LHW, and Jones Vs Sonnen is not one. Jones is so young and has yet to pack on the experience on most veterans even though he has been steam rolling through that division. Rather than have Jones and Sonnen, have Sonnen fight someone at 205, like Griffin as planned… Save Jones for a titleshot for a top contender, and then have better coaches for TUF. I would definitely be more interested in a Machida vs Shogun

    • DatGuy says:

      You’re right, plus sonnen doesnt deserve a title shot when he just recently had one. More importly in a different weigh class.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Dana is turning MMA/UFC into a circus. You don’t just leapfrog a guy with a big mouth ahead of avery solid top 10. I’m starting to realize how much TRUTH there is in Bjron REbneys system compared to UFC’s. Sonnen should have to win at least 2 fights against 2 top 10 LHW before even being considered.

  2. 123 says:

    im sure people ONLY wanted this fight to SAVE a ufc event.

    • George says:

      True people only wanted this fight when it was to save the event u tard Dana u think you slick. We want jones vs silva or jones vs Cormier why the fuck would we want to see some dude that has 12 losses fight jones??? And when we ask for diaz vs silva u say dosnt make any sense??? Gtfo here Dana this is a joke Chael hasn’t won one fight at 205 it’s a joke n disrespectful to the fans who pay for your piglet ass to afford that surgery your getting.

  3. ya herd says:

    from what im seeing dana your the only one that wanted this fight not the hardcore fans!!!!!!!

    • Dana is turning MMA into a Circus. Why? says:

      Where in the NFL, Major Leagues, and NBA, there is the occasional distraction to competition. Whether it be PEDs, drugs, player misconduct, whatever, it always comes back to the sport. Dana White, on the other hand, is making MMA into just the opposite. He creates so many distractions TO THE SPORT that MMA is more about the politics, fighter conduct, and hype and that it is taking over the sport! And he likes the negative hype so much that he relies on it for promotion. BUT now it seems like MMA is more about hype than the fighting itself. That is why interest in the sport is decreasing, TUF numbers are dropping, and MMA is losing appeal. The UFC is forced to put together Anderson vs Bonnar? Jones vs Sonnen?

      This Fox deal was supposed to grow the sport and make it better. I hope that happens because it’s actually heading in the other direction.

  4. Dk says:

    Dana didn’t build the UFC the fans did we built it with our money via pay per views and advertising revenue. Some of these last shows suck and there not getting any better

  5. Unknown says:

    Unless the card is stacked, I’ll pass on this fight. Chael isn’t gonna sell me on an upset. Sonnen is just to buy time and keep jones in shape IMO. Who’s next, really? MAYBE Cain V loses and drops down, Cormier drops or jones goes up for a fight or two.?. he could fight Mir. If (when) sonnen loses, will he get more fights? This is all strange to me…

  6. Justen says:

    Jones should not be fighting him. The only 2 people that should be fighting Jones is Cormier n Silva. Other then that it’s pointless. You might as well start having the guys fight girls. That’s about how competive the ufcs matchmaking has been lately.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Actually Grover Teixeira is the LHW that is going to beat Jones. Mark my words if the UFC and Greg Jackson allow this fight to happen Jones will lose. Grover is a FREAK of nature that doesn’t need an 84.5 ” reach to win. Grover and or Cormier both will beat Jones. If Cain beats JDS then most likely we will see Cormier dropping down to LHW. IF Cain loses (AGAIN) to JDS Cormier will go for the HW title. BTW to the guy that said something about Cain dropping down to LHW you sir are acomplete IDIOT THRU and THRU. Cain is a SOLID 245lbs and has been a HW since his freshman year of college. Cormier wrestled at 185lbs in College and its obvious he can make LHW easily if he has to. Cormier is Cain’s wrestling coach so their is no way in hell they will ever fight PERIOD.

  7. Scott K says:

    Dana didn’t build it, Obama did!

  8. Mike says:

    Uh, what? It’s a fight people want to see? Really?

  9. Scotty says:

    The only answer is money and ratings, that’s it! Put them on TUF and watch the ratings skyrocket! Have them fight cause Chael is a marketing machine and people want to see if he can pull the upset.. Watch the PPV buys go way up and tickets sales sellout, which equals money! Dana no longer cares, he is trying to make the most money possible before he retires which in a interview he thinks prolly in 5 years!

  10. halfway says:

    Of course he’ll defend it. But he didn’t have answers for when Dan got hurt and they had to cancel the card.

    They thought they had answers for TUF but its still not keeping people interested.

  11. Jim Starkly says:

    What the hell has happened to TUF? Maybe it’s just run it’s course, as TV shows do & they need to
    put it to bed and create a new format. The ‘live’ TUF sukd

  12. Wowzers says:

    Fuck you Dana. You’re a joke. The FANS built your empire you bald, short dickweed. Screw Big Country fighting you, I want knock you out. You’re a loser.

  13. Nunya says:

    The best he can do is say ” I have all the answers, the internet doesnt” I havent heard the whole story, but this article makes Dana White look like a complete piece of shit. My whole thing is, people will always talk shit, haters will always hate, but to respond in such a negative manner as the head of UFC is just idiotic. Its obvious this next TUF Dana created does not make sense in the structure of it all. In no way has a middle weight ever fought a light heavyweight, let alone, get a title shot, except for when UFC first started with the first title bout in 1993. There did not seem to have weight classes, or rules. UFC has came a long way. Its sad to see these type of decisions happen. Very bad for MMA.

    • Eugene Park says:

      Um to the person that says a middleweight has never fought a LHW champ. Victor just fought jones… Chael used to be 205 too but he moved down

      • Nunya says:

        I stand corrected Eugene, yes Vitor vs Jones. That fight should not have happened either, but the powers that be, made it happen. This Chael vs Jones for TUF, should not happen, but it is. With injury’s causing events to be cancelled, fighters turning down fights, Dana giving title shots to people that dont deserve it, is really making the UFC look bad. Granted, i would still watch this fight to see what happens, but i am not going to pay for it. I’ll probably go to the local bar and watch it there. I just feel bad for the fighters that deserve a shot, but was passed up by a shit talker.

    • killaj671 says:

      agree, im kinda pissed to see people train hard to be the best and then get booted because they aren’t money material. dana white needs to hype the contenders up and not just the already big names. looks like mma is getting too main stream…

    • Xaninho says:

      Thw 185 champ Silva just fought a 205 fight against Bonnar last weekend. So it does happen, but I get your point, the Jones-Sonnen thing doesn’t make sense.

  14. spyr0 says:

    The problem is Dana has a ton of ppl every day from the internet talking to him like they know business. The vast majority of ppl trying to give him advice from the internet are ppl who don’t have any experience in building a business. You can speculate shit all day but if you think you know the answers then why don’t you go build your multi billion dollar industry right now. I 100% gauruntee that if any of the self-acclaimed internet experts dedicate the next 5 years to building a business they will then understand how right Dana is in saying this. Hate him all you want. Ppl just like to pretend they are good at something (even if they don’t have the proper credentials and experience) to feel good about themselves. This statement is taking away people’s happiness and that’s why they get mad. Truth hurts.

  15. killaj671 says:

    UFC and their match making… this is the effed up thing with UFC. what happened to a rank structure?? henderson with no title shot? its not about winning a title and defending it anymore, just how can we make the most money… (tear drops…)

  16. yeahrightman says:

    Lets be honest. they’ve done am amazing job Im the past but 2012 has not been a good year got UFC. Dana has been one step behind all year and whether he admits it or not his numbers are suffering. This fight is crap and I will not be watching.

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