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Wednesday, 10/31/2012, 07:11 am

Dana White: “I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will absolutely happen” | UFC News

UFC president Dana White is very confident that a “super fight” between his two top fighters will come to fruition in the near future. In fact, he went as far as to guarantee that the “Spider” and “Bones” will fight some day soon.

Yesterday evening, White took part in a live chat with fans that was hosted online by MetroPCS. When the UFC president was asked about a potential match up between his current middleweight and light heavyweight champions, he responded by saying the following:

“I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will absolutely happen,” he said. “It’s happening. It will happen.”

No potential dates, events or venues were addressed, but one would have to assume that with Anderson Silva being 37 years young, the window to make this fight happen is not a large one.

Silva and Jones have both been publicly reluctant to face one another when questioned by the media. The stakes would be very high for both fighters, with the winner likely to be touted as the “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time). The downside is that one of the two men would undoubtebly lose their already established legacy.

However, even with the large “risk” factor for both fighters, Dana White believes the money will be to great for either man to durn down. Is this a once-in-a-lifetime career risk worth taking? Let’s hear it Penn Nation.


43 Responses to “Dana White: “I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will absolutely happen” | UFC News”

  1. TheTude says:

    Dana, terrible for the sport man, especially if Jones gets the win, How the fuck are you gonna do this to Silva? Hasnt he made enough money for you? I am confident that Silva will finish Jones but there is a good chance it will be the other way around and if that happens, there will be no GOAT because Jones will be defeated by somebody other than Silva in the future, i guarentee it!

  2. Blake says:

    @thetude. Your a dumbass if siva is goat hell beat jones witch I think he will. And if he loses then jones is better! But why would you be mad at 2 of the best fighters in the world doing there JOB.. Your an idiot!!

    • TheTude says:

      Blake you dumb bastard, It is not an even fight, i thought that goes without saying but i guess not. Jones is way too big! Way too big! The guy should be fighting at heavyweight, He gains 20 lbs the day after the weigh in. there is no way he could come down to catchweight of 195. Silva would beef up to 205 and jones would still have 20 or 25 pounds on him. Why not put silva in there with Cain or DC. Its not fair to for Dana to put Silva into a fight like that especially when he has no desire to fight it.

      • Tempt says:

        So why should GSP fight Silva? Super fights are made to distinguish who is the best in the world regardless of weight.

        • Iceman says:

          I agree,old school fan like me huh?let the best man tired of people saying the gsp vs silva fight is the bones vs silva fight unfair???OMG the fans are changing with the sport…MAINSTREAM!

        • kushites says:

          P4P does not mean this little guy can beat up all bigger guys, or this big guy can beat up all smaller fighters. P4P means, for example, if this natural Featherweight were a big natural HW, he would be HW champ. If this natural HW were a natural Flyweight (or anyweight class, HW, or LHW, MW, WW, LW, BW) he would be champ. The argument used to always apply to Bruce Lee, in that with his skills and speed, he could actually beat up most bigger guys, but if he were actually 6ʻ 4″ 245lb, he would beat up ALL other big guys. BJ Penn, if he were bigger, would dominate the bigger weight classes, and vice versa. He is a natural LW, and was unstoppable there. At WW, he is at a size disadvantage, but what I like about BJ is his fighting spirit, and his skills allow him to compete at a high level. So, can it actually be proven , who is top P4P, because their natural weights are pretty much fixed? You gonna have Silva or Jones fight Aldo to see who is P4P? Of course not! I like how Silva and Penn have balls win lose or draw. Jones and GSP are afraid of losing. If not, they should both accept heavier weight class fights to prove their fighting spirit. Jones vs. JDS would be a good fight.

      • Reg says:

        Enough with the Jones should be fighting at heavyweight already. The guy makes 205 consistently and has never missed weight so shud up. What is so unfair exactly? 20lbs? Really?

        Look at the heavyweight division, guys surrender 20lbs of weight all the time. BJ will surrender that to Rory in December. Edgar probly surrendered 20lbs to Bendo in Denver. WHO CARES?! Lets see em dance!

      • rude boy says:

        ur a fuckn idiot tûde! The weight difference between Jones and Silva is the same as gsp vs silva. Get the fuck off Silva nutz and stop babying him like the ufc does. I’d love to see these two throw dwn. Its a great match up and anyone that dissagrees is prbly scared of a little size advantage themselves. Grow balls guys. We need fan support to make this happen. Or we can Jus watch all the boring shit fights we been seeing

      • Hammor says:

        Silva walks around at 220-230!

      • Iceman says:

        If one word can describe u in a nut shell it would be….STUPID!What do u think most of the light heavy’s walk around weight is?look at chuck,he walked around at about 225.stephen and forrest were huge for their weight class at least 230 235 they would walk around as.jones is too damn small for heavyweight I think.he would get wrecked at heavyweight.

      • Nick says:

        here’s a little something you guys are forgetting.. these are grown men who make their own choices. If they don’t want to make the fight happen, it won’t happen. If they choose to put their legacy on the line then it’s their choice. It will likely be the biggest payday of all time for both men and they both have the balls to do it… To get around the size difference, you do catch weight. Jones will just have to lose a bit of mass to get there

      • GUGU says:


    • Pepstar says:

      right on dude… two best fighters? ok lets put u two together n see who’s best. Isn’t that how its suppose to work? “how the **** are u gonna do this to silva?” waaah waaah waaah.. they’re both fighters. stop being a weenie

    • Yuke says:

      The fact that you just called that guy and idiot while spelling you’re wrong is ironic as fuck..

  3. Heard all this before with Anderson vs Gsp.Dana also guaranteed that fight would happen.A guarantee a promise does’nt mean shit coming from Dana.I’ll believe it once the contracts are signed to fight each other.Untill then i refuse to believe this fight will ever happen.

  4. Jujitsu Player says:

    I hope this fight happens, I think Jones takes this with his wrestling and devastating ground and pound but never rule Silva out who is capable of things nobody in the history of the sport can emulate.

    Even is Jones wins he will NOT be considered the best ever until he’s at least equaled or bettered Silvas title defenses including fighting at multiple weights.

    • KSMITTS says:

      I think Silva takes this, but if Jones were to add the Spider to his resume (which is already practically unmatched in the history of the UFC), then he would have to go down as the best. I don’t think it will happen and I hope it doesn’t happen, but if it were to happen I think we would all need to admit it, regardless of the number of title defenses so far. To your point, if Jones goes up to HW next year as he plans to do, then goes on a tear agains the likes of JDS, Cain, Overeem, and Cormier, would you still say he wasn’t the best ever just because he hadn’t surpassed SIlva’s title defense record?
      Jones doesn’t have the lifetime of training or flawless technique, but his physical gifts will give him a unique place in the MMA pantheon. He will be like Shaq – not as skilled as many other centers, but he will go down with more rebounds, points and rings than most of them.
      All that being said, if the Silva GSP fight happens first, I don’t see Silva winning that one to get the chance for a super-fight with Bones. Just my opinion, but I think GSP is too dynamic with far superior wrestling and defense to fall victim to the Spider.

      • RJ says:

        Shack fights in the UFC?

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Jones beating Silva is definitely not enough to propel him to being considered the best ever. If he wins and moves up to HW and is successful against the big boys (JDS, Cain, Overeem) then he would 100% be the best thing ever in the sport. Regardless of the number of title defenses….IMO as of now Jones has beat far better caliber fighters than Silva has (Machida, Rua, Jackson, Rashad) but hasn’t had near the reign Silva has yet or been tested with bigger guys.

        If he beats Silva goes on matches the number of defenses and fights and wins at HW (not the top guys but lets face it Silva hasn’t faced any top LWH’s other than Hendo) I think he would be considered the best ever.

        IMO I don’t think he will hold a HW title while JDS and Cain still fight in the UFC though….no way.

  5. Bob says:

    Never believe in promises made by Dana So I will believe it when it happens.. On another note I am very excited for this fight but if this doesnt happen this year then I say just cancel it. Silva is 37 years old past his prime in my opinion, he just so happens to keep winning.

    If they wait any longer for this fight to happen then its even more of an advantage for Jones since Silva is not getting any younger. I still believe Silva can beat Jones but cant doubt Jones one bit.

  6. You Just KNOW one of the fighters will get INJURED says:

    And the fight will be cancelled, and NOT rescheduled. Then both fighters will go on their merry way and enjoy the rest of their careers without fighting each other.

    But it is weak if either one turns down the offer.

  7. maurice says:

    3 things i know about this matchup. 1. anderson is GOAT. and 2. anderson has 100 times a better chance then rampage, shogun, shad, vitor and machida at dethroning jones. 3. if anderson wins then i truly believe him when he says he’ll fight another 5 years.

  8. Dana is Greedy says:

    Maybe of you don’t remember the Original GOAT Royce Gracie who fought numerous times a night and was almost always out weighted in every match up…If your a beast at what you do a few pounds can be erased by skill ask Frankie Edgar..Or BjPenn..

  9. Mars the Avenger says:

    Dana, believe it or not some people will put Legacy before money. Everything has a price but when it comes to jeopardizing legacy, you can’t/won’t put enough money on the table. And even if Jones beats Silva, Silva will be GOAT. Jones hasn’t accomplished what Silva has, when/if he beats Silvas records, we’ll talk. Until then, Silva is GOAT and P4P King.

  10. Unknown says:

    What if it was a war and ended in a draw? Could silva rematch?

  11. Swifty says:

    This fight is almost guaranteed to disappoint there’s too much mutual respect….n this wouldn’t decide who’s the g.o.a.t…if jones wins there’s so many excuses for silva n if silva wins it then wait five years when jones will be in his real prime

  12. maurice says:

    Sum1 said silvas old and past his prime. Well if u look at silva last 4 opponents u could argue silva looks better now then he did early in his ufc career. man is fuckn aging backwards.

  13. Josiah says:

    jones approaches silva crawling like an idiot. silva didn’t buy it and ignores him. jones realizes how stupid he looks and stands up. he throws a couple of leg kick. silva checks some of it and moves around analysing jones next move. silva makes a couple of jabs and fakes backing up jones with his arms stretching forward to silvas face. silva does his little head movement and allows jones to hit him with about one or two punches making jones comfortable. jones decides to mix it up and throws a body kick. OMG! silva caught jones’ leg and then BOOM! straight punch to the chin. jones went down, silva following up with a series of punches. ref stops the fight. silva wins the GOAT belt. jones cries in disbelief and elbowed greg J.

  14. Clay says:

    Too many people cry regarding Jon jones. I swear if the guys name is mentioned in anything, then some jackass will complain. This is a great fight that is tough to call. Who ever loses won’t lose their title. And if jones wins everyone will just be like “waa he’s so big” and everyone on silvas jock will remain there. So quit crying. We’re here to see a good fight!

  15. KingofPain says:

    About Fuckin Time!

  16. 123 says:

    i could see either of them winning by tko or submission.. id still go with anderson silva tho hes a ninja

  17. Jk says:

    GSP next. Jones only if its Silvia’s last fight, win or lose

  18. Xaninho says:

    Anderson Silva is the best fighter. Jones is not on the same level skillwise. But Jones’s obvious physical advantages over Silva might tip the scale in his favor.

    A great fighter can lose to a bigger good fighter.

  19. Enygma2u says:

    Dana White is slowly becoming the Don King of MMA. Maybe instead of putting together a “super fight” he should make PPV’s WORTH paying for. Not 1 great fight and 3 other subpar ones…

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