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Tuesday, 10/04/2011, 12:25 pm

Dana White: “I always thought Guillard was the biggest waste of talent”

“I like Melvin and I like how he’s training hard. I always thought he was the biggest waste of talent and he really turned that around and I’m happy to see it. There’s so many good guys in that 155 pound division, we’re trying to figure out who’s next. That division is so stacked and there’s so many good fights to make. I’m excited to see him in there with Lauzon. If he beats Lauzon, it’s gonna be interesting to see who we end up pitting together to fight for the title next.”

Dana White talks to 5th Round about surging lightweight Melvin Guillard.

After mixed results in his initial UFC run Melvin Guillard has returned with a new camp, a new outlook on life and what seems to be a new dedication to the sport. Will it be enough to get past Joe Lauzon this weekend?


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