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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:55 am

Dana White Hopes Boxing Does Great, But Blasts Bob Arum | UFC NEWS

“I’m happy for them. Whenever boxing does good things and they pull killer pay-per-view (numbers), I’m always watching to see what they do on pay-per-view. And I’m not like those (expletives), they did this much, I’m happy for them. I want to see combat sports do better. I want to see boxing pull bigger numbers. I’m not Bob Arum that crusty (expletive). I’m not out there smashing everything we do, and saying negative things about boxing. Boxing is (expletive) great it’s an incredible sport. I wouldn’t be sitting here right now if it wasn’t for the sport of boxing. I’m not going to play Bob Arum’s little (expletive) game… That’s what they do, they went head to head the same night on TV. They’re crazy. Bob (Arum) is a (expletive). For some reason he hates the fact that this sport is doing well, other guys are able to make money, other athletes are able to perform and do great things. For some reason that bothers that old bastard.”

During the UFC 152 post-fight media festivities, UFC president Dana White discussed the sport of boxing and the PPV success the sport carries with it for it’s bigger stars. He also took the time to blast the sports leading promoter Bob Arum for his less than ethical business practices.


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