Friday, 11/15/2013, 06:59 am

Dana White Has No Interest In Signing “Funky” Ben Askren

“Funky” Ben Askren, the undefeated and dominant Bellator welterweight champion recently ran the course of his Bellator contract, and Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has shown no interest in resigning the champion, calling him a “completely one-dimensional fighter who is utterly dominant in that dimension.”

“We’ve relinquished any right to match here and Ben can sign with whoever he chooses to sign with,” Rebney said.

“Ben’s been at Bellator since the start of his career, I respect him and what he’s accomplished and wish him the best wherever he goes,” Rebney said.

Now it seems, even as a free-agent, he will not soon find a spot fighting against the top welterweights of the world in the UFC.

Dana White went on record saying that even though Bellator will not attempt to match an offer from another promotion like the UFC, that it “doesn’t change anything. I have no interest. I’m sure [World Series of Fighting] will pick him up.”

“He’s [the Bellator] champion and they don’t want him. What does that say? What does that mean? I don’t even care about those guys whatsoever. I feel sorry for the kids that fight there. I truly feel sorry for the kids that have to be stuck in that s***hole,” White said.

“And the fact you would just give away a guy who has gone undefeated for you just shows the kind of people you are. It just shows what kind of business you do,” White said. “As far as the kid and what kind of level he’s on, he barely beat Jay Hieron. He’s got some work to do and he can fight in another organization and work his way up.”

Even though Askren has won his last two fights by TKO, and is an undefeated champion of the number two MMA promotion in the world, White believes that he is not ready for the UFC. Only time will tell where he ends up, although for Askren, he may end up fighting for a lesser paycheck until he gains the UFC brass’ respect.


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  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    hahah and he was tweeting that he was on his way to the UFC! Like I said before, nobody wants to see his Lay n Pray faggotism in the octagon.

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