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Tuesday, 01/28/2014, 10:31 am

Dana White Harassed & Haggled By California Reporter At Media Luncheon

UFC President Dana White was involved in a rather heated back-and-forth conversation with reporter T.J. Simers, who decided to call out the Zuffa fight boss on a variety of different topics during yesterdays UFC 169 media luncheon.

MMAWeekly’s  Erik Fontanez was on the scene and basically tweeted a live play-by-play of the comments and questions made by Mr. Simers, who did his best to get underneath the skin of the UFC President:

T.J. Simers comes off as one tough customer, but his questions were not all that prevalent and more of just a personal attack, at least in my opinion. What do you think Penn Nation? Does anyone else think Dana regrets inviting him to lunch?


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Just a little shit egging on Dana and shitting on the sport. Pretty funny though; can only imagine how red Dana’s face was.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Just like the fun I have here egging on armchair mma warriors!!! Pretty funny, isn’t it? I always wonder how red some of these warriors face’s get when they are bugged?

      But I agree with you, it must have been interesting to watch this guy getting under White’s skin….I wonder if he’ll be invited to the next sit down??

  2. Derek says:

    Dana on UFC vs. Boxing numbers: “We destroy their numbers”
    – But, boxing fighters’ income (at least the top-tier) destroy that of UFC.

  3. seminalcacti says:

    That dumbass reporter denies fighting is in our dna yet he’s fucking verbally fighting. what a dumbass prick.

  4. Robert Maki says:

    This is all great…I still think the fighters should be getting paid more per fight. Not to mention bigger bonuses after PPV sales have been totalled. 45 million for PPV sales and you are telling me you can’t give the fighters a percentage of the door and PPV gains…

  5. Wanderlei says:

    Hahahahaha Dana getting owned like a dope by a real journalist not a shill on the ufc payroll pretending to be one.

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