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Thursday, 11/01/2012, 05:40 am

Dana White Guarantees Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva Will Happen | UFC NEWS

“I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones will absolutely happen,” he said. “It’s happening. It will happen.”

During Monday’s UFC fan chat, UFC president Dana White told fans that he guarantee’s a future matchup between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and UFC light=heavyweight champion Jon Jones.



One Response to “Dana White Guarantees Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva Will Happen | UFC NEWS”

  1. SinCe 2004 says:

    This fight is bullshyt. Why do people want to see Silva get pummelled to death by Bones? We love Silva because he goes that extra mile and takes risks to deliver finishes, but he is able to do that because he is facing guys his size or even a little bigger, well Bones is a lot bigger. People want to make Silva out to be superman, but hes only human and he is closing in on 40. Bones on the other hand is in the prime of his life and has absolutley demolished the LHW division and looking to move to HW by the end of 2013. For those of you who are delusional enough to think Silva can defeat Bones, come back to reality, theres room for you I promise… We shouldnt repay Silva for all his efforts and risks to entertain us, by making him face unreasonable challenges, I for one dont want to see him retire on a brutal loss off the hands of a guy he never should have fought in the first place.

    • TheTude says:

      I almost completely agree with you man, Bones is alot bigger and this fight should not happen, Nobody want to see the spider go out with a loss. I dont think he should take the chance. but i do think Spider can TKO Bones. Just compare the Vitor Belfort fight. Bones almost got his arm broken while Silva delivered one of the best KOs in MMA history and came out unscathed. Silva is crafty enough to get inside of Jones reach, stick and move. The thing about andy is if he sticks you just once there is a good chance you are going to open up or get KOd. I would say its 65 to 35 in favor of Silva, but still too big of a chance to take.

      • Truth says:

        You all are the same people that think the GSP vs Silva fight is a fair fight! Thats way more of a Bull sh*t lopsided fight then Silva vs Bones! I hope GSP turns it down and forces the fairer fight (Silva vs Bones)

    • sonnie says:

      I believe it will be a fight, no tko, no submission, just a straight out technical fight but if anything happens it will be a KO!!!

    • Raul says:

      That is a pretty cool observation u are a true fan of the sport but that’s the same example of silva trying to pick a fight with gsp does he deserve any less respect. But I have to say that’s the most knowledgeable opinion that I have heard when it comes to this fight

      • SinCe 2004 says:

        I appreciate the comment. Fyi Silva used to compete at welterweight in Brazil, and Gsp is one of the largest WW in the Ufc, something to ponder. Personally, i dont care to see Silva vs Gsp, the only person i am interrested in seeing Silva fight is Nick Diaz.

        • Brandon says:

          GSP is NOT a big welterweight. People need to stop saying that. The guy is 5’10” and Silva is 6’2″. Opinions are fine and dandy but they should be based on reality.

          Jon Jones is 6’4″ so while he’s bigger than Silva, the difference between Silva and Jones is clearly much less than Silva and GSP.

        • SinCe 2004 says:

          Check the UFC website, Gsp is 5.11, while youre there check his record since he entered the ufc and name one person other than Alvarez that was noticeably larger than him. And since when does height alone dictate size? I dont care for this fight anyways, like i said, Silva vs Diaz, an instant classic!

    • ssjin4vegeta says:

      SinCe 2004, all i got to say and I’m a Jones and Andy fan…Bonnar takes Jones to 3round and Jones could NOT finish him….Andy first round knee to the chest Bonnar out for the count lol Also Andy SHOWS that he can eat a punch and elbows so my point is this Jones may be the bigger and stronger fighter but has Andy ever been the bigger stronger fighter at 185 pounds much less 205 when he went there and handle his business?? All I’m saying is don’t count Andy out thinking he will just get rolled over by Jones.

      • SinCe 2004 says:

        Nobody just rolls over Silva, thats not what im saying.. When Bones fought Bonnar he was just beginning to come into his own.. Look at it like this, Rashad, Machida, Rampage, Shogun, if you have any pause about Silvas chances to beat any of those guys, remember that Bones DOMINATED each of them EASILY, UNSCATHED, and ONE AFTER ANOTHER. People got so excited about Vitors armbar,, he got lucky, and still couldnt capitalize, thats it. Did vitor show any other GLIMMER of hope during that fight before he tapped out? People need to stop talkin down Jones like hes an amateur. I think at HW Jones would be challenged, but at LHW the buck stops with him.

    • EP says:

      u must be a freaking idiot or HUGE bones nuthugger @SinCe 2004…. to say that Silva will get pummeled by Jones. hahahaha thats one of the dumbest things ive honestly ever heard in my life. maybe you are a newb fan of the sport and havent been following for quite some time… if you would already know that Silva has fought in LWH division 3 times and FINISHED ALL HIS OPPONENTS… including Griffen whom he made look like a little bitch and Bonnar who is a Big Guy , Powerful fighter who has never been finished, and he not only finished him, but he toyed with him ,dropped his hands ate all of his shots on cage elbows and shots to chin, basically laughed it off and finished him with knee like it was no big deal. If you want to look past that, youre a fkn idiot and have no clue what youre talking about… oh and also you might want take into consideration the fact that Bones fought Bonnar and it went the distance, whereas Silva finished him in devastating fashion. Get your facts straight before making ridiculously dumb and idiotic statements… heres a few facts for you, Silva is the Great of all Time ever in history of mma and will be for a very very very long time, if not forever, he is the undisputed best P4P fighter in the world, and a legend to mma…. and i guarantee you not only would be beat Jon Jones but he would finish him. Not even up for discussion. No questions asked. Bones knows it too… u can tell. I cannot wait to this fight i pray it happens in my home NEW YORK at MSG , next year when UFC gets MMA laws passed here. Most Epic Event and Fight of all time in the most notorious and amazing stage in the world in the greatest city in the world. BOOM.

      • Loose Cannon says:

        You are delusional………..Bones will steam roll Silva. It shouldnt even be that close. Silvas only chance is to catch him with some wild haymaker. Silva was out of sorts the second Sonnen fight as well……until CS had the brain freeze. I would love to be you guy’s bookie…..Id make a killing. Jones EASILY

    • Jason says:

      @Since2004,You know this post was VERY good and I want to agree, but I can’t…with everything. I think the underdog fights is sort of what UFC is all about. Royce gracie giving Shamrock 65 lbs in UFC 1. Crocop going at it with an immensely larger Bob Sapp. Dana White has built the empire of the UFC by listening and doing what the fans want, exactly the opposite of boxing! He will make fights happen. He will settle the arguements of who the best fighters are…I agree I don’t want to see a late thirty year old Silva get beat down by a Bones Jones in his prime, but then again I dont wan’t to always wonder if the two didnt fight, what if??

      • SinCe 2004 says:

        There is no what if, Bones will slowly at first, then systematically break Silva down into a bloody mess. Silva will put in a valiant effort but the truth is the only way he makes it through 5 rounds is if Jones lightens up out of respect. Champs dont face champs from other weight classes in the ufc for a reason, its not 2003, its 2012 and the competition is fierce. That whole 3 fight in one night and 7 foot fat guy shit is over with, these guys today are well rounded professionals.. AND if i may say one thing, ehmm, GREG JACKSON! I hate the fucker but i dont doubt for a second his ability to take a great talent and gameplan his ass to a W. Jackson is way too smart to not know how to use Jones strengths to deal with a smaller, older Silva. Jones has already proven to be too much for the LHW division, the sensible direction in this scenario is up in weight, not down, even if it’s Silva.

    • thats dumb says:

      no, jones is human. anderson is not human. you clearly havent seen the difference in striking. jones only chance is ground and pound or submission

    • niggaplz says:

      I don’t think you can completely count out Silva, lets not forget that no fighter has ever been able to conquer his greatest strengths, his head movement and pinpoint striking. Now if anyone can finally head hunt silva, its definitely bones with his godlike reach, but its not a fight you can just give to bones like that

    • dont give a shit says:

      silva walks around as a HW he cuts to 185 thats y its so easy for him to make 205 not the heaviest of HW out there but still 205 isnt goin out of silvas range at alljones has a better chance gettin his butt kicked at HW then anderson does at 205

  2. Kraig says:

    I’d like to bet with both of you. Mark my words, if this fight takes place within the next year and a half, Anderson will win this fight. He’s fought at 205 and disposed of everyone he’s fought at that weight in spectacular fashion. I know they’re not Jon Jones, but Jones has yet to give me a spectacular finish that Silva delivers every night he walks into the Octagon. $100 on Silva all day…

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      Jones does not deliver spectacular finishes, Jones method is systematic destruction, and it is just as effective. Should I remind you that he left Machida on the canvas unconscious, or how he left Shogun on his knees, or how he is the ONLY person to ever submit Rampage… Jones WILL NOT engage Silva as his past opponents have, and how do we know that, 2 words, GREG JACKSON.

  3. Clay says:

    They walk around at the same weight. Anderson might be heavier. Bones just announced that he has been walkin around at 225. At the same time cheal said he walked around at 230. You guys are just little babies who want to start the excuse for silva when he loses. As silva fans you should be saying he will smash jones and having his back. Instead everyone’s already making excuses for him. Seems like we all know who’s really the best p4p

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      dude, thats way too many ignorant statements in a row, calm down. I am a Silva fan but that doesnt mean I praise Silva no matter what, and Silva doesnt need anybody to make any excuses for him, he could lose his next 3 fights and he would still be the UNDISPUTED G.O.A.T.
      Let me ask you, does Silva enter the octagon looking swole like GSP for example, or does he look like hes got the BJPenn thing going on? How bout Bones? Wouldnt you say Bones was way more muscular? When you are looking at them you have to understand, Silva is being himself while Bones is intentionally keeping his weight down, he admittingly uses a nutrition coach to keep him weighing in at 205 on gameday.
      Bones physcial advantages:
      Silva physical advantages:
      As far as talent goes, Silva has the advantage but its not as large an advantage as some of you like to think, give Jones his proper due, he has earned it.

    • Mat says:

      Shut up, please?

  4. Steven Thurman says:

    I Disagree with this fight. I dont want it. I wouldnt have minded GSP vs. Silva, but this is stupid. IMO if you are to have a super fight, at least have them both be legends. Silva, is a LEGEND. Bones, I agree, he is pretty damn good, and has beaten great fighters, but he hasnt been holding the belt for near as long as fighters like Silva. He’s still a kind of newer fighter, nowhere close to Silva.

  5. aaron says:

    Are you all retarded?? Who gives a shit about a loss! these are the two best fighters there are!!! why would you not want to see it? because one is a little taller and slightly heavier?! do you numbnuts realize how many of the ALL TIME GREATEST boxing matches would NOT have gone down with this mentality? Fuck! Idiots!

  6. Bob'O says:

    I must say that for awhile I got sucked into the Bones aura but have since recovered from that Bizzaro world.

    Look, Bones only chance would be immediately taking Silva down exactly out of the Chael Sonnen playbook. Where Silva could still submit him. Otherwise, Bones is getting knocked out or losing by stoppage. ~Bob’O

  7. Generation X says:

    I have to admit like a few others on here that Jon Jones would beat Anderson Sylva pretty easily IMHO but if Anderson Sylva were to lose I don’t think it would tarnish him. No belts would be on the line.

    Anderson has fought some LHW guys and won but most of them minus maybe Hendo were as rounded as Bones.

  8. Mars the Avenger says:

    I think Silva would have a good change. I don’t think either one of these fighters should entertain this fight though. I’m in agreement that even if Silva were to lose this he’d still be G.O.A.T. Jones has a while to catch up.

  9. MMAMAN says:


    This fight needs to happen.. they are the two reigning champs. Silva is smaller but if he’s a true champ he can beat Jones with skill. Size has nothing to do with fighting. It matter how good you are. If Anderson is smart he’ll take jones size in consideration and beat him regardless. Plus he’s only 2inches taller.. Silva has been fighting people he can obviously beat. Plus he is large for his weight class. Jones and Silva is really going to be a shocking experience for all us MMA fans. Seeing the two best go head to head is what fighting is all about. Plus i feel a real fighter would always fight the best to prove he is the best. Thats why i have so much respect for Renzo. He didnt care he always was willing to fight.

  10. Antoine says:

    I would love to see this fight. Finally we’ll get to see who truly is better. There has not been a single doubt in my mind that The Spider is on a different level than any other fighters including Jones. His natural abilities will never be outmatched by any other. Jones’ wrestling will be neutralized (just watch silva’s previous 3 fights) in a catch weight jones’ weight will not matter. His reach will not be an advantage either because of silva’s pure natural accuracy and knock out power. It blows me away that Jones’ fans think he is better than silva. Have you not seen any of their fights? There is a significant difference in natural talent. Silva is born and baptized in fighting, Jones is trained and was built to be an mma fighter. The only reason why jones doesn’t get rocked or knocked out is because of his kicks to the knees that keep fighters within his reach. This tactic will not work against silva. It didn’t work with machida so jones grappled and ended the fight with a standing guillotine because he got rocked by a far superior striker and didn’t want to stand up with him.
    We’ll see though, I believe Silva will win if this fight happens.

  11. jarod says:

    i’ll believe when i see it, they have also been trying to hype up a GSP/Silva super fight for like a year an a half now, an still no sign of it happening anytime in the near future. as for who would actually win the fight, i have to go with silva. i agree with tome of the other guys, jones is a badass, but his only hope of victory would be the chael sonnen method, which would most likely end the same way, with silva throwing a submission. other than that silva would knock jones the fuck out in a stand up battle.

  12. Donovan says:

    Great fights don’t happen like this. This will be a snoozer. Five rounds of them circling each other. Terrible idea!!

  13. Jimbo says:

    I don’t get the logic that Silva is the more “Talented” fighter, both are excellent within certain skill sets. From fights I’ve seen Silva in he’s shown probably the greatest strike accuracy ever in MMA. Jones has this unique unorthodox way of striking that Silva could possibly have the answer for. Though, IMO Silva’s ground-game might be underrated , it definitely isn’t solid as some would say. I think Jones G-N-P would be a little much if it went to the ground, and from the looks , JBJ could probably get the take down at will. It is a bad match up for Silva. If Anderson and Jon agreed to the fight it would be a Ca$h cow of a dream match !!!

  14. FightFan36 says:

    You guys on here saying that Jones would handle Silva easily or just beat him handly are crazy. Jones got a run for his money and almost a broken arm from Belfort who had not fought at 205 since how long?? What does height have to do with advantage?? Sounds like other than 2 or 3 of you on here the rest know dick about mma. Silva has the advantage in this fight from experience and from being in close fights. No one has really pushed Jones the way Sonnen or Hendo did Silva. We still have yet to see how Jones would handle a fight like Sonnen\Silva 1. And that’s exactly what Silva would do for Jones create a lot of problems to someone who’s never been pushed in that way. So for anyone to say a quick or easy W for Jones is complete ignorance and shows that most mma know nothing about the sport except for what they read on the Iternet. Get an #ORIGINAL thought.

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      “never been pushed in that way”? What are you expecting Silva to do exactly? Is he supposed to win the clinch battle? or the ground game? oh let me guess, you think Silva will dazzle on the feet against a guy who can slap him with his foot from across the cage? Is Silva going to out wrestle him? maybe he will submit Bones off of his back after hes gotten a taste of the elbow which has crippled the LHW divisions best. Please explain it to me…

      • Nicz says:

        I’ve bin scrolling down reading comments from Since 2004 and by the sounds of it he seems like a knowledgeable Mma fan, however i don’t agree with him that Jones is going to steam roll Silva and this is why. 1 Clinch Battle:Silva is deceptively strong and a master of the clinch, just becaucse Jones has a longer reach doesn’t mean he has an advantage there. 2 On The Ground: Silva is a Bjj black belt as you well know and is a danger to any man on the ground, granted Jones has those vicious hellbows in his arsenal but if he slips up one time Silva will catch him and unlike Belfort he’ll take that arm home. Stand up: I had to lol with that slap him with his foot comment and yeah that’s true to a certain extent,yet again you’re pointed out that Jones has a reach advantage but this time with his feet, but are you seriously telling me that Silva hasn’t got the ability to deal with that and counter with a variety of unorthodox attacks, remember this is the stand up king. Wrestling: Jones is better hands down and this could be a real problem for Silva if this fight takes place, saying that though Anderson knows this and i’m sure he will be able to come up with a plan to deal with that problem. My prediction Silva Tko 2nd round

  15. Jay says:

    I think people forget what the true meaning of mixed martial arts is. Back when Bruce Lee was around a good martial artist… mixed or not is great if he can handle anyone. This includes the opponent holding a knife or other weapons. I think Bruce and many others proved their skills against other great martial artist. You think in the streets they bring a weight scale with them? A fight is a fight. Big people get dropped by smaller people all the time. How can an 8-8 team in football beat a 15-1 powerhouse (Packers last year). It is your job as a Martial Artist to exploit your opponents weakness to win the fight any way you can. The way the UFC is structured with all these weight classes people come up with that being an excuse. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages. What if these two guys are in the street? Back to Bruce. At that time he proved time and time again that his size was not a limiting factor. The game has changed but so have the people. Step up and fight… If I was at that level I would surely accept a challenge if I am a real fighter. Everybody is turning this into a pansy ass sport.. oh.. catch weight. this and that. Fight!!!!

  16. mmafan says:

    all of you are mentally retarded jon jones will rape anderson silva hes reach is unbelieveable, anderson has never fought someone with this reach and not only that but jon jones will be able to take him down at will, and anderson will get raped just like the chael fight however this time jones with do major damage and end the fight anderson has no business fighting the LHW champ at his age. He should set his sites on gsp.

  17. dom p says:

    I believe ur all kinda on the retarded side… Silva is bigger than everyone he faces. When he fights someone bigger he fights a scrub. Why does he want GSP. He is massive compared to gsp…Whata joke stop suckin silva he blows.. bones will prove it when they fight

  18. floatingsilent says:

    this is easy. standing bones has no chance in hell(or anybody else….anybody ) but if he just takes silva down and protects himself he could get a chance at the win. but i honestly do care bout wins like that. i kina think old school. like true skill is what really matters. not what basketball team can foul out the star player or fighter can lay on top of some one for five rounds. but i guess that part is opinion.

  19. $ra says:

    For reaaaal…those saying “I don’t want to see this fight” would rather watch gay porn….b/x this is going to be the ebst fight in MMA history. And those saying Andy is too small…go to YouTube and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to search out and find a video of Andy boxing with Big Nog…and Andy doesn’t wear a protective head piece (unlike Nog) and he actually ENJOYS taking head shots…and he gives Nog a good go….with all that said….Bones will eat his food. lol

  20. Mick says:

    Well, first of all i believe a TRUE CHAMPION will fight anyone put in front of them and i think they are both as good as each other, this fight has to happen for the UFC to move forward, lets see who the BEST really is, you dont see Roy BIG COUNTRY Nelson backing away from ANY fight and how many of his opponents are bigger than him ? GSP is willing to fight Anderson and he is much bigger than GSP, in my eyes GSP is a true champion, so everyone is entitled to their opinions, but in reality, this fight between SILVA and JONES has to happen and i think it will go the distance and be a very different and entertaining fight.

  21. Alistair Connell says:

    If Silva doesn’t back out, Jones is going to bowl him over. His little dodging act is going to get his ass handed to him against a more unique striker than he is.

  22. hugo says:

    Silva will DISEMBO

  23. Hugo says:

    {IS IT ME OR DOES JONES MIMIC SILVA FIGHTING STYLE} Silva would destroy JBJ and this is why.JBJ has fought and took out top fighers in shogun,rampage,evans,machica, belfort but guess what those fighters with he exception of evans are season…meaning they been around for a very long time and past there prime.I’ll admit jbj detroy them and finished them BUT Could Not Finish evans? why u asked cause evans is in his prime…and guess what else SILVA is in his prime!!! HE is as elusive as he was in the debut fight in the UFC>>HE toys with every Fighter in the UFC<>>

  24. Kay Oss says:

    I reckon it will be a hell of a fight, Silva is the best alive but he’s also getting up there in years and Bones as well as being one of the fastest and probably the strongest LHW fighter we’ve seen is also huuuge in comparison with that ridiculous reach. I think Silva would make an amazing fight of it with the slim chance of pulling it off but overall I think Jones would take it. I’m more interested in seeing Jones step up to heavyweight to take a shot at Cain/JDS or the Reem when he comes back from his walk of shame than I am seeing Silva have to fight him.

    I think Dana and co are pushing Silva into it because it’s a superfight and because Chael has said he’ll fight Jones and ‘that’s what a fighter does’ but in both cases whilst I think they’re both incredibly tough middleweights they look like they’re comfortable at middleweight whilst Bones looks like Light Heavyweight isn’t enough for him… That difference is going to be key in either or both fights I reckon

  25. Jay says:

    @ Brandon…. Check him out in person. I am 5′ 9 and looked directly into his eyes. Not 5 11. I can guarantee you that.

  26. Joe says:

    After reading a lot of these comments, and i have to admit i don’t follow ufc religiously, i think it will be a fight that everyone will argue about even after it happens. although silva isn’t in his prime anymore he’s still a force to be reckoned with and i think its going to be a very good fight regardless of who wins. If Silva was in his rime still, thats a different story he would eat all of bones’ punches and return them twice as hard no doubt

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