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Friday, 01/24/2014, 09:31 am

Dana White: ” (GSP)’s crazy. He’s way out of line”

There has been a lot said between Georges St-Pierre and Dana White since GSP relinquished his title. Mostly from GSP, which is a surprise considering Dana is usually the one talking. Georges has been very vocal regarding the reasons behind him leaving the sport saying that it was the UFC’s lack of stricter PED testing that played a huge part in him walking away.

Dana has come out recently stating that the whole situation is a bit ridiculous, and that he wished Georges would simply man up and give him a call to squash the beef and work things out. However, Dana has still yet to receive that call.

And though GSP holds strong to his cause for leaving the company, White has another reason in mind. He feels, as he explains in this interview on The Dan LeBatard Show, that is was the comments he made about how he believed Johnny Hendricks won their fight at UFC 167 that really hit Georges deep.

“Georges is upset with me because I said I thought Johnny Hendricks won the fight. Let me tell you what. Who has said more nice things bout Georges St-Pierre over the last 10 years than me? Nobody, his parents don’t talk about him as good as I do. So, the one time I don’t think he won the fight, I’m always very honest in my opinions and what I think, and he’s upset about it. But, at the end of the day, he should have picked up the phone and made a phone call. To say that we’re not, first of all, Georges St-Pierre wanted to do the extra drug testing because other fighters have accused him of being on performance enhancing drugs. For the record, he’s never tested positive for anything, ever. And, the guy has defended the title nine times. He wanted to do the extra testing in the Hendricks fight to prove to the other fighters he’s not (on drugs). So he said, ‘let’s have Johnny do it, too.’ They both wanted to use separate companies, just like boxing, and that’s never going to work out. Then he criticized us for not making it happen. They’re being drug tested by the government. The government is in there testing them. We have the most stringent drug testing not only us, but boxing, too. So his statements were crazy. Makes no sense, he’s just upset at me. He’s upset with me, so why he’d make those statements I don’t know. I’m assuming that’s why, so, he’s crazy. He’s way out of line there.”

So let’s hear it Penn Nation! Do you think that GSP had legitimate reasons for leaving the sport, or was Georges just butt hurt that Dana picked somebody over him?


7 Responses to “Dana White: ” (GSP)’s crazy. He’s way out of line””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Yep, I think GSP is butthurt over daddy Dana telling the world the truth. OCD is a terrible thing especially when you are as egotistic as GSp is.

  2. Bubby Manliguis says:

    wat about dat first fight with b.j.penn i thought b.j penn won but you didnt see bj.penn cry over it he went on strong and fought some of the best that was still standing into they meet gsp cant always be pamperd
    aloha b.j penn come back one more time plz you would sell the fuck out the seats garrens ballbarrons come back my man

  3. Mr clay says:

    Penn beat his ass the 1st fight but he handled penn rather easily the second fight. I think the 1st fight they where quite close weight wise, second fight gsp was a far bigger fighter and knew how to handle penn. Fair dues I think johny beat him by a round but far from believe it was a highway robbery like machida vs shogun 1. If johny claims 70% power then thats his own fault if he felt he could ko gsp then he should have as dana said to him u left it in the hands of the judges. Gsp took Hughes and penn out decisive both rematches.

    • seminalcacti says:

      2nd fight GSP and his corner was caught cheating. His corner man is banned from the UFC for life and can not ever corner any fighters for greasing GSP up vs Penn. Had little to do with weight but Penn’s inability to grapple a slippery wrestler and getting gassed in the process. Do your research a little more.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Has nobody noticed that as soon as he wanted to do tests his physique and his dominance in the cage changed too? It wasn’t just Hendricks being the better fighter, GSP also didn’t fight as well as before.

    I’m not saying it’s because he juiced in the past, but it does make me wonder.

  5. Mappy Quintos says:

    don’t really care why GSP is lashing out, HENDRICKS VS. LAWLER Y’ALL!

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