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Friday, 01/25/2013, 11:41 am

Dana White Gives 5 Billion Reasons Why Eddie Alvarez May Stay With Bellator | UFC NEWS

“Don’t forget this, either, everybody talks about Bellator like they’re some poor little promotion. Viacom owns fucking Bellator. Viacom owns Bellator. Viacom runs that shit. Bellator like you used to know it is over. Viacom sits on five billion dollars in cash. Five billion in cash. Pay the kid. Pay the kid the exact monetary offer we gave him and you deserve the right to have him. You know what I mean? We’re not talking about some poor little promotion, oh poor little Bellator and the big bad UFC. Viacom! We’re not sitting on five billion in cash, they are. They can pay the kid. Pay him.”

During yesterday’s media scrum Dana White shined some reality on the Eddie Alvarez contract situation.


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  1. David A says:

    This goes to the heart of the matter right here. You can always count on Dana to be real. And he is 100% right on this one. A lot of people forget that Viacom purchased the controlling stake in Bellator last year. For those who don’t know, Viacom is one of the leading content providers in the United States. Viacom is the parent company of the following Networks and Production companies:
    -MTV Networks[mtv, mtv2, mtv3]
    -Spike TV
    -Paramount Movies
    -Melange Pictures
    -United International Pictures
    -Comedy Central

    So yea, Bellator is not a “poor company” by a long shot. They actually have the backing of a major corporation that has its own network of television stations. It’s like the situation between the Yankees and the rest of the baseball owners claiming “poverty”. The Yankees are one of the few teams that are owned by a single family[Steinbrenners], while the vast majority of baseball teams are owned by corporations or investment groups worth billions of dollars. The difference is, is that the Yankees are willing to invest the money it takes to build a successful team by sinking money into on field product, while other teams are content to sit back and do what it takes to remain profitable, and not competitive. This is how I see it going with the UFC vs. Bellator. Bellator can scream “poverty” all they want, but hopefully when enough people realize they are owned by Viacom, they will stop trying to play the “poor little promotion” defense.

    • Chris says:

      He’s not 100% real, and you’re an idiot for believing him. Go to viacoms investor website, you’ll see that they have 7.5 billion in debt and 800 million in cash.


      • don says:

        LOL. no i think ur the idiot. you shoulda did the commercial. you prob believe everything on the internet. “oh here comes my date…. he’s a french model…… BONJOR?????

  2. Michael Mantion says:

    I like straight shooters.. Dana rocks..

    I will be so happy when he finally shit cans Anderson Silva. I don’t care what he has to do but i refuse to watch another UFC (except for GSP fights) until they get rid of Anderson Silva. I recommended that they get rid of the 185 middle weight class and call it the 184 Medium weight class.. lol. If they get rid of the class there is no need to ever see another shitty boring fight where Anderson Silva does nothing until his opponent messes up.

    • Sam says:

      Holy shit. Are you serious? Ha ha ha, I’m sure Dana plans on cutting Anderson Silva soon…my god, some fans..

    • John Doe says:

      You can’t be serious. Dana isn’t going to get rid of a whole class because of one man. He’ll probably ultimatum his ass and tell him either step up or down a class or leave the ufc which is still a long shot. And as far as Anderson Silva waiting for an opponent to mess up, that’s the bases of martial arts, period. Yes, it’s exciting to see the two competitors give a serious battle but timing is everything and that’s why he among, GSP, Jon Bones Jones, Rory MacDonald and others are successful.

    • TheRipper says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with Anderson Silva beat the crap out of everyone he faces, without even breaking a sweat.

    • dam says:


    • EP says:

      Michael Mantion aka DUMBASS MORON … this is one of the dumbest posts and or things i have ever read in my life. you are obviously just a GSP NUTHUGGER that has zero knowledge of the sport of MMA nor MMA fighters. You want to get rid of the Greatest MMA fighter of all time in history of UFC/MMA. Is that bc he is the named as the Best P4P fighter in the world, without question, and GSP isnt? And then you go on to complain about Silva’s shitty boring fights when Silva has finished 90% of his opponents in UFC. Are you a f***** idiot … YES! Plus its funny you are talking a guy who moves up in weight to 205 and finishes all fighters, one being a former champ, and cleared out a whole divison of top contenders most by finish and your praising one the most boring fighters and champions in hisory of MMA in GSP …. what an idiot and piker… get it together bro… oh and one more thing, bad news, if and when Silva does fight GSP, he will mop the octagon floor with his head and finish him soon after … without shadow of a doubt. Learn to know what the f**k you are talking about before posting nonsense and second more importantly learn how to RESPECT LEGENDS of MMA! Sincerely, EP

  3. Your Dumb says:

    Wow. Talking down about the most dominant and most exciting fighter in the world. Nobody can lay claim to what Anderson is doing or already done. Not. One. Fighter. Dead or alive.

    • Rex Farley says:

      You need to brush up on the original UFC’s then, throw Royce Gracie or Kimo Leopoldo in the ring with Anderson when they were back in their prime and he would get thrashed.

      • b real says:

        I am the only person who pities you enough to respond to your asinine comment, nevertheless, you really need to have your head examined.

      • yeamon says:

        yeah i agree with b real. your an idiot if you cant see how dominant anderson silva is. people like you need to just bury themselves in a grave because there are way more starving people out there that deserve to live more than you and that even dumber ass Michael Mantion.

  4. FREDERIC VALO says:



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