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Friday, 12/28/2012, 11:09 am

Dana White: Gilbert Melendez Likely Gets Immediate Title Shot | UFC NEWS

With the closing of the Strikeforce promotions doors next week, it would appear as if their lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, may get his wish to challenge for UFC gold.

The Strikeforce champion has beaten everyman he has ever faced inside a cage or ring and has now set his eyes on UFC gold.

UFC president Dana White addressed the media during UFC 155’s media events and when asked about the future of Gilbert Melendez he confirmed that he will likely get an immediate title shot.

“It will probably come right away. We’ll see”, said the UFC boss when asked about Gilbert’s title shot.


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  1. stevo the great says:

    Um……”the word “everyman” is not a word….those are two separate words….it is very hard to believe some times that you guys write for a living ans still post this stuff. If your job is writing….you should get better at it and PROOF read. Just a thought.

    • stevo the great says:

      Good thing I don’t write for a living… But for reals……

      • bahaha says:

        ^^ Most ignorant person on this site.

        • bahaha-who is really says:

          Because I can post as you cause this site is still messed up. Cheers to me using your name and email…..I’m so ignorant. You goomba….yes goomba like in Mario Bros. just a little brown shit thing that I jump on for fun….cheers.

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