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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 07:35 am

Dana White: Fu** Is My Favorite Word | UFC NEWS

“F—. F— is my favourite word, period.”

“Clint Eastwood is the one guy, the only guy, I’d give a s— that I’d really like to meet, sit down, talk to for 30 minutes. I’d better hurry up if that’s going to happen. I don’t know how much longer Clint’s going to be around.”

“If you see me speak now, and I go out and I speak anywhere, I’ve f—— spoke at every school you can think of. I speak at Bill Gates’ CEO Summit in front of all the top CEOs in the world. Listen, name it and I’ve f—— spoke there and done it. When we first were getting licensed in the state of Nevada, one of the commissioners called me up and asked me a question. I literally, man, I’m telling you, I f—— froze. Froze. I froze to the point they had to get a f—— dolly up there (laughs), wheel me out and take me out of there. Somebody came and got me, sat me down next to Lorenzo, and he goes, ‘What the f—- was that?’ I go, ‘I have no idea, dude.’ ”

“Working out these days makes me feel old.”

“Today we’re at the Wynn. It’s lovely here. It’s one of the nicest, if not the nicest hotel, in Las Vegas and one of the nicest hotels in the country, with all the things that they offer here. I’m here up in this bad-ass bungalow, but this isn’t where I am on Friday and Saturday night. I hang out in low-key places.”

“God, I’d love to tell you something right now. The problem is, I get in these interviews with you guys, I want to say all this s— I can’t say.”

“That’s a tough one, man. I think if you look at the fact that people still know who the (expletive) PT Barnum is, you’d have to go with PT Barnum as No. 1. Um, I’d probably put Vince No. 2. Vince and Don are both up there in age. Vince is still in there, (expletive) doing his thing, cutting huge major deals. I would put Don King No. 3. Who else did you have? You’d have to put Arum in there, too. You have to put Arum in there. And if I had to be on there, I’d put me last.”

“I wouldn’t say that I really admire anybody. I mean, I’m not like that.”

“To be honest with you, without sounding f—— cliché or whatever, I admire the Fertitta brothers big time. If I had to say that I admired anybody, I admire them. F—— smart. They’re the most normal, down-to-earth billionaires you will ever meet. They’re so f—— normal it’s abnormal that they’re that normal, you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I’ve been arrested a few times. Nobody’s ever asked me that… I’ve been arrested for assault. I got into fights when I was a kid. Street fights. Drinking as a minor. Stuff like that. Normal stuff that people get. I never robbed any banks or anything like that.”

“I don’t like to talk about myself and what I’ve done or whatever. It is what it is and people will decide eventually what I did and how f——- great people think I was.”

“Army movies look cool, looks fun and s—. I can’t f——- even imagine being in the middle of that s—- and doing what those guys do. Do I consider myself a courageous person? Yeah, in certain ways. The balls that it takes to go out and do what those guys do every day is something that I can’t even f——- comprehend or wrap my brain around. And then there’s people who are courageous in other ways. You’ll have a family who has two handicapped children that they have to take care of, and every day they live for these people and they do what’s necessary to take care of these people. That’s f——- courageous.”

UFC president Dana White recently spoke with Canadian journalist Dave Dlibert and surprise, surprise! He revealed his favorite word.


14 Responses to “Dana White: Fu** Is My Favorite Word | UFC NEWS”

  1. Maybe he’ll hire me, i can’t get a job cause i can’t say anything without saying fuk, six times in any one sentence!

  2. Oh my gosh , i signed in as my Facebook but why am i Daniel Darrow? IM GOD DAMN DANIEL RIVERA

  3. Hell yeah Dana.
    who the hell is daniel darrow

  4. Only cuz i hate typing.

    If only i could change the F key to the F word…

  5. The real cat smasher says:

    Fuck fuckity fuck fuck

  6. Ruben says:

    What a class act.

  7. Nick says:

    He keeps it real. Who gives a fuck what he says? Fuck is a great word. It adds flavor to the sentence. Adds that extra emphasis.

    • What he said… And, it makes a good filler word when you’re thinking about the next words in the sentence. Especially if you’re punch drunk like me or Dana. I don’t think it’s a bad word, cause i for one have never used it in it’s true sense of the meaning to say, ask a girl if she wants to fuk. Where as, judging from the pic, Dana probably just did – what is with the young harlot in the background?

  8. chinese rob says:

    he speaks the truth. i like that last part a lot. i work with handicapped kids and it’s way harder and draining both mentally, and physically then most people could ever comprehend.

    i’ve met dana a few times and he’s always been just a normal dude. real friendly and always willing to help out. one of the most “real” people out there.

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