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Sunday, 10/09/2011, 10:12 am

Dana White: Frankie Edgar is #2 pound for pound best fighter in the world behind Anderson Silva, Wants Aldo vs. Edgar

“If you really look at what pound-for-pound means, you cannot deny that Frankie Edgar is Number 2. The guy weighs 145 pounds and he’s beating guys at 155 pounds. He beat a guy who had him out of it. A guy who many believed had his number. He knocked him out tonight… He’s an amazing human being. He’s an incredible athlete, and he’s got a heart the size of this room.”

“Honestly, I’d like to see him move to 145 and fight Aldo”

“Did you see the size difference between those two tonight? I’ve been telling him for a long time he should fight at 145. I’m not his dad or trainer. That’s his decision. He’s a grown man and knows what he’s doing.”

“All these other guys that he fights are so much bigger than him. I think that fighting out of your weight class isn’t healthy. I don’t think it’s healthy long-term. I don’t think that guys that fight a weight class above them and take damage can have the longevity that other fighters can have. I think when you fight with guys that are your own size, you don’t take the punishment that you take when you fight bigger guys. The weight classes are there for a reason.”

UFC president Dana White tells the media during last nights UFC 136 post-fight press conference exactly what he thinks about his lightweight champion, Mr. Frankie Edgar. Giving him p4p status over GSP and wanting to give him the opportunity to be the first two division champion in UFC history.



114 Responses to “Dana White: Frankie Edgar is #2 pound for pound best fighter in the world behind Anderson Silva, Wants Aldo vs. Edgar”

  1. Jason says:

    Hell ya, I think jose can take edgar. That was an amazing ko to gray I gotta say though

  2. steve says:

    fuck outa here dana number 2? maybe number 4 did u forget about gsp and aldo

  3. anomaly says:

    Edgar has some serious heart, but number two pound for pound? He’s defended twice.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen, but Aldo isn’t looking so hot lately. He better up the game again because I really want t osee Edgar lose. I hate his style. For every step he takes forward, he takes three backward in retreat. He’s faster than everyone and he has great footwork, undoubtedly a real tactician, but I want a champion and a pound for pound best to be able to stand in the pocket for more than 1.5 seconds.

    • bennyj says:

      couldn’t be more ignorant, do you know how long 1.5 seconds is to sit in the pocket and wait to be hit ? why do people think that the fighter with the clear speed and technique advantage is going to stand their and trade bombs with the bigger guy that hits harder. 90% of ppl that post on forums have no mma experience

    • Big J says:

      Anomaly, I couldn’t agree more with you. I get frustrated watching his style, land a leg kick then retreat, I can only imagine how frustrated his opponents get who have to fight him. This time Edgar did a good job of finishing, but I sometimes question his and other champs, e.g. GSP, approach in these title fights. It seems more and more they are trying to do enough to get by on points as opposed to truly trying to finish the fight.

      As far as Dana’s comment on Edgar being the number 2 pound for pound, I think he was letting his emotions get the best of him….he was caught up from having it be a good night and it translated into his thoughtless comment…How does someone know who the best pound for pound fighter is anyway. There is no way to measure that, it is all speculation….

    • Quazzi says:

      lol u mean u want him to stay longer than 1.5 sec so he can get hit? It is not like he is moving away and doing nothing. He is always pushing the pace and attacking. He is a great counter fighter and uses his small size and speed to his advantage. Not a big fan of his but have to give him respect that he is at least a top 5 p4p. Agree i would wait to see if he can defend a few more times before i put him ahead of gsp or aldo but no question he is in the mix

  4. sadam says:

    If the Jose that ruled the w.e.c. show up frankie will get his head kicked out of the octagon.

    • Mircfsc says:

      The aldo that ruled the WEC is still the same one that’s been in UFC fights – HE JUST HAS NEVER FACED ANYONE THAT GOOD IN THE WEC…come on now people. Aldo is the shit, but he won’t be as successful at 155 in the UFC.

  5. Lambo says:

    LW is stacked right now, and plenty of talent is waiting to smash Frankie! I think Grey was in his own head, wouldn’t listen to his corner, and couldn’t capitalize… 55’s is stacked! and I’m ready to see Frankie get smashed.

  6. Voicein the desert says:

    My current list:

    1. Georges St-Pierre
    1.a Anderson Silva
    2. Jon Jones
    3. Frankie Edgar
    4. Jose Aldo
    5. Jon Fitch
    6. Dominick Cruz
    7. Cain Velasquez
    8. Gray maynard
    9. Chael Sonnen
    10. Gilbert Melendez

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      awww dana white hurting the voice’s feelings? lol even dana is not impressed w gsps performances. no one is other than canadians, bitchess (females who think hes hot), and bandwagon record lovers.

      • tyrone shoelaces says:

        So defending the belt 6 times in a row means your getting worse. I wouldnt imagine you as a particularly sucsessful person.

      • Nick says:

        Uuummmm… correction. i like gsp, ima amarican, and ima guy(whose straight) he does wat he has to do defend his title, and it works for him. hes not a bitch to entertainment, so he could give a rats ass whether or not he entertains u guys, or dana for that matter. hes there to find out how good he is, and make money while doing it. hes not a fighter, hes a mixed martial artist.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          you’re american? maybe you should learn how to spell america, that’s something that uuuummmmm needs correction. who’s your next favorite fighter jon fitch? gtfo loser.

        • Nick says:

          Ok dude. sry for typing to fast and having a typo. ur rly not good at holding an argument r u? cuz talking shit abt me doesnt change anything abt wat i said. and no, i havent seen jon fitch fight. wat exactly r u gaining from tryna act tough and cuz out ppl on a computer? i seriously doubt that ur ever gona meet any1 here and their going to instantly recognize u and b like “oh shit, dont fuck with that guy, i watched him bitch out a kid on bj penn’s website” rly dude? and as for gsp? if u think hes such a little bitch then y dont u fight him?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          go watch jon fitch videos and tell me if you enjoy watching him fight. then compare those fights wit gsps last 3 fights. you’ll see where im coming from kiddo.

    • TheXperience says:

      Looking at your list its obvious you DONT KNOW SHIT about MMA… GSP above Silva? Gilbert Melendez at 10? (did u ever see Gilbert fight???). Jones above Aldo after 1 title defense? (really?) Fitch above fucking Cruz and Cain? whatever crack ur smoking must be from Pluto cause ur as looney as they come!

      • Dude... says:

        Judging by your response, I would say you’re the “looney” one (and, no, I’m not the guy who posted the list!). The man (or woman) is just expressing his (or her) opinion, but it sounds like you broke a vessel ! With your vast mma knowledge and “Xperience,” post your own top ten and expose yourself to “looneys” or JUST RELAX AND CHILL. You’re acting if your Momma got punched in the face! RELAX.

    • that guy says:

      get off gsp’s nuts u faggot

    • Raja says:

      There’s a whole lot wrong with that list..first of all there’s no way GSP should be above Anderson (and I’m Canadian by the way) and how do you figure Jon Fitch is that high and why is he above Cain and Dominic..and Gray, Chael, and Gilbert shouldn’t be on that list either..(ok maybe Gray, and Gilbert still has a lot to prove once he enters the UFC and Chaels just talks alot)/….youre talking pound for pound ..a JDS or a BJ Penn but not Chael for gods sake …thats just stupid..don’t let all his BS get to you..

  7. sombody tell this bald prick to quit overexxagerating frankie edgar weighs about 158 to 160 and fights at 155. wheres bj penns credit for being 165 and fighting at 170 and being a former champ at that division. im not that impressed with frankie and as far as an aldo fight goes give jose 2 kicks at that little leg of the jersey mole man and his footwork (running) goes out the window

  8. luls says:

    You guys are all fking retarded. Edgar deserves the number 2 spot p4p.. Quit being biased. I hate edgar because he beat bj but I will give credit where credit is due. Edgar is too good and I hate it. I want edgar to be champ until bj comes back. Bj needs to jump on some juice as his career seems to be settling down. BJ can you freaking get it together and win a damn fight like you use too.. GESH. I wont order no more fights if he loses to DIAZ.

  9. Cody Schumacher says:

    Na it goes Anderson aldo then Frankie gsp Jones

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Based on Aldo’s recent performances, I think Edgar can take him. Edgar has improved after each fight and has proven that his mental game is the best in the division.

    I mean compare and contrast his title defenses. He has defended it 3 times and all three of those were rematches. Comparing the rematches to the initial matches when he first met Gray and Bj Penn and you can tell he has improved after each fight. Aldo hasn’t impressed me a whole lot since he joined the UFC and his fight with Ken Flo could have gone either way.

  11. P4P is nothing but an opinion based list u fools. ur opinion is not any better than the next guys and in my opinion hes not in top 5

  12. Brian says:

    Well idk about #2 pvp he beat Penn twice by decision, a draw and a tko over maynard… He is probably a top p4p fighter but i wanna see him against the other top 155 like Bendo,Guida,Pettis and Melendez if he can finish them off and not just decisions then i’d put him over GSP as #2 p4p

  13. respectexpected says:

    One of the best point fighters out there, but when it comes to being pound for pound dangerous. It’s fighters who if the referee didn’t stop them they would end their opponents lives quite quickly that should be the top Pound for pound. Anderson, and Aldo the two other guys he mentions. would seriously kill people if it weren’t for fights being stopped. I think if Frankie kept hitting Gray he actually woulda ended up waking him back up

  14. Jpeech says:

    I hate Edgar but he impressed me last night not going to lie but do i think he is better than Gsp? Hell no
    I wanna see him fight Bendo and see how he handles that beast

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      he has a better chin than gsp thats for sure. p4p frankies better than gsp, hes fighting in a division where hes the smallest guy unlike gsp where hes one of the biggest guys in his. p4p wise frankie is better than gsp.

  15. Alex says:

    Tbh I also think its a bit giving him number 2 spot. his last two fights he almost got finished in first round. Plus he is far from cleaning his division. And about aldo. Yeh he wasnt that impressive this fight. but have to take in mind how much florian made aldo think with the constant takedown attempts which made his standup not as fluent as usual.

    And to Dana about this p4p. remember that frankie also gets advantages from being the weight he is and giving him more credit for winning at lightweight is a bit ignorant. as you see gray couldnt use his size because frankie was alot faster. he wouldnt be as fast if he were grays size.
    I know Bj would agree with me 😉
    And again not taking anything away from frankie. he’s the man! but it’s to fast giving him the #2 p4p spot

  16. T.DADDY says:



    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      no hes the champ for a reason n he earned his belt unlike brock. brock would turn fetal to those punches from maynard not frankie.

    • allmightysandman says:

      you still hating him cause of the BJ fights? if you can’t give him props for that fight last night then IMHO you do not possess the ability to be reasonable.

      anybody that has success against BJ gets no respect on this site…and i understand that it is BJ’s site…but to say that Edgar shouldn’t get full credit for that fight is just being a hater.

  17. Nick says:

    Dude, this is bull fucken shit. there is no way frankie is top 2. in the 1st round last night he was getting smashed and not doing much to fight back, the rest of the fight was debatable. dana, if u rly think hes top 2, move him up 15lbs and make him fight gsp. gsp will break this jersey bitch. i agree hes somwhere at least close to the p4p list, but not top2. i think anderson and gsp have a strong hold over those possitions. i like the list as it was. anderson, gsp, aldo. and aldo is losing his mojo.

    • Johnny says:

      yah man and lets make gsp fight at heavy weight hahaha, dude your missing the point to pound for pound and what it really means. try reading what Dana said, very very slowy this time.

      • Nick says:

        Uuhhh, dude?…. they have to b in the same weight class to fight… i get that p4p means that if they were all the same weight, who would b best. but in reality, they arent. so for them to legaly fight, by rules of the ufc, one of them would have to move class. and seens how every1 wants gsp to move up to fight silva to see whose better, idt hes gona want to move down, then back up, or vise versa. does any of this make sense to u? or am I going to fast? iv only been watching this for abt a yr and i no this. i hope to god uv been watching longer than me.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yeah if you’ve only been watching for a year you might wanna shut the eff up. gsp said he was willing to fight anderson on more than one occasion then once anderson hurts someone pretty bad gsp says some bs about having to gain weight correctly and blah blah, hes a scared lil puss, aldo edgar will happen before gsp and silva ever does.

        • Nick says:

          Dude? were u even paying attention to my comment? i never said anything abt aldo vs edgar? i didnt even bring up aldo? and wat the hell is ur prob with gsp? did he fuck ur mom or somthing? i no it seems like hes pussing out, and the weight class shit is definatly bs, but theres alot of fights he needs to do in WW b4 he should move up. if both of them can beat all the best fighters in their class then they should fight. i get all that. and again, i havent been watching ufc for as long as u. so y cant u understand this?

  18. DaRuckuz says:

    Hes alright,I still think BJ would kick his ass if they ever rematched.

  19. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I must admit, Edgar did impress me tonight.

  20. fif son says:

    frankie is a true champion with huge heart, i have much respect for him

  21. TheXperience says:

    Everyone saying Aldo looked bad.. is not giving Kenny any respect… Aldo did not look bad at all, he looked smart. He looked like a champ! I don’t know why everyone is downplaying Kenny Florian’s skills. Kenny Florian is a fucking beast. He’s a veteran of the sport and he got SICK SKILLS alround! sure he lost 3 title fights… but he didnt become the #1 contender for nothing! he got to that point 3 times cause he destroyed everyone else in the division! Kenny Florian was a step up in competition for Aldo and that showed.. he learned from that and will adapt. Titles don’t come easy… and it’s even harder to keep a hold of it. Last night it showed that Aldo got a KungFu grip on it and i don’t see anyone taking it away anytime soon. (and no Edgar doesn’t stand a chance either).

  22. sgt thai clone says:

    When Frankie defends his belt6 or 7 times then he will be number 2 GSP has fought how many times now?? and none of them scrubs-Sorry Dana your jumping the gun on this one

  23. TranceAngel says:

    There is no such thing as pound for pound you bunch of ignorant fools. Twinkle toes Edgar is overated and would be easily destroyed by any good counterstriker.

  24. Ruch says:

    The longer ur a champion the more people will break down your style and formulate a game plan to try defeat you thats why I don’t think Frankies #2, he is on MY current list but hes not #2 thats for sure, IMO the longer you hold a belt proves how good you are due to the fact that its not just ur opponents team devising a tactics to beat you it damn near everyone else.

  25. All I got to say is…BEN HENDERSON! Can’t stand jack rabbit Edgar..

  26. I don’t mean to discredit Edgar…but that statement is outrageous. He pulled one out of his ass… after getting beat down… just like he did the last time he fought the guy…. great job.. but to make a statement like Dana has is absurd. Does that mean Cheick Kongo was the 2nd pound of pound best after he fought Pat Barry? Frankie deserves his due… he did awesome.. and has consistently improved.. those are facts…… lets leave it at that..

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      how do you compare mid level guys at hw to top guys at lw? pat berry was not the top fighter in the hw division when he was close to knocking out kongo and kongo wasnt a top contender either, i just dont get your comparison. frankie and maynard are the top 2 fighters in the lw division and edgar showed heart and great will once again, this time shutting all the critics up with a tko over gray maynard. edgar is the truth and the fact of the matter is hes probably the smallest guy at 155 n hes the champ, he definitely deserves to be ranked highly as a p4p champion.

      • People are too quick to say someones the best after an impressive win. the truth is… Maynard got caught.. after not capitalizing….. he smacked the shit out of frankie in the first and hit the brakes.. he should have just stepped on it again… simple as that… props to frankie on his win.. but.. no.. he is definitely not the #2 p4p best. Its a complete exaggeration.

    • Johnny says:

      dude frankie is walking in at 145, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN UNDERSTANDS THIS!.

  27. JD says:

    Edgar over Aldo, Jones, Cain, ok… But over GSP? naaaaahhhhh you can say whatever u want about gsp, u can say he doesn’t look good, he’s not exciting to watch, he has an horrible accent in english but damn! how can u deny he’s the second best p4p fighter in the world

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      easy, hes p4p one of the bigger ww’s in the ww division however frankie’s probably the smallest guy in his division. gsps a punk bitchh n i hope condit wipes the floor with him.

      • Donnybrook says:

        Keep hoping cause that’s all you’ve got… GSP’s going to do to Condit the same as what Rory did but with out getting caught… he’s too smart and that’s what makes him #2 p4p.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          too smart aka too chickenshit.

        • EddieGladstone says:

          Aww someones got themselves alittle grudge.
          “too smart aka too chickenshit”
          Look at you, very clever.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          thanks eddie it comes naturally, unlike gsps actual fighting skills. he should have starred in real steel as the dummy robot.

        • Live2win says:

          Tough guy mmaislandjunkie. Just a tough guy toughen it up.

          Hey brah..?

          I agree with JD but don’t really care about Gsp.
          The guy wins so he’s not a bad fighter, just about better overall then Hughes.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          live2win i dont care for gsp i think he would take any shortcut he had if it meant he would win. some ppl think thats where the honor is at not me. he fights safe and never admitted to greasing, thats nuff said for me. the guy is a loosah in my book.

    • Johnny says:

      because gsp doesn’t walk in under weight to his fights, gsp walks in at 194 but Frankie walks in ten pounds under weight.

  28. cwizzo says:

    I dont think anyone really thinks about what they are saying when they talk about P4P. What that means kiddies is that if everybody was in the same weight class (i.e the same size) who would be the best fighter? So in that context I would actually think GSP is the number one P4P because if everybody was at 170 for example.. he would beat anyone. So if he were a real 185’er he would beat A Silva or 205’er Jones etc.. Frankie is good but would he beat Silva? GSP? if they were all the same size. I think not.. but thats just my opinion of course.

  29. Cool Rage says:

    Dana White should have at least hear what Nam Phan has to say after his fight. He said “I came there to fight, that’s what’s MMA is all about, some guys would get to the cage just to win”. .. as a fan, we need fighters like Nam, Leonard, Pat Barry, Cain etc in the cage a lot, guys that really finishes fights. Not LAME-ASS Franlie Edgar and GSP. Worst is, they’re current Champs. Can anybody knock the hell out of these two and oust ’em out of the UFC for good? Hopefully soon, im tired of them being there.

  30. Nick says:

    HEEEELLLLL YEEEESSSS!!!! i agree with this guy 100% except for the fact that gsp would not beat silva. i think thatll b silvas best fight, but hed still win. but i agree that edgar is not in the top 2. hes not even top 5 on my list… i dont feel safe putting that up here tho, cuz theres alot of fagots *cough-u no who u r-cough* that take things said on a fucking computer way to damn serious to b straight. its a website for(and i emphasise this) FUCKING OOOPPPIIINNNIIIOOONNNSSS!!!… thatll b all from me :)

    • cwizzo says:

      I am not sure if GSP can beat Silva if he moved up in weight. But if we are talking P4P and they were really the same size I think GSP has the perfect skillset to beat Silva. So thats the only reason I say GSP would technically be the P4P guy. I think he would beat anyone if size was equal. I know Silva has accomplished more but that isn’t what I am arguing.. again just my opinion.

      • Nick says:

        I can see wat ur tryna say bro. i think ur right, but from how gsp is playing it, hed just try an grind out a decision. but he may just be doing that to defend his title and avoid geting tko’d or submitted, i still think itll b interesting. but if he trys to grind it out then hell get ko’d from silva. gsp is going to have to b more agressive to win that fight.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think GSP can beat Silva if he doesn’t let Silva control the pace of the fight and use his wrestling. Looking back at all the title defenses I have seen Anderson perform, he has beaten everyone soundly who has feared his striking. As soon as a contender realizes he is a just a man, just like some other undefeated person (Fedor), he can then be defeated. But, fighting him on his terms is the worst way to go about it. GSP has good stand up and a great jab but Anderson has excellent all around striking ability. He would need to submit him like Chael hopes to do next year and the reason he was so successful in their first meeting was because he didn’t fear Anderson. Fighting Anderson you need a sharp mental game or you’re bound to get clocked.

  31. to all says:

    Isn’t that the first finish Edgar has ever had in his MMA career? I really don’t know because I don’t waste my time watching fighters that chase points!!
    Love him or hate him, BJ PENN is by far the most exciting lightweight champion the UFC has ever had!

  32. Ahbustae86 says:

    DW is trying to hype Edgar cause he doesn’t sell fights. P4P # 2, seriously.

  33. Cool Rage says:

    I watched UFC112 live here in Abu Dhabi.. and seing BJ Penn got beaten by scoring with Frankie Edgar’s LAME-ASS hit-n-run style, was so annoying as hell. Total waste of time, energy and most of all, money for my ticket. Not to mention the Main Event between Anderson and Maia. If not for Mark Munoz making the exciting win against Kendall, i could have ask for a refund of the ticket. Mind you Dana White, UFC tickets doesn’t come cheap.

  34. johnfetu says:

    woooow!! the 155 class dosent have legnthy guys like jon jones(205), or boring fast wrestlers like GSP (170), or freakishly talented strikers like A. Silva (185) so to rank him p4p #2 is ridiculous….

    i still got aldo ahead of him on that list but only slightly… i mean i can see what dana is doing he may try to make this superfight card on the same day as pacquaio vs mayweather … but what he should do is make the spider vs bones or GSP and aldo vs edgar the same day… i guarantee it’ll be the most watched UFC or even MMA event EVER!!!!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      As long as these super fights are next year though. I am having trouble finding a bar that is showing the fight on more than one television because it is football season. This is the worst climate to watch UFC at a bar.

  35. Cheeeeeehooooo says:

    My top 10 MMA list of TOP pound for pound fighter in MMA ARE:::
    1# Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Ritch, with a reputable 88 Losses
    2# Paul ‘Hands of Stone’ Jenkins, 66 Losses
    3# Dennis Reed, 60 losses
    4# Shawn Nolan 56 losses
    5# Bryan ‘Hardcore’ Robinsom, 52 losses
    6# Johnathan ‘BIG’ Ivey, 45 Losses
    7# Travis ‘The Ironman’ Fulton, 43 losses
    8# Brandon Quigley, Tied with travis @43 Losses
    9# Jamie ‘Pitbull’ Purcell. also tied at 43 Losses
    10# Jamie Webb 41 Losses..

  36. fufumonkey says:

    Would take Aldo over Edgar. Maynard is a one punch fighter and after that one punch he had nothing left. Aldo is more skilled then Edgar it all depends which Aldo shows up. Aldo threw less then 10 leg kicks against Florian and his leg was still messed up. If Aldo threw leg kicks all fight he would have finished Florian. I want to see Aldo vs Edgar at 155 after being sick Aldo can’t handle the weight cut something is not right. Only way to see who is better is them fighting no one thought Edgar would win by TKO anything can happen.

  37. Josh Gunn says:

    They should fight at 146 and fight title vs title

  38. quintajl says:

    To be correct on your article. Dana White said in the post fight interview that Frankie Edgar would have to vacate the light weight title if he wanted to move down to 145lbs Division. Not hold both titles at the same time.

  39. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    I think DW is full of shit about this p4p …Frenke defend his title ones after fighting 4 times and his better and reason is that he is smaller 55 who give shi* about that if he wont to fight in 55 so he chose that …i agree DW wont to make Edger more popular because nobody like to whach him…Ticket nobody wont buy …..For me if all fighter be same white i think GSP is the best…as long mm fighter today Silva is the best but GSP is the best MMA practitioner ……Edger is not in top 7 …….

  40. El Charlie says:

    Personally I wouldn’t rank him 2nd on the top pound for pound but he’s well on his way up. Beating B.J Penn in back to back fights while displaying a dominating performance is no easy task. No easy task for a man of his build, when most fighters his size fight a weight class below. I think that’s what Dana’s trying to get through. Not only that but he fought a guy who outweighs him naturally by a good 35 to 40 pounds, got his ass handed to him in their first 2 bouts but still showed the heart of a champion and hung in there. You see a lot of people misinterperate what it means to be the p4p best. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with your resume, or your record but more how you perform in your weight division. How dominating, how much you execute, do you finish fights? What have you done in your weight division that sets you aside from all other champions. I still don’t think he’s ahead of GSP, but he’s most certainly tied for 3rd with Jon Jones. one thing’s for sure Frankie Edgar won me over Saturday night when he defeated Gray Maynard the way he did. A guy who everyone counted in (including me) and had Frankie back to the drawing boards before the fight even began. I sure am excited to see him blossom more than he already has. If you ask me he’ll be holding that title down for quite a while.

  41. Marc G says:

    I think edger really has the rare gift of having top of the division wrestling and boxing, combined with both great speed and endurance. This is the magic combination for long title reins. BJ penn is one of the most gifted natural fighters in the world, he just has this finishing instinct that no one else has. The UFC owes so much of its lighter weight divisions success to him. Frankie though has that combination skill set, dedication, and “modern MMA” champion needs. I think that he would have a great fight wiht Aldo, but at 145, frankie would finish Aldo. Aldo would take round 1, maybe have a few decent exchanges on Frankie. The second round he would throw a inside leg kick, then fly through the air on a power double and find out what hapens to all your BJJ when a div 1 “top of the food chain” wrestler is on you. This would not finish aldo, but the rest of the fight would keep him from throwing any kicks. Frankie has better technical boxing and foot work. The handspeed and wrestling of Frankie wuld destroy Aldo, round 3 or early 4 KO

    • El Charlie says:

      Well said, I totally agree with you. Aldo has the skill set to eventually surpass Frankie I think. Maybe I’m speaking too soon or maybe not but you can’t deny that Jose is extremely talented(not that you were, just saying). His explosiveness is something that can give Frankie trouble, but nothing he can’t overcome. But then again in mma anything can happen. Would love to see this fight sooner than later. It has fireworks written all over it.

  42. Findog23 says:

    who gives a crap about the p4p rankings? i mean it is all according to an individual’s perception and beliefs. people get all worked up over a ranking that is nothing more than a popularity poll. frankie edgar is not the 2nd best by any means in my opinion. this list is also based on ufc only for the most part. if anyone really thinks that only the best are in the ufc then you really do not have a clue about mma.

  43. Xaninho says:

    “The weight classes are there for a reason.”, If the weight classes are there for a reason, why not have fight day weigh-ins?

    Then we would have the fighters fighting in their own weight classes. I mean the size difference between Maynard and Edgar was ridiculous. Maynard looked like a 185, let him compete ate 185 if that’s his weight. Having that said, it’s an even greater accomplishment of Edgar to KO a much bigger fighter than him. Frankie Edgar is the real-life Rocky Balboa!

  44. Voicein the desert says:

    Just because BJ did not make my list at this time does not mean I do not think he is done. Quite the contrary.

    BJ Penn is the best lightweight fighter. Just not at this time.

    I would like to see BJ cut to 145. He would rule that division for at least 2 or 3 years. BJ has the stuff to put Aldo to sleep and fast.

    I do not believe that it was a good move for BJ to move up to 170. But he could make a liar out of me and trounce Diaz, then beat Fitch in the rematch. Then who knows?

    Still, I would rather see BJ fight at a weight I feel would be more suitable for his frame. He would be that much faster and the weight cut will make him meaner than a rattlesnake caught by the tail… :)

  45. jeff says:

    I was a Maynard fan going into this fight, was before that, and still am now. But after that performance by Edgar, one can’t help but give the champ the respect he does deserve. Dana White’s words at the post PC hold true to some extent, if not completely. Gotta give respect where respect’s due, and after Saturday’s win, Edgar sure got mines. As for Aldo, I miss those days when he was disposing of guys left and right with a fashion deserving of highlights. His last two or three fights were far from that. So in my opinion, I think Edgar would stand a very good chance against Aldo especially if Aldo fights the way he does now. By the way guys, p4p IS only opinion-based, so the only ones who do regard a p4p ranking to be official is that of those who gave the opinion. But then again, I’m no expert, I’m just another fan of this great sport we are blessed to have called MMA and who enjoys a good fight!

  46. Creature says:

    So when Bendo destroys Edgar does he take his spot on the P4P list? 😉

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