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Thursday, 03/01/2012, 08:58 am

Dana White | Frankie Edgar Can Get Immediate Title Shot In 145 Division, Unsure If Lightweight Still An Option

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about a rematch. Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy has fought, he’s given everybody else a rematch. Yet, I don’t want him to fight at 155 pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title… If I’m gonna deny him the rematch for the 155-pound title. I’m gonna make him move to 145 and say, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna have to fight a couple fights first to get the title.’ Does that sound right? No. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this situation. Frankie and I are still talking.”

During yesterday’s UFC on FX 2 pre-fight press conference UFC president Dana White went on record and stated that if Frankie Edgar moves to the UFC’s featherweight division he will get an immediate title shot against Jose Aldo. However, he stopped short of saying the same would be true at lightweight, the division where Edgar just lost his title.

For the past two years the 155 pound division has been clogged up with rematch after rematch and Benson Henderson winning the title gave everyone a sigh of relief. The future now looks hopeful that the lightweight division will become more active in the championship realm, however a rematch for Edgar would stall out the contender line once again and for the third straight year.

For Edgar, UFC president Dana White is saying that he may not have a choice, that he make him go down to 145 pounds if he wants to continue his career. One reason is due to his size and another reason is due to the continual damage Edgar takes in his fights against larger opponents.

Almost any fighter will tell you that you never give up a chance to fight for a UFC title, if the UFC offers you a title shot you take it, regardless of circumstance.

Will Frankie deny White’s offer to take a shot at Jose Aldo and waste an opportunity to become the third man in UFC history to win two separate division titles?

Stay tuned…

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72 Responses to “Dana White | Frankie Edgar Can Get Immediate Title Shot In 145 Division, Unsure If Lightweight Still An Option”

  1. Thom says:

    Aldo would murder Frankie.

    • DewYouKnow8 says:

      Aldo would murder you. Frankie and Aldo is a toss up.

      • BX81 says:

        No I think what he said was correct. Aldo would murder Frankie. Would like to see the fight though.

      • m says:

        Hahahahah. Nicely played sir.

      • Thom says:

        didnt mean to insult you.. And no, its not a toss up.. in fact i’d be shocked if Edgar would even make it to the 5th… Also yeah, Aldo would probably kick my butt pretty good, whats your point?

        • omgaghost says:

          You have to remember: Any of the slightest criticism of Frankie Edgar will be taken as the most exorbitant of insults to the fanboys clinging onto his nut-sack. In turn they must vehemently insult you.

        • This is says:

          CLASSIC ! Well said…

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      Give the kid his rematch, If he looses than send him down a weight class. I get what Dana is saying about the LW division being logg-jammed because of these rematches but i feel they use there power almost like a parent that bought there son a car. UFC is getting to be a head-ache from all this drama.

      • lex walker says:

        str8 up, i think itsonly fair to give him his rematch

      • JC says:

        Complete agreement. It is fuckin retarded that Dana White said he believed that Edgar won that match and is trying to force him to go to FW.

        Im not an Edgar fan, but I think the guy deserves a rematch. He has been a company man, granting two rematches himself. Give the guy a fair shake.

    • jc says:

      dana needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to tell other people how and what weight class they should fight. frankie is the most successfull lightweight in history 3 title defenses which is only rivaled by BJ himself, who frankie beat twice, so i think his doing something right at lightweight, why change that. he lost a close title fight which many believe he won and the president is telling him he cant cut it in that weight class? dana wants frankie to move down only to help hisown selfish reasons because cannot find a fight for aldo.

  2. Jason says:

    aldo would murder frankie, and franke DOES NOT deserve a rematch, he got handled…

  3. Donovan says:

    Fuck you Dana!! That’s some bullshit!!

  4. suk my dick bitch says:

    Fuck all yall fags lol im gay suck it!!

  5. Jb says:

    Ass clown. Ofcourse he deserves a rematch since Dana has made Frankie do multiples. Has nothing to do with the bendo fight. Frank has done everything the UFC has asked of him. And aldo gasses if you havnt seen him look it up. Listen sports science named Maynard the strongest pound for pound fighter in the UFC if he can’t put Frankie away, scar face will gas.

    • Thom says:

      lol yeah because maynard is a much better striker/finisher than Aldo.. SMH.. If aldo’s weightcut goes well he can easily fight for 25 minutes without gassing.

    • darren says:

      strength has nothing to do with knockin niggas out

    • brian says:

      frankie was gifted a win against bj and gifted a draw against gray. he owed it to the fans and the organization to rematch them. this is hardly comparable to the way bendo was able to beat him. no rematch is warranted here.

  6. suk my dick bitch says:

    Jb yo dick little

  7. Dummyman says:

    This is bullshit. Fuck the business Edgar deserves a Damn rematch more than anyone in MMA. This would be complete bureaucratic bullshit!!

  8. slacker says:

    Aldo and Edgar would be a toss – up. Edge to Edgar.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      That makes sense slacker..I’d say the same.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      But Edgar has no punching power…. If Aldo cuts from 165-170 then Frankie is in big trouble.

      • Matt M says:

        It looks at times like he has no punching power b/c he’s going against bigger guys.. Ask Grey about his punching power ! Frankie @ 145 would be a bigger dude . He would match up w/ ANYONE .. YES he deserves a rematch at 155. But now that BHen is out for like 6 months why wait.
        Go down take a shot at the 145 Belt.. He could do what only 1 other has done. BJ Penn.. That would be amazing.. The cut or jump isn’t that bad for him as he said.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I want Frankie vs Aldo but I don’t want him to get seriously hurt. Take some time off bulk up and meditate on the next step.

        • Matt...Matt...Matt says:

          BJ is not the only one to get two titles in two different weight class man…ever heard of Randy Couture?

  9. the original steve says:

    he loses one fight and dana tries to fuck him out of a rematch becasue he really wants to see him at 145

  10. bryanfury85 says:

    Makes sense, edgar should go down to 145 to preserve his body and career because he does take too much damage from bigger opponents and i’m sure its not good for him. But who am i to tell a professional fighter what’s good for them?

  11. Steve O says:

    The difference is Frankie Lost to BJ the first time and Grey the 2nd…and first, but crappy judging cost those guys the fight so they had to give a rematch. Please some Frankie fan explain to me what he did in that fight against Ben to deserve a rematch??? Taking someone down is not good enough if you can’t advance your position or inflict damage which he did not do plus Ben got right back up everytime! FINALLY that strike and bike bullshit cost him!!

    • TellinItHowItIs says:

      Totally agree there sir. This whole “he DESERVES” rematch crap was played out once he started talking in the post fight interview with Rogan. This time Dana needed to be the one to as he says ” SHUT THE HELL UP” because look at the stats and visual. Frankie DID NOT out strike him, every take down was NOT effective being he never scored a single dominant position and almost got KO’d while Ben was on the ground, so where did Frankie Win that fight. I respect Frankie like crazy but he needs to be humble and realize he could take on the next “#1/2″ guy and be ready for another crack. The drop to 145 has hung over his head his WHOLE career, but I would even think 135 could be a possibility. He has the BIGGEST heart in the sport, but in no way shape or form was that fight truly close.

    • ... says:

      steve o than what is henderson? I guarntee this 1st time he defends his belt hes going to lose it..who has henderson finished in the ufc? The funny thing is nobody can finish frankie who fights at his natural weight when all the other fighters got at least 10 pounds on him during fight night. Frankie deserves a rematch ben got lucky with that upkick I can almost guarntee that wouldn’t happen in there rematch but who knows plus how come everyone is dismissing that frankie dropped ben as well and was throwing him around everytime they were in the clinch in my mind frankie is the more powerful fighter it just wasn’t his night..ben didn’t look good at all if pettis gets the shot next he’s gunna ko ben.

  12. Serg says:

    Steve o would you agree that our current ww interim champ beat Diaz like bendo did to Edgar? Benson won that fight, he out struck the champ and beat him. He deserves a new challenger, a contender whose also paid their dues

    • Mike McMack says:

      Aren’t you tired of having to say that Ben won that fight. I think that anyone who thinks Frankie won is delusional, I watched the fight live and then a second time. Frankie lost at least the last 3 rounds and possible the 2nd is you hold damage in higher esteem than strikes landed. Ben even won the compustrike matchup and the Frankie fans still say he out struck Ben. It’s crazy, it was a clear win for Ben. Was is close…yes but it was a clear cut victory for Ben and if/when they fight again Ben will win that one too. Hopefully he finishes Frankie in the rematch to leave no doubt.

  13. &; says:

    he deserves his rematch.

  14. omgaghost says:

    1) I wanna hear what Aldo has to say about this. I know his manager chimed in that Aldo would beat him. But what does the champ say?
    2) IMO I think Frankie should learn to cut weight safely, take a shot at the 145lb belt, then take a fight at 155lb to secure another shot at the belt.
    3) If Frankie could beat Aldo, he would be only the 3rd person to hold a title in two weight divisions. I think that’s worth a shot.
    4) I have no clue why I’m using number,

  15. Magoo says:

    I find it comical that Dana’s so concerned about Frankies well being, that he’d like to see him drop to 45, when it actuality he should be getting Aldo to move up to 55 cause the guy cuts from around 170 to make 45. Typical double standard business politics, stick to your guns Frankie you will get you rematch, in the mean time Pettis can take on the winner of the Diaz/Miller match for the #1 contenders spot.

  16. Mike McMack says:

    Frankie will have better cardio and wrestling but Aldo will have those vicious leg kicks. I’d love to see this fight since it’s hard to predict. Frankie would be the best opponent Aldo has ever faced by far and Aldo would actually have someone to match his speed. I think Frankie would easily clean out the 135 division but he’d have to go through the long process of making that weight cut easy on his body. I actually watched the 144 press conference to see what Frankie had to say about things and one of the questions was how much weight he cuts to make 155. He said it was maybe a pound without any dieting which means 145 would be an easy cut and 135 would be entirely possible.

  17. A.James says:

    Frank lost. End of discussion. Frank has got to look at what he’s done and be proud and start looking ahead. I believe he’s the number one pound for pound fighter in the world and I think he can prove it by being the first fighter in the UFC to claim gold in three weight classes. 155, 145, AND 135. I think he could really pull it off. He’s just got to look at the whole picture.



  19. haha says:

    frankie edgar is like the john cena of the ufc… stop shoving him down our throats, he sucks.

    flukes against bj and maynard. him and his stupidass “footwork” pretty tired of it. make him fight nate diaz, you’ll see his not a real fighter b/c he’ll run and nate will be talking sht the whole time. watch the point sparing match.

  20. haha says:

    give pettis the title shot… makes most sense for the UFC. The UFC is gonna get this stigma on it that all they do is have rematches. The immediate rematches need to stop already. Its becoming too trendy.

    UFC can sell bendo and pettis easy. Rematch of the last WEC lightweight championship match. last guy to beat bendo. I think its a bigger sell than edgar. Plus pettis just had a highlight KO, they can show that over and over on the build up videos.

    Also, edgar lost 49 – 46 according to joe silva. It wouldn’t make sense for joe to go for that rematch if he thought it was that one sided of a score.

  21. Michael says:

    i think aldo and edgar would be a great match but frankie’s always the underdog and i think he would win, look at what he did to maynard, bj and i honestly think edgar won againist henderson, since he was always taking him down and landing more shots but not doing as much damage though.

  22. MMAnalyst says:

    So, If Aldo would come ‘up’ for a title shot and Edgar would go ‘down’ for a title shot… well that sounds like a fight that should happen. Except Frankie lost his belt, so the match-up loses its ‘double champ’ significance. So, if Aldo won’t come up to fight Henderson, then for the UFC they need Edgar to go down to 145 for a good PPV… in my opinion, that is why they ‘care’ so much about Frankie’s health.

  23. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    How is Frankie supposed to give Aldo a challenge when he just lost to Bendo? Aldo is a beast and more than likely will KO Frankie. Not because Frankie sucks but because he takes a beating regularly. One knee like Mendes got and he’ll be on queer street. Even if Frankie drops down to 145 he will still be at a strength and weight disadvantage to Aldo. Don’t get me wrong I’d love for Frankie to prove me wrong and beat Aldo but it most likely won’t happen.

    If Frankie is stubborn about dropping to 145 have him fight Pettis. Either way he needs to bulk up and work on his punching power because it seems like point fighting (without damage) and takedowns are no longer enough to win. That’s bad news for Cruz too…

  24. Vtrapps says:

    Dana that’s bullshit than why dont you first put together bones jones vs spider Silva. Dont act like your looking out for edgars safty remember he punked every 150 pounder.and knocked out one of the biggest 150 in the class

  25. DLo says:

    Who cares about the division being clogged up. If it’s a going to be a good entertaining fight than let it happen. I want the rematch, so when he convincingly gets beat again he will have no other reason, but to go to 145. I don’t think he has accomplish anything at 155 other fool a couple of people into thinking that he beat BJ Penn. He did not win the 1st fight, and in the 2nd BJ gave up after the first round. Edgar isn’t garbage, but all he’s doing is stealing rounds and with the exception of a few people, he’s not fooling anyone.

  26. jacob says:

    I agree brian. Youre a goofy fuck if you think edgars performance warranted a rematch guys. Think about it.. the last thing the ufc needs is another 6 month delay for all these 155 contenders who deserve a shot, and we all know that hatsu hioki wont beat aldo and that frankie has a fighting chance against aldo. Its going to be a boring 145 pound division if frank doesnt fight jose end of story. Frank would lose to benson 8 times out of 10 i gurantee it.

  27. Steve O says:

    @serge first that fight sucked from both sides! Condit fought too conservatively and Diaz is just over rated because Diaz’s only real test in the last 5 years was BJ who didnt realize Nick didnt want to start fighting till the 4th. If Nick can’t bait you into a street style boxing match then he loses.

  28. hahaha says:

    I really hope noone is dumb enough to use the hominick fight as an example of aldo gassing, he was sick with the flu in the fight and still went thru with it, aldo is a beast an frankie would probably lose that fight

  29. Scary says:

    So Frankie should drop down and fight Aldo who walks around at 170 lbs and should be stepping up to fight Bendo!

  30. hahaha says:

    Very well said stevo , couldn’t agree with you more

  31. Dog chapman says:

    Two words bruddah small mans complex hes like im small already I dont wanna get smaller :(

  32. Xaninho says:

    Edgar can’t win the belt in 145, not as long as Aldo is holding it.

    Edgar doesn’t ‘deserve’ a rematch. It was not a draw, controversial decision or even a close decision. He just clearly lost that fight, so no grounds for a rematch.

    I know he had rematches, but those rematches he took were a follow-up on draw or controversial decision.

  33. Xaninho says:

    Edgar can’t win the belt in 145, not as long as Aldo is holding it.

    Edgar doesn’t ‘deserve’ a rematch. It was not a draw, controversial decision or even a close decision. He just clearly lost that fight, so no grounds for a rematch.

    I know he had rematches, but those rematches he took were a follow-up on draw or controversial decision fights.

  34. zack says:

    dana is just thinking of himself. of course you want frankie to go down to 145 so you can have aldo vs edgar and henderson vs pettis. that is some bitch shit. i cant stand dana white. the ufc is gunna fall just as fast as it got big.

  35. theanswer says:

    Let bendo and frankie have their rematch but on the same event let there be a titleshot match between the winner of miller/diaz vs petis/??? or something that would be a hell of an event

  36. jonsey says:

    frankie dont deserve shit,,,every rematch he gacve was cuz he really lost the fight and judges fukt the fight up…bj edger 1 bj clearly won,..then he lost his drive to train after working hard and getting robbed so he lost the rematch…then grey also won…the only reason they were rematch cuz so close….if u not frankie nut hugger then u saw frankie clearly lost and would lose again…frankie can beat aldo….look what HOMNICK did in the 5th…and edger can wrestle…edger would dominate…not to mention aldo has said that his figts at 145 are numbered cuz he is gettingt bigger,…i woould likee to see catch weight dominick cruz vs edger cuz they both punch AN run lke bitches,,,i dont think there would be any contact in thjaat fight lol..the 2 gayest styles

  37. Shawn says:

    IMO, in a career standpoInt, its better for Edgar to drop down. Even if be gets a rematch, the outcome would be the same, if not worse for Edgar. How much beating can one guy take? So he loses. He’ll get shot right down to the bottom of the barrel. Working up the ladder is tough. And there’s little left for Edgar at 155. Now if he moved down to 145, he would get an immediate title shot. And win or lose, he has plenty to test out in the FW division. Its a win, win for Edgar dropping down. Iffy stickin around at 155.

  38. Magoo says:

    It’s amazing how many of you actually think Frankie took a beating from Benson.Gray Maynard gave Frankie the worst first round beating ever 10/8 rounnds….and he did it twice!Frankie took more punishment in those first rounds against Gray, then he did against Benson in 5 rounds and still bounced back and won the fight! Where are all the people who use to think go up a weight class and challenging yourself made you a better fighter? In all fairness Frankie does it every time he steps into the cage!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree that Frankie has amazing heart as a fighter, but it seems he always needs two fights to prove himself. what is this double dutch MMA with Frankie Edgar? He lost the fight against Bendo, it’s time to work back to #1 or drop to 145.

  39. Edgar says:

    Fuck all you aldo fagg lovers!! What’s the point of Edgar going to 145 when he can manhandle fighters that are much bigger then him.. Aldo is scared to go up 155. Aldo couldn’t even finish Kenny kenflo. It stupid how everybody goes bananas when Aldo KO Mendez the weak weenie. Aldo will get MURDERED at 155!!

  40. DeeBullet says:

    Diaz v Henderson. Nate would take him apart.

  41. DOMBOMB says:

    Anthony Pettis or Nate Diaz should have a chance against Benson Henderson

  42. uhhuh says:

    well i hafta disagee edgar doesnt move up a weight class to challange himself hes fight at his walkin around weight to say hes jumping up a weight doesnt make sense, as for damage yes he did take alot more damage from maynard an it was clearly a 10-8 round so he shoulda lost the first fight but the judges gave it to him so rightfuly he shoulda lost it on the 1st fight with maynard. but bendo overall controlled the fight more then maynard did and wasnt gassed out like maynard after the 1st round majority of edgars so called take downs was from bendo loosing his footin if you watch the fight again you’ll see.
    and i also agree edgar should move to 145 if he does i think he can beat aldo so far he only faced wrestlers who have no striking an edgars good at both although he likes to go in an out but i think he will give aldo more of a challange then any other person hes faced in the ufc

  43. dana sux man says:

    just loses his title and now hes done stick a fork in him dana wont ya and send him to 145. hope he eats his words at the rematch .
    cause a man wen hes down and out can always pick himself up and win again. sad ppl. floyd mayweatm, was rite stop taking advantage of your fighters

  44. Adam Martin says:

    Fuuuhhck… poor Edgar. Aldo, a beast of a human being. If edgar can grab him perhaps he has a chance but thats a big if. And 155s has been riddled with rematches since Edgar took the crown, I don’t think the fans want to see another one. I for one don’t really want to. again, poor Frankie.

  45. wrestler says:

    i honestly believe that the lightweight division is more intense when these rematches take place. it makes it more epic. yeah seeing new fights and different belt holders is exciting, but its better to see the champs fight at all angles with a single fighter, to see their full capabilities against a challenge.

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