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Friday, 11/02/2012, 06:53 am

Dana White: Fedor May Be One Of The Greatest Heavyweights, But Not The Greatest Fighter Of All Time | UFC NEWS

“Do I think that Fedor is one of the greatest heavyweights ever? Yes, he’s one of the greatest heavyweights ever. I’ll give you that. Is he one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time? You’re out of your minds.”

(via Tuesday’s UFC Fan Chat)


45 Responses to “Dana White: Fedor May Be One Of The Greatest Heavyweights, But Not The Greatest Fighter Of All Time | UFC NEWS”

  1. Yes sir says:

    i couldn’t agree more dana. anderson silva, bj penn, jbj, gsp, aldo, cruz, hell even condit and diaz brothers and the guys he has lost to i would put in front of him. but in his prime when fighters were one dimensional he was the greatest hw of all time. but fedor in his prime vs alot of fighters right now in there prime would of had losses.

    • yeahrightman says:

      Ok first up. You can’t spell. 2 major mistakes in that that are not typos. Second, 27 fights is the longest win streak ever. Maybe the competition is better these days, but when he was in his prime he used to man handle ju jitzu artists and out strike kick boxers and submit UFC champions like they were amateurs. He’s the Ali, the tiger woods. Sure he fell from grace but…why am I even responding, you are an idiot.

      • You sir,are a moron says:

        Third,you are douche bag and should go play in traffic…dont critique someones grammar without pointing out his mistakes.typing alot instead of a lot doesnt warrant some dipshit like you to be the grammar police…

        • NoDoubtNOut says:

          “Yes sir” is obviously a special needs person, leave him alone people! Funny how people argue JBJ’s greatest threat is Dan Henderson, then “yes sir” comes along and says Fedor would lose to people that lost to the Diaz brothers LOL!! hahahaha!!! Fedor almost knocked Henderson’s ass out kid. Fedor is not the average heavyweight, he’s much smaller than them and has a chubbier look as well, but even with all those he still beat people like Antonio Noguiera. He submitted wrestlers and KO’d stand up fighters, but yah, he fought one dimensional fighters and he sucks right? Too bad he beat people in their own games, people who may have been one dimensional but their one dimension is superior to these guys with more game but less skill in each area. He beat people in their own areas showcasing his wide array of skills. Please, let’s all sign a petition that seals the right of opinion for special needs people like “Yes sir”.

      • Al says:

        I gotta agree with “yeahrightman”. For his time Fedor was untouchable with a ridiculous winning streak. That in my book qualifies for one of the greatest. Sure in todays competition he probably wouldn’t do as well, but you can’t rate an athlete in a different era of competition. That’s like saying Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, or Jerry Rice are not the best.

      • They Guy says:

        um yeah bro, i think that u had some good points but attacking someones grammar wasnt wise. you def said he handled ju jitzu artist, and I train in jiu jitsu, so I know how it’s spelled, but good points you made.

      • Mr T says:

        Hey guess what, Renan Barao has a longer win streak… He lost his first fight and is now 29-1-0-1

        • Al says:

          Barao has an awesome win streak but most of them are coming from no-names. Fedors win streak was against the top competition in the world.

    • Trex says:

      I’m actually quite surprised that you did not include Jones in your list. Last thing I remember that his defeat only came from his own mistake and since then has taken out some of the very best light heavyweights in the world, some of which are MMA veterans including Belfort, Machida and Shogun.

    • Mark G says:

      Fedors a fighter. Anderson s a mixedartial artist. Both are 2 of the greatest at WJAT they do. Anderson never blazed anybody with his hands the way fedor did. I think fedor from pride would have crushed Anderson. Maybe. Lol.

  2. Couldn't agree more says:

    Fedor is absolutely one all time greats, if not the greatest. Dana white says that he is one of the best HW ever, but forget that he is also one of the smallest HW ever to compete. In fact I can’t remember a fight in wich Fedor was the bigger man. Recently a poll was held among thousands of brazilian MMA fans to answer this very question, who is the GOAT. They could have easily went with Anderson, Junior or Aldo. Yet the brazilians acknowlged Fedor as the greatest with a massive 75% of the votes. Nuff Said.

    • milos says:

      your reply is on the money!! If passionate brazillian fans can acknowledge him over their legends it is non debatable…

    • Leo says:

      Fedor fighting a smaller man: Dan Henderson. Not bashing him though, he’s still one of the greatest in any weight class.

      • MMAFanatic says:

        I think he meant in the heavyweight division. Fedor at his time is the best heavyweight in the world. There’s going to be other great fighters years from now who will be better. Look if someone asked you during his time, who is the best mma fighter in the world? Who would you say? It would be fedor. Then maybe 5 or 10 years later, you can have a different answer. He is probably the 2nd fighter to make people react like in a “damn no one can beat him”. First one must be Royce Gracie. I give props to fedor for staying that long in mma. Perhaps there isn’t a #1 fighter in the world because Silva can’t fight JDS, Gsp can’t fight Aldo, Jones can’t fight Edgar. There really can’t be a number 1 fighter in the world. But fedor will come out as the greatest mma legend in the world

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  4. Mike b says:

    I agree with Dana to a certain extent.because I know that if fedor was a UFC fighter he would change his tune quick.One thing I never liked about Dana is that he bashes fighters that were never a part of the UFC.My opinion about fedor is that he will be known for being one of the best fighters ever in mma not the best!I think he’s the best heavyweight ever but not the best fighter in general.I mean his destruction of big daddy,hunt,Cro cop,big nog,Silvia,arlovski,Rogers,and randleman were just amazing.this guy is definitely the best heavyweight ever but not the best fighter of all time.Anderson silva is the GOAT,hands down.

  5. shawn says:

    Dana is a spoiled , soft kid who lies about his ” rough ” upbringing , as per his mother . He is lucky he is in the position he is and knows nothing about actual fighting . Fedor is without a doubt one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time . No question about it .

  6. Dee says:

    Anyone who questions Fedor hasn’t been watching MMA. Fedor is the best HW so far, and one of the best all time. He is a legend no need to comment anymore.

  7. Fedor is MMA Pioneer says:

    No one has the balls and the fighting spirit of The Last Emperor, Fedor. Every fight he was in was nothing but pure excitement and fighting spirit.

    Never one to back down, always to come right at you no matter what.

    We will never see another Fedor, Have a great life bro!

  8. Fedor is p4p best easily says:

    Every fight Fedor fought in was filled with pure excitement on edge of your seat.

    Never one to run around and just try to “get the W”, Fedor could of ended his career 31-0 but he fought guys that were tough as hell like Werdum and Big foot without thinking twice about it.

    We all know Werdum and Big foot and Hendo arent naturaly either.

    Fedor is the All Natural p4p Peoples champ and the greatest watch of all time.

    Just ask Brazil, or Mike Tyson.

    Fedor= GOAT, and great man

    • T.DADDY says:

      Gaydor is not the goat… He is a guy that will be remembered for having a great run in pride then never coming to the UFC and takin fights with unranked washed up bums.. his first real fight since pride was against Bigfoot and he got destroyed… Then everybody said bigfoot was too big… Then he fights Hendo a natural MW and gets ko’d… Lol..

  9. Bj BB says:

    Every fighter that was great, was great at the time. Back then no heavy weight fighter has done what fedor has done, But there will always be talk about how at that time the ufc had better fighters then pride did and fedor did not defend his undefeated record there. Saying some1 is the greatest of all time is based on a fans point of view, but at the time fedor was the best in that era and no matter what any1 says they cant take away that record away from him, he did it all, knocks outs! subs’s! and it was to guys a lot bigger then him. BUT! he still never fought the best in the ufc!

  10. Robert says:

    Dana white just leave it alone. I know you don’t like Fedor and honestly i didn’t think he was the best guy when everyone else did. But for a short period of time i can say i’m not sure if anyone would have beaten him. Take the fact that he managed to stand up with cro cop for even a little and managed to keep cro cop down at the same time he stood up with noguiera and avoided the ground.

  11. Adam says:

    Fedor is an All Time Great. No Debate.

    Anderson Silva is clearly the Greatest Fighter Of All Time. NO Debate.

  12. JoshLee says:

    Fedor IS one of the greatest of all time. A decade of dominance puts him right in the debate together with Silva and GSP. Jones? He’s good. If he defends his title 10 in a row, then we’ll talk.

  13. Ryan says:

    I can name 3 heavyweights in the ufc that would knock out Fedor in his prime and I am a 100% ufc mma fan I know my stuff I have watched every fight. jds cain carwin and that just off the top of my head

  14. Ryan says:

    I can name 3 heavy weights that would knock Fedor out when he was in his prime Cain Carwin and Jds

  15. Miles says:

    Fedor is the greatest of all time look what he did to big nog, cro cop when they were in there prime. When the ufc bought put pride and was bringing all the top hw’s and said they could be champions they were all guys that fedor destroyed. Dana will always say guys that werent in the ufc when he came around or wouldnt sign with them he said they sucked or were no good.

  16. LUCKY13 says:

    Just my opinion,Fedor, best all around fighter, Silva best technical fighter. I think why I think Fedor is one of the best if not the best was because he fought giants, guys much bigger than him, it was amazing and I agree with Al about the whole Babe Ruth, Michal Jordan thing

  17. nada sou sou says:

    Dana ruined MMA by buying good organizations and shutting them down.
    Dana is sore about all fighters he couldn’t buy.
    Dana talks a lot but how many fights has he been in.
    Dana is compensating for having a name that mainly females have.
    Dana is a cheap ass who likes to guarantee fights will happen, but really can’t. No one can.

  18. Shadleigh says:

    Fedor is DEFENITELY not the GOAT! He is one of the top 5 best ever though. Fedor weighed anywhere from 225-235lbs throughout his career. So from a weight that most LHW cut down from to make the 205lb weight limit, Fedor fought at his true everyday weight in the HW division. He did great for being an undersized HW. Fedor could have made 205lb easily. I can only imagine what he would have done if he would have fought at LHW.

  19. YoungLove says:

    Sure there are guys that would beat the hell out of Fedor now just like they are guys that would beat the hell out of Ali now but yet still just like Ali could be remembered as the greatest boxer of all time so could Fedor as regards MMA. Remember it’s not just fighting and winning but spirit, attitude, determination, personality and the overall atmosphere that some fighters bring to the ring/octagon that makes them great. Just remember that even Ali or M Jordan (basketball) were beaten but regardless they will go down in history as the greatest of all time lest some better comes along and to this date no fighter or athlete has surpassed what Fedor brought to the ring at his prime in Pride.

  20. first of all fedor was good…remember when pride was the biggest mma organization? he took out former ufc champions like randleman,nogueira,sylvia and a whole lot of other big names…he’s not the greatest when you consider guys like anderson silva,bj penn,matt hughes,chuck liddell,gsp,and others who became champions in the biggest mma organization,the ufc. the greatest hw might be randy couture no ifs,ands,buts..fedor not the greatest but one of the greatest……check out my website at

  21. TheLegend says:

    Young love speaks the truth… My thoughts exactly

  22. Jujitsu Player says:

    WTF is Dana talking about it makes no sense. By definition if Fedor is one of the greatest HW fighters he is automatically considered the one of the greatest MMA fighters because that’s the sport he competed in….Dana has some fuck£d up logic….He’s just bitter because Fedor turned down the UFC.

    IMO Fedor is the best HW fighter at all time, it will take JDS a long period of dominance to dethrone him.

  23. bruce says:

    Dana White. What a snakeoil salesman. He’s still pissed Fedor never signed with UFC. He just cant get over it. Fedor made Arlovski, Sylvia, Big Nog, look stupid. Did I leave any other UFC heavyweights out?
    Weak competition? B.S.- Too bad time travel isnt possible- boy would I have loved to see Fedor in his prime fight Dana Whites poster boys- Brock the Joke Lesnar, and any of these other clowns who wouldn’t have lasted 2 fights in Pride.
    Just watch the Kevin Randleman/Fedor fight and if that doesnt convince you Fedor is in another league,well then>>>>
    Sometimes I think he just took hits to wake himself up.

  24. Thom says:

    #1 p4p is fedor.. Hands down.. Skillwise its Anderson and BJ but if you’re talking p4p then its Fedor.

  25. T.DADDY says:

    Gaydor sucks.. he will be remembered for duckin Brock and duckin real fights in the UFC.. you can blame M-1 all you want at the end of the day gaydor makes his own decisions…

  26. CombatRusse says:

    I hate Dana White and all the bulshit he says
    But he is right on this point.
    I’m a fan of Fedor, who maybe at one point of his carreer was the best P4P fighter
    But he didn’t evolve and in my opinion, he’s not even in the top 10 best fighters of all the times

  27. cik66 says:

    During fedor’s time, they were without a doubt the best HW division in mma. Fedor would have killed Sylvia, Arlovski an did it to every HW in pride. He should be remembered as 1 of the alltime greats. Too bad we didnt get to see Fedor against the ufc in his prime, though he would have crushed them all.

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