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Monday, 02/03/2014, 04:20 am

Dana White: Faber Stoppage ‘Cherry On Top’ Of Catastrophic UFC 169 Event

Last weekend’s UFC 169 event broke the record for the most decision’s in one night.

To top it off, the main event was stopped right when it was just getting started.

During the post-fight press-conference an agitated UFC president touched on both:

“Faber was blocking those shots; he gave the thumbs up. He (Herb Dean) is the best in the business, as far as I’m concerned. Tonight, he made a mistake.”

“They both kind of get screwed tonight. Barao gets screwed and Faber gets screwed. It’s the cherry on the 10-decision, record-breaking catastrophe this evening.”


7 Responses to “Dana White: Faber Stoppage ‘Cherry On Top’ Of Catastrophic UFC 169 Event”

  1. Mike says:

    It was a good stoppage. He wasn’t going to do anything other than get hurt. The difference between Herb Dean and John McCarthy is Dean doesn’t allow fighters to get hurt, if they’re not defending themselves he stops it rather than letting them get knocked out

    • ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢ says:

      Agreed. Faber was getting outclassed… Herb probably saved Faber from getting a concussion or worse. I can understand the outrage… Guys like Brock Lesnar and Travis Browne have been given greater opportunities to survive onslaughts… but in this case, I agreed with Herb. I don’t think Faber was getting out of that position any time soon.

    • Matt Jenkins says:

      LOL I’ve taken 10x worse beatings in training. Those hammers slaps wouldn’t even hurt my sister. Shut up.

  2. Killswitch Corban says:

    It was going to happen at a UFC event sooner or later.

  3. Chris Griffin says:

    Doesn’t get a concussion really? He was intelligently defending himself. Anyone can get a concussion from a shin to the face. That was a bs stoppage

  4. Phil says:

    Faber had plenty of opportunity to do something but instead he decided to lay on Barao’s leg. Herb told him to defend himself but the only thing Faber did was lift his thumb…. If more referees stopped fights when a fighter decides to just hold onto the opponent while taking a beating we would have more exciting fights. That is not an intelligent defense, as Josh Barnett found out against Travis Browne.

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