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Thursday, 11/21/2013, 08:30 am

Dana White Explains Why Georges St. Pierre Owes The UFC More Fights

Although UFC President Dana White seemed to change his tune after irately criticizing Georges St. Pierre after St. Pierre spoke of walking away from the sport, it seems as though his comments still stand.

White went on “UFC Tonight” and said “here’s the reality: Georges St-Pierre took almost a year and a half off and he’s had two fights [St. Pierre has actually fought three times] since then because he blew his ACL out.”

“When you fight in this sport, there’s a small window of opportunity for people, and there’s a lineup right now of people who want a shot at that 170-pound title, White added. “You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to take off and put this on hold because I have personal problems.’ You can’t do that. No, you cannot.”

White reiterated that he has respect for the champion when he said “first of all, I’m the guy who talks about GSP all the time. Talks what an amazing champion he’s been… how he represents the sport, the title, the brand, his country, his list goes on and on.”

He still believes that St. Pierre made a mistake with his comments after the fight and said, “[St. Pierre] Shouldn’t have said it, [it] didn’t make sense, and it left everyone wondering what was going on, including me.”

White even revealed that St. Pierre told him after the fight that he was not retiring, and added “there will be a rematch. GSP did not retire on Saturday night.”


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  1. The natural says:

    He doesn’t owe us shit ! We watch him clean out the division. The best fight u have for him would b a rematch. He fought all the champion vs champion fights the big name fights he’s done more in the past two years unifying belts from jake shields super fight nick Diaz and he beat Carlos c. The other champ he’s done proving anything. There’s nothing left but now u see the bloodsuckers coming out just b happy u had him in organization

    • renzo says:

      He doesnt owe the ufc shit but owes it to Johny Hendricks for the rematch.That fight was way too close for Johny not to get a immediate rematch.

      • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

        WE all know GSP will never have gthe ba’lls to fight Johny again after the a’ss whoopin he took so its time for GSP to admit he gott his a’ss kicked and turn over the belt to Johny. GSP proved he isn’t the same fighter without PED’s and now its time to retire

  2. Joe says:

    Whats going on with Dana. He seems more manic and bipolar than the fighters. Maybe he’s suffering from some sort of bipolar disorder. 1 minute he’s in your corner and the next he’s in an all out war against you. Maybe its time for Dana to retire.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Georges doesn’t owe anyone anything!.. that fat bald PoS owes Georges an apology!

  4. Luís says:

    this piece of sh*t dana white continues to amaze me over the years
    NO, GSP does not owe you a god damn thing
    YOU need to stop acting like you own people, you ASS*ole, you need to stop runing the ufc like your runing a boat full of slaves
    thats the reason why fedor and other fighters wouldnt fight in the ufc and thats the reason that would make me go the other way if i were a fighter
    You fuck*ing suck, dana white, why dont you just do as a favor and kill yourself, go do it! everybody hates you, at least its been a while since ive seen a really arguable manipulated result, but thats that doesnt make you good either, theres a hand full of people who hate you here in brazil too, peace!

  5. Dietrich says:

    “When you fight in this sport, there’s a small window of opportunity for people.” Blah blah blah. Same token line we always hear from Dana when a big fighter is on the verge of walking away and he doesn’t like it. Georges has already made enough money, and fought enough fights. The only reason for him to do it now is because he wants to.

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