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Monday, 01/28/2013, 12:26 pm

Dana White Explains How He Almost Booked Fedor vs. Lesnar At Cowboy Stadium | UFC NEWS

UFC president Dana White dropped a bomb on the media last week when he told them he was really close to booking a Fedor vs. Brock fight at Cowboy Stadium.


11 Responses to “Dana White Explains How He Almost Booked Fedor vs. Lesnar At Cowboy Stadium | UFC NEWS”

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Man I woulda loved to see Brock pound Gaydor all over the octagon.. lol

  2. Steve O says:

    Yeah and Fedor only fought tomato cans! Get the fuck out of hear with that BS

  3. the wise man says:

    lol its funny how people think brock actually stands a chance. he fought couture after his prime mir right after his return from his bike injury and herring is trash and the carwin fight he got lucky he was getting ass raped horribly. he stands no chance against fedor. fedor beat some hall of famers in their prime and all top contenders and people 3 times his size learn up on yoour facts

    • Robert says:

      Fedor could have beat Brock, maybe 10 years ago.Fedor is old and out of shape. His time has came and went. Im not a fan of Brock but he would’ve destroyed Fedor.

    • Will says:

      Mir was long removed from that accident and made Big Nog look like a joke before Lesnar smashed him. Don’t get me wrong. I feel like Fedor has more tools to win. But for someone claiming for someone to get their facts you have some more to pick up.

    • eat your brains, gain your knowledge says:

      non of them are trash, if somebody reaches the top of their game and wins the highest award possible in their sport who the fuck are you to call them trash you little fuckin dorks

  4. mark says:

    Jesus you guys are delusional . Styles make fights . fucking big foot took fedor down and pounded his ass. If you don’t think a national champ genetic freak wrestler in lesnar coudnt take undersized fedor down and do the same you don’t know a damn thing about mma

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