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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 04:19 pm

Dana White Doesn’t Know What To Do With Dan Henderson

“He doesn’t want to fight Machida. He doesn’t want to wait. He’s going to have to wait. Who does he want to fight? I don’t know what to do with Dan. Dan’s either going to have to wait for Jones or wait for Silva. Or fight somebody else.”

UFC president Dana White sounds off to about one of his brightest stars, Dan Henderson.

Henderson proclaimed last week that he does not want to wait for Jon Jones that he wants to fight a heavyweight instead of wait, but according to White, that doesn’t seem to be the answer?

So where does that put “Hendo” and his “H-Bomb.”

Anyone have any ideas on the matter?


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79 Responses to “Dana White Doesn’t Know What To Do With Dan Henderson”

    • 209 says:

      This. Henderson is a bitch. Won’t fight Machida because he knows he will get his ass beat.

      • banks says:

        Hendo gains nothing from machida but a possible setback.. waiting is smart

      • Sweet game+plan says:

        He won’t fight that Alexander Gustafsson cause he knows that dude is the best 205er , besides rashad and bones. This dude would end Hendo’s brilliant career.

        • jacob lee says:

          wether people realize it or not there is alot of people who would beat Hendo! If Machida fought him, he would murder Hendo. I think Machida performs better when the guy has more experience than him, or at least when the guy is a veteran and in his 40’s. LOL… all seriousness though, Dan should fight Machida or little Nog. Someone that is in the mix that a win over could earn him a title shot cuz right now he hasn’t earned one with one fight.

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          I rate Gustafsson, def possible opponent for Jones if the next 2 or 3 fights go well for him. Probably agree its a bad match up for Hendo.

      • johnno says:

        How the fuck can you call hendo a bitch man machida got put to sleep by jones henderson would smack the shit out of him and has nothing to gain from fighting him. henderson is a warrior and the ufc knows it thats y they try and keep him happy. I say the winner loser from evans and jones fights hendo or i agree with gm rematch rua! id love to see machida bang like hendo but it will never happen. think about what you say before you say it dickhead henderson one of the toughest fighters of all time and your calling him a bitch wat a joke.

        • Rambling Gambit says:

          Let’s look at the logistics of it.
          Machida just lost and was dominated in that loss. IF he squeaked out a decision win over Hendo, he loses his place, but I can’t imagine Dana White offering a rematch to Lyoto. Dan is in a tough spot, but one that he can play with. Have a fight at Heavyweight just for the marketability of it.
          Hell, in my honest opinion I think Rampage vs Bader was inferior to Hendo vs Rampage. That would have been bigger than Godzilla in Tokyo! lol

        • baldy says:

          rampage v hendo would have been great! hendo v thiago silva would have been cool too. he might as well wait…he could get the jones/evans winner in aug or sep…

        • jacob lee says:

          Bro Machida would kill Hendo. Cuz Hendo ain’t landing one of those punches on Machida gaurantee. And Dan won’t be able to get him doen either. And to all you guys sayin that Machida got dominated thats not true. Machida won the first round, and got hit with one elbow and one punch then got choked out. He didnt get beat down and had no answer for Jones like evrybody else.

      • danno says:

        how dare you call hendo a bitch!! just say it to his face i’ love to see that…fucking keyboard talking bitch…

    • Sweet game+plan says:

      Let his ass go!!! Who the heck the Hendo think he is..he wants Dana to lick his ass, that’s what it is.. He doesn’t want the highest rank contenders that are free in two weight classes, but doesn’t want to wait either.. Give me a break!!!

    • Mmafan says:

      He beat Rua, Machida just lost, all the other 205 are tied up or gate keepers….tough to say. Wait on Rampage to get out of Japan. Hendo and Rampage rematch is much more appealing. Hendo wants to fight a contender in the win column, a champ, or ex champ. Rampage is ideal.

  1. bendetta says:

    Give him a hw Roy Nelson or Pat Berry

  2. Ed says:

    Why should he fight someone coming off of a loss, fighting machida does not make sense

  3. Miked Diaz says:

    Rematch Shogun! TEAM PENN!!!!!

  4. Lyoto machida would stick hendos H bomb were the sun don’t shine that’s why he wont fight him and Henderson hasn’t earned a title shot yet I personally think he needs another win before he gets a shot at the belt in which jonny bones jones would kick his ass !!!!!!

  5. Logan says:

    Give him winner of Jackson vs. Bader…

  6. Dave says:

    He doesn’t wanna fight machida cause know he could lose and drop down the ranks
    Give him the winner of rampage and bader
    He only wants a fight he knows he can win.

  7. dwayne kalai says:

    give hendo cain velasques, now id pay to watch that…he took out fedor i think he can take out velasques

  8. dwayne kalai says:

    give hendo cain velasquez, now id pay to watch that…he took out fedor i think he can take out velasquez

    • Sweet game+plan says:

      Dude….your a newcomer i see, probaly now that fox came along…you’ll see here pretty quick that Hendo had no chance vs a Cain Velasquez ….

      • cole says:

        Vain has no chin and would not be able to take hendo down with his weak takedowns the hbomb would end him

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        glass jaw velasquez gona need a sweet game plan like condit in order to beat hendo lol

      • dwayne kalai says:

        newcomer he tell, this is a good matchup dont count hendo out hes on a roll buddy…look what he did to fedor first ever to knock him out
        you must be a newcomer n only knows cain…lol JDS jus put a hurt on him

        • danriverapv says:

          how does cain have a glass jaw, he got hit on the side of the head where you legs turn to rubber if hit properly. your not exactly knocked out untill hit repeatedly just on rubbery legs.

        • danriverapv says:

          how does cain have a glass jaw, he got hit on the side of the head where you legs turn to rubber if hit properly. your not exactly knocked out untill hit repeatedly just on rubbery legs. people use that term toooo loosely

  9. Ufcfanatic says:

    Hendo vs Mousasi!!!!!!!!! Everybody twitter Dana and make this happen.

  10. No worreh says:

    Y would he fight bader or rampage? If he dont wanna fight machida because thats taking a step back that would be the same thing I agree with letting barry smash hendo into retirement because he asked for a hw

  11. uh says:

    Oh wait he’s suspended!!

  12. eric says:

    Hendo vs bisping 2…keeps dan in shape, it’ll sell as a co main event and bisping can TRY and use it as a way to stay in the title hunt…plus they don’t like eachother and thst always good… And for you machida dick riders WAKE UP hendo will put the dragons chin 3rd row with that overhand right

  13. J hop says:

    I say give Hendo Frank Mir or little Nog.

    • Hendo>machida says:

      Lol he already faught I’ll nog in pride, that makes zero sense. He’s looking for a titlepayday…..with makes sense.

      • middle nog says:

        he doesnt want to fight anyone from blackhouse because he dont want to get sub’d again lol lil nog,big nog,silva…. i wouldnt mind seeing him fight paul harris again

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Frank Mir! are you serious…Mir would destroy him, have you sen the size difference, as soon as this went to the ground Mir would pull his arm off. Plus why would Mir take this fight, Dan is hardly a stepping stone to JDS….

  14. Dominic says:

    Eric is right bisping would be a good fight and the dragon ain’t shit if he beat hendo it’d be by running to the decision

    • david says:

      why would hendo fight a middleweight? the only reason he wants to fight anderson ( a middleweight) is because he wants to get the title, he probably wants a fat slow HW that he can land an H bomb on

  15. Steve says:

    it depends on which lyoto shows up i feel like he was more deadly and in better shape when he fought thiago silva or soakajew < ot how u spell it dont care lol

  16. Alex K. says:

    Dana already saying jones is going to win? What if he has to wait for rashad instead of jones? I see who he’s rooting for haha

  17. Donnybrook says:

    Shogun rematch!!!

  18. learntoread says:

    How would the possibility of Dan waiting for Rampage (which he said is somewhat interesting) be more luring than a Main Event fight with Lyoto Machida? I mean, they’ve both lost to Jones…

  19. especks says:

    a fight with Machida would be great.

  20. Ruben says:

    I think waiting is a good idea, older fighters benefit from time away from fighting too. Let him come in well prepared, this could be his last big fight in his career

  21. jdog says:

    Bring back Coture!

  22. AK says:

    Hendo vs Rampage 2(after Rampage beats Bader)…it would make great money for the UFC and they would be sure to put on a fight and engage and big possibility of a KO. Hendo would get an oppurtunity to avenge a loss, and fight a relevant ex-champ. Rampage would be a fight away from the title shot if he beat Hendo decisively, and be a hell of a lot closer to getting a title shot and be much closer to his dream of retiring with the title. EVERYBODY WINS.

  23. mmaislandjunkie says:

    machida is a good matchup hendos scared.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Why should Hendo be afraid? The Machida hype train is over! If anything Machida might be too quick in the later rounds but he can’t handle the power of Hendo.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        @ mmaislandjunkie

        LOL sorry for the triple post here! BJPENN.COM was having an issue and my post were lost on the internet and now they have returned!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Why should Hendo be scared? The Machida hype train is over! If anything in the later rounds Machida might be too fast and the fight might end in decision. But, I doubt he can handle Hendo’s power in the early rounds.

    • Ninja Oreo+Dollop says:

      After watching Shogun vs Hendo last year, I can’t believe you would believe that Hendo would be scared of Machida. That was and is probably going to be the defining fight of his career.

  24. Jason N says:

    Fu@k Sonnan. Let’s see anderson V Dan again. Henderson deserves it more then Sonnan

  25. Jason N says:

    Make Chael fight Bisping again

  26. jonsey says:

    at hendo age i have nothing ut respect an can understand wanting to fight only big big fights…machida is a fighter who even when u win he make you look bad…dan has been around an knows what he is doing…if he waants to wait then that it…but fuk the scoring system..they need change it and call it something else…diaz won condit is bitch

  27. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    dude is 41 and he wants to wait … he shud stop taking testosterone shots to feel younger and join me in my climb to the highest peak of the good stuff

  28. Anthony1994 says:

    I’d love to see him fight Machida, although Machida lost he is still a top contender. Some peoples logic and reasoning on this sight baffles me at times

  29. Thetude says:

    Dan needs to take the Machida fight. He would get dominated by both Jones and Silva. Im a Dan fan but if he wants to retire with a win, he better skip the title shot and try to KO Lyoto instead. The dude is like 41 years old, i dont see him winning a belt unless he stepped down to welter weight and that would be impossible for him. The H bomb is powerful but the only Heavy weight he is gonna KO with it is maybe Steffan Struve, haha. Actually that would be a good match.

  30. brett says:

    Too bad Belfort is at 185. Hendo had some words for him after Vitor said Hendo wouldnt fight Anthony Johnson. If he wants a fight at hwt. I say give him Werdum!

  31. Zack says:

    Sounds like Dan needs to man up cuz silva and jones have fights. Scared of getting front kicked in the face. Or just scared to fight someone who doesn’t fight like a turd after the second round?

  32. brendan burroughs says:

    I say Hendo v. Fedor for a UFC battle. We would all like to see how that fight goes down a second time.

  33. brendan burroughs says:

    Hendo v. Fedor II

  34. lol says:

    You guys saying Hendo is scared are clueless about how MMA works. Hendo is playing his cards smart and is not scared of anyone. He wants to fight for a title or not fight at all for a few reasons.

    1. He wont gain anything from fighting Machida
    2. He is too old to risk any setbacks in his career for a title shot
    3. He already proved he is a title contention fighter and fighting anyone without a title is pointless and risky to have any more title contentions late in his career.

    When will you idiotic fans learn? Dan deserves enough respect for you guys to STFU and accept his decisions. He has already done enough for his fans and you guys want him to rematch Shogun or fight machida? Who doesnt want to see that? Show some respect and accept he beat shogun and Machida will have to wait in line.

  35. Jujitsu Player says:

    Hendos just being smart, why take a very risky Machida fight and maybe move out of a title shot with Jones/Evans. He should sit it out, taking a fight at HW is stupid because none of the top 10 guys would be interested, moving down to MW for a rematch with Bisping would be awesome but Hendo has nothing to gain.

  36. brendan burroughs says:

    Hendo v Fedor II or give Hendo a go at Verdum… he is still fresh from his last fight.

  37. brendanburroughs says:

    Hendo v. Fedor II

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