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Friday, 03/09/2012, 10:45 am

Dana White | Dan Henderson Waiting For Title Shot At 185 or 205

“He wants a title fight. He either wants Anderson Silva or whoever has the belt at 185 or the winner of Evans and Jones. Last time I talked to Henderson, he wanted to wait to fight one of these guys for the title. He’ll fight whoever has that belt. Dan doesn’t seem too picky, I think he would fight Chael Sonnen [if he won the belt from Silva].”

UFC president Dana White recently commented on the status of fan favorite and MMA legend, Dan Henderson.

With the ability to fight in three-different weight classes, “Hendo” is apparently content with sitting on the sidelines until the middleweight or light-heavyweight title pictures clear up.

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29 Responses to “Dana White | Dan Henderson Waiting For Title Shot At 185 or 205”

  1. zack says:

    hendo is hanging on his last thread. he wont beat silva he wont beat jones. just retire now. dont be like chuck and wandy and randy

    • hendo is the man says:

      Hendo winning the UFC title is very unlikely, but he will always be one of my favorites for this:

      In case you wondering not a bisping fan.

    • UMadBro? says:

      What the fuck are you on if you think hendo is on his last thread? every mma news site in the world has been commenting on how he is just getting better and better, really, think before you type pure shit like that.
      for the record i think hendo will be jones’ biggest challenge so far, i doubt he will win but he will make jones work the hardest he has ever worked. if rashad somehow wins i think hendo will roll through him with ease!

      • jonsey says:

        agreed zack is an idiot…he is just getting better and better,,,he does not need money and does not need to fight so he is only fighting for titles and for legacy now…that why in SF he only fought for titles or fedor for legacy…and same now…i think chael and dan should fight for title shot against silva,,,it is a bit unfair he can juts wait until he has shit at either ….he has not done anything in ufc latley and lost his shits befor

        • Lambo says:

          He didn’t smash shogun in november??? i think that constitutes doing something in the UFC…

        • mean170 says:

          he won a decision by one round, and was mounted the whole 5th round. That dosn’t constitute “smashing” in any shape or form

  2. Zack is a faggot says:

    Suck a dick u faggot bitch. Hendo is a fucking living legend. SF champion just beat Shogun in the greatest fight in MMA history and before that was on a tear in UFC and SF. He has fought HW nogueira on his prime and won. KO’d Fedor Emelianenko. Dan Henderson is fearless and one of the most dangerous man on the planet. He’s not scared of some skinny little bitch who beat Rampage, and Bader. Rampage is washed up as fuck and Bader sucks cock for breakfeast really irrelavant. Dan Henderson is the greatest LHW in MMA History. Just look at his resume. He KOd Wanderlei Silva when he was considered the scariest guy on the planet. Pride Champ, UFC Champ, SF Champ. Anybody who disses Hendo started watching mma 3 years ago and act like Experts.

    • wha? says:

      yes, hendo is a stud & he went 5 rounds with shogun.
      i don’t like jones (potential mma ambassador turned cocky coverboy), but he trashed shogun rather quickly. shogun tapped due to strikes, and he’s a dude that doesn’t tap.
      i’d like to see hendo connect with silvas jaw. as long as hendo can avoid a sub, he could trade with silva and end up with the win.

  3. guamy says:

    Hendo is an awsome fighter the only thing i have against him is that he is on TRT. regaurdless of that he is a true fighter who comes to knock you out. every punch he throws has bad intentions unlike those of condit or edgar.

    • Eric says:

      People really need to get over this TRT hate shit. Lemmings told that its bad and agreeing without researching for themselves before passing judgement. Its no different than taking vitamins for something your body is deficient of. I think you all have seen to many movies or played to many video games. You dont take TRT then all the sudden get 10X stronger.

      • Ryan M says:

        the truth is that once you are on TRT, there is no regulation to make sure you aren’t abusing it between fights. it can and is abused by some fighters. Once there is a way to regulate it (maybe regular monthly testing for users) it will be ok.

        • Eric says:

          What is there to abuse ? Feeling young again ?

        • why roid says:

          Its one thing if you work hard and your in such good shape you beat someone to a pulp and lets say they never walk again…

          But if you NEED to put chemicals into your body so you can INHUMANLY beat someone into brain damage,

          People should draw the line at CHEMICAL injection..

    • david says:

      your a fucking idiot guamy, condit always tries to finsih fights thats why hes “the natural born killer” stupid faggets like you who hate on a fighter based on one fight are just rejects pretending to appreciate the sport, writing off condit just because of his performance against nick “the asshole” diaz is both ignorant and offensive to me, i hope your boss adopts the same attitude as you and fires your ass when you have one unproductive day at work, then your wife leaves you for one bad performance in the sack (although im sure you have had many) and your kids disown you for one bad piece of advice, and then god (if your beleive in religion cause you seem stupid enough to) sends you to hell when you die because you sinned one time

  4. blake says:

    condit has been known his whole career as an aggressive fighter who throws with his all but now since the diaz fight everyone says he’s a points fighter who plays it i find that funny

    • 208? says:

      becuase people are still pissed we got robbed of a fight that had the potential to be one of the best ever. i dont see whats so funny about that. I was dissapointed in condit as much as i was when he bitched and moaned the first time about giving up the title shot he never earned. throws with his all my ass. runs with his all is more like it. only way im forgiving him for that insult to mma is if he knock that damn french sleeping pills ass out

  5. Nando says:

    Hendo will never touch Anderson silva, Anderson is an elite streaker who says that right hand coming 6 months from now. I think he has a much better chance against Jones because he can keep the fight standing & I think he can land his hand on Jones

  6. Mr.Rusk says:

    Silva has a better chance to keep it standing then an Olympic wrestler? Really? Did you srsly let that Bullshit seep out of your brain?

  7. fight fan says:

    If Chael wins obviously Anderson will be granted an immediate rematch and so would Jones, so Hendo might have to wait a while longer…

    • jonsey says:

      if cheal wins anderson will retire….even if chael loses//it really does not seem anderson really wants to do this anymore…he always talks about retireing,,,not to mention now he has bk and nike and that car shit ,,,he has so many sponsers and commercials an ufc money he really dont need fight,..he already has the best legacy ever,,the nore he fights now the better chances he has to end up liek fedor ,,,i jooke/myth

  8. Akid says:

    Please explain to me why the fuck he’d get an instant title shot at 185??? That’s rediculous!!! At this point in time, he does not even come close to deserving ANOTHER shot at Silva (when he wins)… When was the last time he fought middleweight…? Ohhh yeah that’s right, when he got handled with ease on the ground by a welterweight, Mr. Jake Shields…

  9. AK says:

    I agree that Jones is a better fight for Dan than Dilva is..Silva will ee that right hand coming from miles away and he trains with JDS who has a crisper western boxing based style and most likely the better timing and the harder right hand..

  10. Nick says:

    You guys need to calm down. Anyway if he wants to wait let him wait. I wouldn’t mind seeing him connect with an H-Bomb to either Jones or Silva

  11. Pijan says:

    Silva should fight at 147, but I can see him healing up while Hendo and Chael fight for contender ship, it’s not like Chael has actually earned his title fight yet.

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